Rupp Motorcycles

Manufactured by RUPP Motorrad A.G., Swinemünde, Grüne Fläche, 1928-1932

At the time, Swinemünde was part of Germany. It is now in part of Poland, named Swinoujscie.

Two models were produced: one with a unit-construction 198cc ohv engine of their own design and a 498cc model with a very modern Kürchen engine with 3-valve OHC valve train. These were available in Sport and Supersport versions, with single and dual exhuast ports.

The firm is believed to have been founded in 1914 as a bicycle manufacturer, Rupp Fahrzeugbau AG.

Note: There was a Rupp built in the United States in the 1970s (quite a story) and a Hugo Ruppe in Germany 1927~1930.

Sources: Hartmut Schouwer, Tragatsch p267.

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