French Motorcycles

Myriam Motorcycles

Manufactured by Maurice Sauvage 1929-1930 (perhaps other years)

Calignac-Nérac (Lot-et-Garonne). Showroom at 83 Allée d'Albret, Nérac

Known models: 350cc Sport Type D2 Chaise, 500cc Chaise.

Myriam D2 1929

I am restoring a French built Myriam motorcycle and I saw that there is no information about the brand. So I hereby send you some of the documents I've found.
As far as I know, Myriam used exclusively Chaise engines. I suppose they were build by a local blacksmith who took Rhony X and Dollar as example.
Willem Belgraver, Veenhuizen (NL), vwbelgraver at

Source: Correspondence. (NIT or elsewhere)

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