OSA-Liberty Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

1926 to 1935
Etablissements Omer Samyn
1 rue Ambroise-Thomas
ARGENTEUIL (Seine-et-Oise) 

The output of the Staub factory in Argentuil, France, OSA-Liberty motorcycles were produced between 1925 and 1932 using JAP engines. Omer Samyn also produced some very handsome trucks.

Sources: JLB Creations

Sun Jan 10 2010
smagghe.herve at
TRUCKS Omer Samyn and Liberty
Omer Samyn and Liberty truck
Wonderful site ! TY I need your help about OSA Liberty, for me the trucks Liberty, and Omer Samyn, customer of TITAN, the coachbuilder of the beautiful Diamond with "remorque"
Hervé from France.

The images of two OSA trucks were supplied.

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