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Offenstadt Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Eric Offenstadt is a French roadracer who developed an unusual frame and front end for his GP racers towards the end o fthe 1970s.

Numerous articles on his work may be found at the following address:

He is also behind the Geco motorcycle. This remarkable machine may be seen here: www.progecomoto.fr"Project Geco is the brain child of Eric Pepe Offenstadt, who leads a small, but highly enthusiastic, development team. Geco is also the result of countless years of painstaking research in the motorcycle suspension industry, blended with automotive experience gained in the high-performance Formula 2 and Formula 3 racing. Geco is the sport bike that changes architecture."


You can find smac, it was a brand name of Eric, but it's not the smac i found on your page

http://www.mecatroc.com/galerie.php?galerie=smac Eric Offenstadt&photo=0&title=mecatroc.com - Galeries Photos -smac Eric Offenstadt-

i'll give you more links soon !

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