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A Brief History: Moreau, Esper and Dixi

1896-1897. Builder of a bicycle engine which was mounted above the rear wheel named La Rémouleuse.

The brothers Jules Albert (d.1915) & André Moreau of Chantenay-Saint-Imbert (Nievre) were pioneer aviators in the years 1909-1915 and possibly earlier. The firm manufactured bicycles in their substantial factory on the road to Dornes (now 11 Rue de la Poste) from 1912 to c.1915 and 1921 to c1964.

An undated pricelist for Esper, which with Dixi was one of their marques, lists motocyclettes of 175cm3. They also built Esper mopeds using SER two-stroke engines. Esper motorcycles are believed to have been produced from the late 1920s to about 1950.

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