Orial Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 1920-19271
11 Rue du Plat, Lyon

Office de Représentations Industrielles et Automobiles Lyonnais

Engines in use were predominantly MAG, and it appears there was a relationship with that company.

In 1920 Orial bought the G.L. marque after the death of Maurice Le Pen and subsequently fitted MAG engines to the rebranded machines.

1922 saw Orial's main rider, Guiguet, move to Koehler-Escoffier leaving Drevet struggling somewhat. The marque foundered in 1925.

Racing Sidecars 2

  • 1921 Sidecars 600cc : 1st. Colguet (Orial), 2. Leslie Piney (GB, Triumph), 3. Coudert (?)
    1921 Sidecars 600cc : 1st. Raymond Guiguet (Orial), 2. Moret (Orial), 3. Lacour (Orial)
    1923 Sidecars 600cc : 1st. Moret / ? (Orial), 2. Alexandre Hommaire / ? (Orial)
    1925 Sidecars 600cc : 1. Raymond Guiguet / ? (Gillet), 2nd. Moret / ? (Orial), 3. Minot / ? (Triumph)

In 1922 Koehler-Escoffier was taken over by S.A.M., under Raymond Guiguet, an engineer and former racer with Orial on 600cc side cars. 2

There was a short-lived Orial brand in Germany which changed its name to TWN after a legal wrangle with the French firm.

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1. Mfg dates also given as 1919-1926
There is some possibility that Orial produced a single cylinder machine perhaps as large as 750 cc but this is disputed.

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