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A Brief History of the Marque

Founded in 1888 by Gustav Hiller in Zittau, Germany.

Hiller began importing Rover bicycles from England in the 1890s, and was soon building his own in a factory established for the purpose. His first motorcycles appeared around 1900.
In 1907 they produced their first 3-wheeler called the Phanomobil, which was sold in Great Britain in 1908 along with their motorcycles. Versions of the three-wheelers were produced for some 20 years, many being sold to both the German and Swedish governments for their postal services.

During WWII they built Granit trucks for the Wehrmacht. At the time there were around 3000 people employed by the factory.

The company is believed to have been acquired by the Meister concern in 1950, however Phänomen motorcycles advertised in the 1950s included the Tourenrad Moped S 50, along with 150cc and 175cc machines. The Typ 75 had a Sachs 147cc engine.

Sources: JF, period literature, correspondence.

stevelearmouth at
Hi, can you tell me whether these were used during ww2 by the german army, airforce etc? thank you Steve
Stephen Learmouth
Ryde, IOW, UK
  • According to a German site on the Wehrmacht the 124cc Phaenomen Ahoi was in use from 1940.

mauricehadid at
i have an old motorbike
I believe it is a Phanomen Bob. founded in my grandpap storage.
maurice, Lebanon

  • Yes, I believe that's correct, It's a Phaenomen Bob probably from the late 1930s. Images posted to comments, above.

Victor Brumby (via Disqus)

I have a photo album generated by a Dutchman passé, which contains various photos and sketches of interest to me because I catalogue international numberplates.
Sometimes they are shown on vehicles of their period; having read ‘Phanomen’ on this one, I looked it up and was brought to you by the magic of Google….

There is also a 3-wheeler, which I believe they made too - this may be one??    And a later pic of a 'Granit 25' car outside the Phanomen works, by the look of it.
Registration code 'I 'was the code for Bautzen in Saxony - perhaps where they were made??

I hope they’re of interest to you.

Victor Brumby, Streatley, Berks.

  • Many thanks. Both the motorcycle and tricycle are 1908 or thereabouts and were advertised in the British press of that year. The truck was also made by Phanomen, during the WWII era.

Thu Apr 13 2017
kim_leachman at
My Vehicle
Phanomen Pahanomobil
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Phanomobil image posted in the gallery

Thu Apr 12 2012
Phanomen Bob
Hi Iv recently inherited a phanomen bob and am looking for any info about them as I can't find much on the net, also any advice on getting a valuation for insurance
Many thanks
Preston, uk

Sat Mar 13 2010
Phanomen Ahoi 125 parts wanted
Phanomen Ahoi 125ccm parts (frame, brake pedal, mid-stand, electric horn, tail light) wanted.

Fri Dec 08 2006
andreas at
Phänomen History
from 1900 to 1945
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Oberlausitz, Germany

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