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A Brief History of the Marque

MBK scooters became a market leader in France and is also a best-seller in Italy with significant stakes in the German, Belgian, Swiss, Portuguese, Greek, UK, Irish, Austrian, Spanish and Finnish markets.

In 1984, MBK Industrie in partnership with Yamaha bought out Motobécane, and by 1989 the Japanese company owned 99% of MBK. A decade later they built their millionth scooter.

MBK models include:

XT Jeepy 350
Type: Road/Trail, 350cc 4T single. Based on the Yamaha XT250, it was offered to the French military but rejected in favour of a Peugeot.

Booster 1988-97
Type: Scooter, capacity: 49cc single

ET 50 1991
Type: Scooter, capacity: 50cc. Designed by Sacha Lakic.

Booster 1998-04
Type: Scooter, capacity: 49cc single

Booster 100 Kat 1999-03
Type: Scooter, capacity: 101cc single

Booster N.G. 1995-99
Type: Scooter, capacity: 50cc single

Booster Spirit 1993-98
Type: Scooter, capacity: 49cc single

Kilibre 300 2003-05
Type: Scooter, capacity: 264cc single

Mach-G 2002-04
Type: Scooter, capacity: 50cc single

Nitro 1997-04
Type: Scooter, capacity: 49cc single

Ovetto 100 1999-04
Type: Scooter, capacity: 100cc single

Ovetto 50cc 1998-10
Type: Scooter, capacity: 49cc single

Skyliner 1999-01
Type: Scooter, capacity: 124cc single

Thunder 150 2002-06
Type: Scooter, capacity: 152cc single

Sources: Wikipedia, moto-collection.org, et al.

10samarm at gmail.com
sir. I have a 2004 mbk kilibre. I am having trouble with carburation. what carburetor is on this vehicle and where can I get a service for the carbureta.The engine number is H314E0004978 and the vin number is VG5SH012000001767 .
Sam Armstrong
United Kingdom

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