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Sears Allstate

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Made in Italy and Austria from the early 1950s to late 1970s

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A Brief History of the Marque

Puch two-strokes from Austria were sold by Sears-Roebuck of Chicago from the 1950s to at least 1979 under the Sears Allstate label. Sears sold scooters built by Vespa from 1952 to 1969, and an example is advertised in their Spring '67 catalog. They also sold Italian machines manufactured by Gilera.


788.100 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1951
788.101 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1952
788.102 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1952
788.103. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1953-54
788.104. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1954-55
788.94490. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1955-56
788.91191. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1956-57
788.94492. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1957-58
788.94493. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1958-59
788.94494. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1958-59
788.94495. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1960-62
788.94330 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1963
788.94331 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1964
788.94332 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1965


788.94370 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1966


788.94360 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1966

More Sears Models

* 808.895511 SR124 (Gilera)
* 808.895403/13/23/33 106SS (Gilera)

* 810.89581 SR125 (radial head chrome-bore 2-stroke)
* 810.89571/2 250 Late (square tanker `67-`69)
* 810.89511 Sears Sabre Puch 50cc
* 810.89528 Sears Puch Cheyanne
* 810.89520 Allstate Sport 60, Puch ca 1964
* 810.895141, 810.895151 & 810.89512 Sears Sabre Puch 50cc 1968

* 810.94010 MoPed ca 1961-1964
* 810.94020 MoPed
* 810.94222 Sears Allstate Puch 250 (round tank model)
* 810.94201 Puch 250 Scrambler 1965
* 810.94382 Puch scooter with pressed-metal frame ca 1960
* 810.94430 Puch Compact DS50 ca 1967 (Serial No. 7948247)
* 810.94060/9 Sport MoPed 

* 810.94180 Puch 250 1958
* 810.94380 Compact scooter (early model w/steel front fender)
* 810.94211 SR175
* 810.940001 Puch 1956 moped
* 810.94383 Sears Puch DS 1964
* 810.94390 Sears Puch Compact Scooter 1960 (3 speed foot shift) (Puch DS60 Cheetah, rebadged)
* 810.94030 Sears Puch hardtail moped. (frame no. 006062)

You can find the VIN on the left side of your engine below the cylinder or on the steering head on the frame, next to the tag with the model number.
Information courtesy Sears-Allstate Facebook Page

250cc Puch twingle (250 SGS).

1953: 1700001-1700058 (57 total)
1954: 1700059-1709593 (9535 total)
1955: 1709594-1713080 (3487 total)
1956: 1713081-1714340 (1260 total)
1957: 1714341-1715007 (667 total)
1958: 1715008-1715547 (540 total)
1959: 1715548-1716078 (531 total)
1960: 1716079-1716597 (519 total)
1961: 1716598-1717297 (700 total)
1962: 1717298-1718121 (824 total)
1963: 1718122-1719798 (1677 total)
1964: 1719799-1722046 (2248 total)
1965: 1722047-1725524 (3478 total)
1966: 1725525-1732197 (6673 total)
1967: 1732198-1736081 (3884 total)
1968: 1736082-1738292 (2211 total)
1969: 1738293-1738446 (154 total)
1970: 1738447-1738585 (139 total)

125 Hardtail (Puch 125 A):

1954: 1800001-1801611 (1610 total)
1955: 1801611-1801613 (2 total)
1956: 1801614-1802213 (600 total)
1957: 1802214-1803015 (802 total)
1958: 1803016-1803620 (605 total)
1959: 1803621-1804624 (1004 total)
1960: 1804625-1805938 (1314 total)
1961: 1805939-1806137 (199 total)

150 Hardtail (Puch 150 A):

1961: 3500001-3500242 (241 total)
1962: 3500243-3501142 (900 total)
1963: 3501143-3501924 (782 total)
1964: 3501925-3503925 (2001 total)
1965: 3503926-3504926 (1001 total)

Puch 175 SV:

1953: 1500001-1506034 (6033 total)
1954: 1506035-1521583 (15549 total)
1955: 1521584-1534356 (12773 total)
1956: 1534357-1544160 (9804 total)
1957: 1544161-1553257 (9097 total)
1958: 1553258-1560335 (7087 total)
1959: 1560336-1566017 (5682 total)
1960: 1566018-1569933 (3916 total)
1961: 1569934-1571809 (1876 total)
1962: 1571810-1572961 (1152 total)
1963: 1572962-1573677 (716 total)
1964: 1573678-1574092 (415 total)
1965: 1574093-1576612 (2520 total)
1966: 1576613-1580973 (4361 total)
1967: 1580974-1580997 (24 total)


Some of the information above from garnersclassicscooters.com/Vespa-ID.htm

mid-60s Allstate-Puch Sport 60
Hello, I see on your website some parts for an Allstate Sport 60. I'm looking for the gearshift lever and wasn't clear from the photos if that was in the pile? Thanks for any info.
United States The post related to the image in question is on this page: Sears Allstate Messages
jeff.moser1940 at gmail.com
allstate campus 50 810-94090
Where can I get tires for the campus 50 size 23-2 25
Jeff Moser
Rogers Arkansas

Try this page: Vintage Motorcycle Tyres
susan.blosser at yahoo.com
1966 Sears
We are looking to sell our 1966 Sears Puch SR175 motorcycle. It has less than 700 miles on it. This is not a project bike. This is a running, riding bike with a clean title and current license plate and needs nothing unless you want to get rid of the wonderful patina. All original Puch! Original tires hold air. The carb has been rebuilt and the battery has been replaced. Is this a good venue to sell it or could you recommend one?
Paul Blosser
Crystal Lake, IL

Allstate-1966-Puch-PBl images posted to Comments
mjramsett a t mail.com
Sears Allstate Sports 60 1966 - 1970
I am looking to purchase a Sears Allstate Sports 60 for my husband that he can restore. Thank you!
Julie Ramsett
United States
bluewolfcustom1105 at gmail.com
Puch allstate
I'm trying to restore it, but I don't know where all the electrical hooks up. No info on this thing. I own motorized bicycles, this is my first moped. Number on tag is: 810.94020 couldn't find a VIN. I have autism so please be patient with me if I don't understand.
Justin Keffer
Jonesborough, Tennessee, USA Numbers indicate that its a Puch moped circa 1961-1964. Have a look through some of the sites listed on the following page and see if there's a machine which looks like yours, and if so ask them about a wiring diagram. Some of those sites have wiring diagrams online. Moped Resources
mattyh22 at hotmail.com
Sears Puch
I recently came across a Sears Puch 810.94000. The vin number is 6600243. I'm just curious how many of this style were made and wanted to get some more information about it.
It's my first time trying to restore a bike like this and it's in rough shape, but most parts are there and usable. Thanks for any information you can give!
Concord, CA, USA
tri955 at comcast.net
Puch Allstate
need fuel tank for model 810.94382 part #t050.10.2200.2/98 or satisfsactory replacement. This is for my Dad's scooter he had when he served in Austria in the early 1960's. He later had a Puch twingle which I have already restored,but these scooters are a different breed!
Thank you. Take care,
Mike Billet
1010 Felton Road Red Lion,PA. 17356 USA
david.a.rittenhouse at intel.com
Older Gilera 124? # 001 53049
trying to find out # is 001-53049. Was abandoned with tank and seat and exhaust missing. I rescued it (and Benelli 250 behind) before they were going to the dump. Old style front and rear fender, old external spring front forks. RHS engine cover has Gilera emblem cast in. Benelli was sold at Montgomery Ward, I assume the Gilera was a Sears Allstate. My intent is to restore both. My bikes ( and pets) are strays I pick up and keep forever.
David Rittenhouse
Sacramento, California, USA

Sears-Gilera-DRa img posted to Comments.
machcopper at yahoo.com
Allstate, 175cc, 1958
Hello, this is my first time sending a message out in regards to a motorcycle I recently purchased. I checked over the vin production and found mine to fall in the 1958 vin category. This was great news since I purchased the motorcycle from a guy who found it in a barn find and did not know what year it was. The bike is almost complete minus a few items. My question is where can you send these bikes to be restored or at least the engines rebuilt. My engine is here but had been taken apart and is in rough shape with missing bolts, etc. I live on the COast in Oregon and would love to know if there is any restorers out here somewhere. Also I would appreciate information on where I can find parts for these bikes. Thank you in advance.
Mark Hermann

1958 allstate puch.jpg posted to Comments.
dave.bennett at earthlink.net
Puch / Allstate Cheyenne
I have been searching for years for a Puch Cheyenne. Do you know anyone who is selling one? Or Is there a good Puch Forum out there that I should be watching ? I'd appreciate any advice you can offer me.
David Bennett

Try this page for Allstate resources Bikelinks:
todd at toddwharris.com
1969 Sears 106
I have an original 1969 Sears 106 Motorcycle I purchased recently, I had three of these as a kid. This bike will clean up nice but it's missing the original muffler. I don't want to put an unoriginal muffler on this bike, I really want to have it be original as it should be. I can find Gilera mufflers that a few guys have modified to work, but I really don't want to go that direction with this bike. Any help at all you can provide in locating the proper Stock muffler for this motorcycle would be greatly appreciated. I remember the days 40 years ago when I could order parts for my Sears 106 directly from the sears store!
Todd Harris
Hamler Ohio USA
blosserwarren at yahoo.com
Sears Allstate 1958?
I bought a all state motorcycle. Model # is 81094182.serial #1932217. Would this be a 1958? . and if it is would it be a 250 cc.Is there anywhere I could find parts(brackets for rear shocks).Thank you for any info . Buck Blosser Colorado Springs,Co
edwardspeddiie at aol.com
Allstate 810-94182 ?
My bike has a vin number starting with 19 vs 17 in the table for 250's.
1923034 what year is it? Also have one same model number with vin number 1923342.
Eddie Edwards
Lenoir City, TN
d.wimprine72 at yahoo.com
1960 ALLSTATE MS moped
I need a set of needle bearings for the Transmission on my moped
Ben wheeler TEXAS 75754
This page may help: Moped Resources
conner123.js at gmail.com
1967 Sears gilera 106ss
I have a 1967 gilera 106 motorcycle and I want to paint it the original colors but don't know how to find the color codes. Any help would be appreciated
Justin Shellenberg
United States This page may help: Paint and Colour Schemes
Image posted to Comments.

chillytel101352 at sbcglobal.net
1958 sears allstate deluxe 175cc
looking for a 175cc cylinder and head for sale,if your holding or know of someone please email me.
Kevin pip
euless tx 76040

tuecoudin at yahoo.com
1963 All state compact
I am looking for an instructional manual or directions to assemble my bike
Lacombe Louisiana Try this page: Books and Manuals

sears allstate 250cc1969
need a few things fuel cut off valve,fuel throtle cable stater so that i can try to make it charge

angelmaier.s at gmail.com
1951 sears Allstate
I recently picked up a Sears Allstate deluxe scooter. I have the engine that indicates 811.40. The frame states “800255”, no dots. I am trying to date it and any help would be appreciated.
Scott Angelmaier
Houston tx

Image posted to Comments.

tuecoudin at yahoo.com (bounced)
1963 All state compact
I am looking for an instructional manual or directions to assemble my bike
Lacombe Louisiana

jedscycles at gmail.com
Sears Compact Puch 1960
I have a Sears Compact that I just purchased and I am trying to find some schematics for the motor and transmission. I think there is an internal problem but I want to find out more information before taking it apart.
Thank you
Jed's Cycles Illinois, USA

This page may help:Sears Allstate at Bikelinks.

Mon, 12 Feb 2018
kampfhamster1983 at gmx.at
1963 Mc50 cheyenne allstate sport

Hi Im looking for puch cheyenne or puch allstate sport 60. Bikes and parts. (Shipping is no problem, i have adress in U.S) Greets
Erich Zauner
Korneuburg Austria

 Sun, 11 Feb 2018
dkgrogg at mchsi.com

I recently bought what I was told is a 1960's Sears 175cc Twingle. The gentleman that sold it to me did not have a title (but I know he owned it for quite a while) and I cannot find the VIN on this bike. The only numbers I've found are on the frame front yoke that the fork mounts on and it is 1579801. On the left side of the motor is 1561624 and on the right side cover is 506247 ( I think it is the clutch cover). How in the world do I find out about this bike???? Its year, model and so forth so I can try to get a title and repair parts. It runs good, but need TLC As you can tell I'm not real well versed in this motorcycle.
Don Grogg
Auburn Indiana USA

Sun, 07 Jan 2018
msg1021 at comcast.net
Sears 124

I am hoping to find the production numbers of the Gilera Sears 124. I haven't found these numbers anywhere. Any thoughts? Thanks, Mark
Mark Grimsley
Chattanooga TN USA

Wed, 25 Oct 2017
rod at southernfence.com
Allstate 810.94222 1964

I have two Allstate 250 cc Puch motorcycles. One is a 1964 and the other is 1966. The 1966 bike has Sears still written on the back of the seat. Everything is there on both motorcycles except one right hand side cover on the 1964 bike and one exaust pipe, tank badges and the breather on the 1966. They are not locked up but not running. I would like to know what they are worth. I would also like to know what parts, if any are available for them.
Rod Wilson
Conway, Arkansas USA

See the page on Vintage Motorcycle Prices

Thu, 12 Oct 2017
pda.svater at gmail.com
1958 allstate 250 allstate 250

I want to get rid of my 1958 sears allstate 250. this is the very first one built., neck bent. have a extra ft end. and a extra engine. could I et an opinon of value. thanks steve. or phone me 913 787 5623
steve vater
stilwell,ks. USA

Mon, 09 Oct 2017
shortypropz at gmail.com
Sears Allstate / Puch Antique Hardtail / 1954

Might you know of anyone interested in an all original including engine 54 Allstate?
Las Vegas/ NV USA

Mon, 25 Sep 2017
johno at gmail.com
Sears Allstate

Try searsallstateriders.com for more information on your Sears Allstate. Manuals are available.

Fri, 22 Sep 2017
scbrice1978 at gmail.com
Allstate Puch Puch 1963

my puch ds60 carb bing 17mm the float bowl bolt broke off, do you sell any old ones or have any suggestions?
scott brice
hayden idaho

There will be a model number on the carburettor. Find a parts book which is appropriate to that model, then search on the part number for the bolt that you find in the parts book.

Wed, 30 Aug 2017
netsirk0805 at verizon.net
Sears Allstate motorcycle 106SS 1968

Hi, My Dad had purchased a sears Allstate motorcycle in 1968, Model 808 895411 On the metal tag . We are trying to find out what it's worth . Do you have suggestions? It's in really good condition, no rips or tears in the seat. I can attach photos tomorrow . Do you know where I can advertise this for sale? Hope to hear from you soon . Thank You , Kristen Murphy
North Kingstown USA

Try the page on Classic Motorcycle Prices

Sun Jul 16 2017
kostaarnold at comcast.net
allstate 1960 s moped
sears/allstate original moped
none am looking for one

Wed Jun 07 2017
bigsteiny at sbcglobal.net
identify the year ect.
sears 106 by gilera
just acquired this bike need more info. I do not do facebook...

Allstate-Gilera-106-BSY.jpg posted in Comments.
ID#: 808-895403 Engine#: 13700E
What sort of information do you seek?

Tue Mar 14 2017
redcloud at trcable.tv
sears allstate
puch 125 hard tail
looking for a 1959 or 1960 125 allstate

Sun Dec 04 2016
rustyparts at comcast.net
1955 Allstate 19xxxxx
I can find no information on model19

Thu Dec 15 2016
wiechman at snet.net
Allstate 175
Allstate Not Sure
Hi There, I posted some info earlier, (1 year ago) and I also want to include some photo's now. This is going up for sale soon, And wanted to give the good folks here the first chance if anyone is looking for a good bike to restore. This has been in my family for over 40 years.
North East USA.

Wed Dec 07 2016
edmaholtz at gmail.com
puch 810 94090
serial #7801157 I can,t find any info on this bike . Found it in an old garage and would like to know more about it and where I could buy parts if I need them.

Mon Nov 14 2016
brentstoltman at yahoo.com
Sears motorcycle torque wrench
Sears All
I have Sears Craftsman Torque Wrench that included a card for specs on their motorcycles. It looks as though it has never been used and I would consider the. On to be in good condition. Completely readable but the edges are beat up a bit. Would like to offer it up here before I throw it up on eBay. Anybody wants to make an offer to me is welcome and we would just have to figure out shipping charges. Feel free to ask any questions
Sanborn NY USA
(images supplied)

Tue Nov 08 2016
slowbird at comcast.net
Identifying age of Puch Moped
Puch MS-50
Please tell me year of my Puch moped. Frame number 6474691 and ID tag 810.94030
Washington State, USA

Sun Oct 09 2016
lsteimel at gmail.com
Red/Yellow Moped decal
1958 Sears Allstate Moped ?
Where can I purchase the Red & Yellow decal for my gas tank on my moped?

Sat Oct 08 2016
3656 at bellsouth.net
need flywheel for this moped
bosch 0 211 125 001
georgia 30135

Sun Sep 11 2016
lynxcreekcycle at hotmail.com
puch sears 810 94040
where do you find tires for this model they are 2.25 23 ? Thanks

Tue Sep 06 2016

G503dog at aol.com
Sears Allstate moped MS50 / 810.94020
Do you have, or know where to find, a seat cover for the original seat frame for the Sears Allstate Mo-Ped ?
I also need a piston rod / crankshaft / flywheel set.
thanks for any help --- Kent

Thu Aug 18 2016
Skypiolot at icloud.com

Piston for 125 Sears Allstate 1960
Punch eng. 125cc
Need piston

Mon Jul 25 2016

scbrice1978 at gmail.com
looking for seats
Sears Allstate Puch 175
looking for two new seats or seat covers for my two seater puch

Tue Jul 26 2016
gwhite2113 at verizon.net
looking for this bike
Sears Allstate Puch
I would like to buy a 1964 or 65 Sears Allstate 250cc Puch Scooter
Menifee, CA 92586

Mon Jul 25 2016
mswebste at gmail.com
What year is this?
Puch Compact DS50? 810.94430
looking for info on this bike and parts suppliers. TY

It's around 1967. Parts suppliers listed in Bikelinks under both Puch and Sears Allstate.

Mon Jun 20 2016
ladyjane1965 at hotmail.com
oil an gas mixture
allstate motor scooter 788-94330
not sure of year, or gas mixture

The machine is an Allstate Vespa 1963. The ratio would be 6%.
A good rule of thumb would be 7% for older premix twostrokes.

Sun Jun 19 2016

fkk at comcast.net
Year / Any information
Sears Allstate 150cc
Trying to identify this motorcycle.
Lebanon, PA 17042 USA

The bike is a Sears Puch 150A Hardtail, probably 64 or 65 vintage. If you can supply the engine number and mfg plate info that should pin it down.

Sun Jun 12 2016
twolf at new.rr.com
Sears Puch Moped 810.94030

Frame no. 7909009
Can someone help me identify the model / year etc on this moped . Also a value

Tue May 10 2016
bllynch1 at comcast.net
Brian Lynch
Sears Allstate Moped 810.94001
I am trying to find a center stand for my moped. Can you be of any help?

Thu Apr 21 2016
makouskyt at yahoo.com
ring set and top end gasket set
sears allstate, gilera SR124
Where can I purchase a standard ring set and top end gasket set
Minneapolis Minnesota

<lwest1950 at aol.com>
Year identification
Allstate scooter model #810.94430
I need to know the year of my scooter . The ser.# is 7948247 and I think it's a ds50. Thanks Larry
Larry Westberg

Ed: Puch Compact DS50 c1967, most likely.

Mon Jan 11 2016

cecilsipes at dishmail.net
Sears Allstate 125cc Hardtail
Wanted 1959-1960 Sears Allstate 125cc Hardtail,rod shift,fan cooled bike project, complete and reasonable, no restored prices,I've thoroughly researched and restored these so let's be reasonable
Oktaha, Oklahoma

Thu Dec 10 2015

rvprobass at yahoo.com
Sears Allstate
sears allstate moped
I need parts and I'm having trouble finding them can you help. My phone is 317-458-0120 Cindy RV Auto & Bikes Thanks Tom Wise
IN, Bargersville

Mfg Plate model code: 810.94.390. The photo supplied of the plate was quite blurred, and could read 810.94.380. If number correct, then bike is a Sears Puch Compact Scooter 1960 with 3 speed foot shift, Puch DS60 Cheetah, rebadged.

Mon Dec 07 2015
starrider8888 at hotmail.com
Sears Cycle
unknown unknown
I am trying to find out more about this bike I owned circa 1960, make, mdg etc. I am pictured.
Theodore/Mobile, Alabama USA

Sat Oct 24 2015
vinnycampo at ail.com
rear brake switch
Sears (Gilera) 106cc year 1966
where can I obtain a rear brake switch for my Sears bike.
Yonkers, New York

Tue Oct 20 2015
Photozz at gmail.com
What year/make could this be?
Puch/Sears Alstate (?)
Just picked this up. I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out the year and model on it. There is not a lot of info on the hard tails.
Milwaukee, Wi.

Sun Oct 11 2015
cecilsipes at dishmail.net
Sears Allstate. 125 Hardtail
Need piston ass'y for my 1959 Sears Allstate 125 Hardtail Pugh either stand or oversize

Wed Sep 23 2015
flaj at sbcglobal.net
Sears Allstate Compact Scooter, Puch 60 cc
810.94390 DS60
Looking for a replacement petcock. It screws onto the tank with left hand threads.
California, USA

Thu Sep 17 2015
wiechman at snet.net
Allstate 175
Hi There, Have an allstate,all there except headlight.
East Coast USA

Sun Apr 26 2015
darrellwagner282 at gmail.com
Moped parts
Steyr Daimler Puch 810.94040
Do you know a parts supplier for a Steyr Daimler Puch moped sold by Sears Roebuck, Model #810.94040
Orlando, FL

Sat Mar 21 2015
winart at nbnet.nb.ca
sears 106ss
looking for a set of piston rings piston marked 51.95
New Brunswick,Canada

Wed Feb 11 2015
elvisleft_bldg at comcast.net
Sears Allstate 124
Unknown Sears Allstate 124
My friend has a sears 124 motorcycle, it is unknown what year this was made in and he is searching for information. We will get a picture of it and send it on, he has had this motorcycle for 25+ years and would love to find out information about this, it runs.

Fri Feb 06 2015
peterhilgersom at hetnet.nl
gasket set engine
Puch (Sears Allstate Sabre) VZ 50 M
Looking for engine gasket-set for the Sears Allstate Sabre. Any idea ?
The Netherlands

Sat Jan 24 2015
zap36 at sbcglobal.net
carb float
allstate 810-94220
I am needing a new or good used carb float for my allstate 250 twingle, let me know if you can help.
Thank You

Mon Aug 11 2014
tenaj58 at msn.com
1964 Sears Allstate Scooter
Steyr - Daimler - Puch 810.94383
What is the value of a 1964 Sears Allstate Scooter?

Angelus Oaks, CA

Thu Jun 26 2014
jdetlor37 at cogeco.ca
year of moped
steyr daimler puch 81094390
i would like to find out more about my moped i found at garage sale
Ontario Canada

Fri May 30 2014
cecilsipes at dishmail.net
Sears Allstate 125 Hardtail
Need left headlamp ear, complete cooling shroud and upper shock cover for my 1959 sears Allstate 125 Hardtail

Thu May 22 2014
bbuck623 at comcast.net

allstate puch
want to know what a 1953 puch allstate in mint condition with only 500 miles on it is worth?
western pa

Wed May 14 2014
cecilsipes at dishmail.net
Sears sears Allstate 125 Hardtail
Need tin ware parts for 1959 sears Allstate 125cc Hardtail

Fri Apr 18 2014
cecilsipes at dishmail.net
Year of manufacture
Allstate 125cc pugh Hardtail
Would like to know year of Allstate 125cc pugh Hardtail. Serial # 810-94151

Tue Apr 01 2014
canam350 at yahoo.com
looking for camshaft
allstate yardman motorette engine AU85
I am in need of a camshft for this model. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thu Mar 13 2014
cecilsipes at dishmail.net
would like to purchase
sears allstate pugh 1959-1960 125 cc fan cooled rod shift
would like to purchase either good condition or rebuildable

Sun Mar 09 2014
pmf98368 at gmail.com
125cc allstate denfield
Had one of these in '62 can't find any pics can you point me to some. TIA

The bike is probably a rebadged Puch. Denfeld made the seats and there was usually a Denfeld logo on them. Ed.

Mon Feb 17 2014
jannla2002 at yahoo.com
Information needed
Sears 808 895403
Information needed on this motorcycle

Mon Feb 10 2014
cecilsipes at dishmail.net
like to buy
sears allstate pugh 125 rod shift fan cooled--1959-1960
would like to purchase

Wed Jan 15 2014
Sears sears 808895511 / 31359945 / 124 5666 can anyone help me determine what bike and the value bartlett , tn

Fri Dec 13 2013
koolcoupl<at> yahoo.com
1966 Puch Twingle parts
Puch 175 twingle
Hi, I am looking for new bronze bushing & wrist pins. Thank you
Ithaca , NY

Sat Dec 07 2013
Allstate 250 twingle
Have 1957 allstate 250 nice runs drives for sale
riverside ca 92509

Sun Nov 10 2013
Want to find
1962 Allstate (Puch) 250cc Scrambler
I used to own, rode and raced an Allstate 250 scrambler and would like to see if I can find one to rebuild or that has been refurbished.
Casper, Wyoming USA

Fri Nov 08 2013
Motorcycle Identification
Sears Allstate Unknown
My mother tells me that my father, adult pictured, had a Sears Allstate motorcycle. I know that this is a poor picture, but can you identify it? She said this picture was taken in 1955. I would really like to buy one like his. He died in 1966.
(original title: Webster, David with nephew Mark Richardson.jpg)

Kim Armand Nielsen Posted to FB 131110
Looks much as the austrian Puch SGS wich was produced from 1952 and imported to the US by Sears and sold as Allstate 250! http://www.liebler.co.at/Fotos/Motorrad/Puch%20SGS.jpg

Sat Oct 12 2013
sears allstate 150 3503926 (1965) I think
need a muffler for my sears allstate 150.

Fri Oct 11 2013
1965 Allstate 250
Sears Allstate 250
I have a 1965 Allstate 250 that my Dad purchased new. It hasn't run in years but has been kept in my garage. I would like to get rid of it as I have nobody who can restore it. I'm not sure of the value either. Anybody in or around Dallas, Texas interested in having a look?
Dec 6th 2013


I received an inquiry last week and sold my Allstate 250 yesterday.

The man who purchased it lives 3 hours south of Dallas and specializes in the restoration of old classic motorcycles.

He promised to send pictures of the restoration and if he later decides to sell it, he will give me the first opportunity to buy it back.

Thank you for your help in getting it sold to the right person!


Stuart Thompson

Tue Aug 13 2013
sears allstate 150 60's
first set of wheels i had retired now would like to find one to restore?

Fri Jul 12 2013
Allstate Puch?
I need to find gaskets for the engine of my 1964 sears allstate bike with a puch engine.

Please try Puch at Bikelinks

Fri Jun 21 2013
Sears tank emblems
250 1968 sears twinkle puch 250 twinkle sears allstate 1968
Could you tell me where to find tank emblems for my 68 sears twinkle
Cinn Ohio

Tank badges and decals at Bikelinks

Mon Jan 07 2013
dognelson95128 AT yahoo.com
gettig it restored
allstate ds50
looking to get restored & where to find parts thanks Jeff
san jose, ca

Sun Dec 09 2012
sears puch unknown
barn find. would like info on year,model,engine size 810.9421

Number appears to be missing a digit. Ed.

Sun Aug 26 2012
1961 sears allstate 125 punch rod shift 810.94151
Looking for manual, and patrs supplier.
Fishers IN

Mon Oct 22 2012
sears 808895510
have a sears motorcycle ss#808895510, beleive it is a 1968 gilear but not for sure. does anyone know the value of this bike?

Sun Oct 14 2012
looking for tank badges and knee pads
Sears Gilera 106ss
looking for tank badges and rubber knee pads for the tank. also looking for a seat.
Houston, TX

Thu Oct 04 2012
Sears Allstate 125 Punch Rod Shift 810.94151
I am rebuilding this model but am missing manual. Can anyone out there help me
Fishers IN

Mon Oct 01 2012
pjloidolt<at>yahoodot com
scooter 1968 sears 125 cc
sears 808895433
I bought the bike at a swap meet and am looking for information on it. My husband and I would like to rebuild it.

Sat Jul 14 2012
Sprocket help
Sears Gilera 124 cafe racer
I have a '67 Gilera 124 Cafe Racer with a bad sprocket. Can someone advise me how to repair it?
Orlando, florida

Information on this under components.

Fri Sep 21 2012
mastertech401<at> yahoo.com
Bike info
sears allstate 810.94061
Can you please tell me year of bike, model name of bike, engine size and any other info you have.
Thank you
Tony Pereira
Tiverton,RI (USA)

Thu Sep 20 2012
ford101784<at> yahoo.com
sears motorcycle
sears 124 5v
I have a 1967 sears motorcycle 124 5v that im interested in selling it doesnt run but did clutch went bad send me an e mail if interested does have a title my e mail is ford101784 at yahoo.com
Lowell, Indiana USA

Tue Sep 25 2012
cooling shroud
sears allstate moped
I need a cylinder cooling shroud for a 60's sears allstate moped, no decompressor
Cedarville, OH 45314

Thu Sep 20 2012
Allstate Moped - how much is it worth?
Sears Allstate
I have a Sears Allstate Moped - 1961 I think I have to look at the title it runs good! small tear in the original seat.
Heyworth, IL

Mon Sep 10 2012
pjloidolt<at>yahoodot com

sears 808-895433
I bought this motorcycle at an auction and need any information you can give me on it everything is in tact

Mon Aug 06 2012
keepdrummin2000<at> yahoo.com
brake pads
Puch Sears Allstate1957
neeed rear brake pads for 1957 sears allstate

Mon Jul 30 2012
b-ashcraft8<at> yahoo.com
1967 Sears 106 parts
Sears Allstate 106
I got this bike from an older man who bought it back in the 70s. The motor was seized due to the rings rusting in the cylinder. I am looking for a new set so that I can start reassembling it. Where can I find parts for this?

Thu May 31 2012
mylazyh59<at> yahoo.com
sears allstate 810.94000
curios what year is it where can I get carb and muffler parts

Sun Jun 10 2012
speeedy38<at>gmaildot com
Allstate motor scooter by Steyr - Daimler - Puch
Allstate Steyr - Daimler - Puch 810-94382
Frame stamped with 7928758
model 810-94382
Just picked this out of a barn where it was sitting over 30+ years. was looking to get some specifics on it. The gas ratio particular. the tube inside the gas tank says 5 cups to 1 gallon ??? Is this 5 cups of oil to 1 gallon of gasoline??? need help. looking to get a year of this one also.

Sun Jun 03 2012
whats it worth
Sears Allstate 250cc Puch
i have a friend that found this bike in a garage. just wanting to know what is worth and exactly what make it is

Sun Apr 22 2012
puch 81094222
Have this motorcycle was made in Australia, Steyr- Daimler-puch 810 94222 would like to know what year it is.
brampton,on. canada

The bike is a Sears-Allstate Puch 250. Not made in Australia as far as I know. Ed.

Sat Apr 21 2012
year model
Sears Allstate 810.94380
Need year and value of Allstate Compact Scooter 810.94380 #7901409 good condition, running, with 576 miles Thanks for your help, Dave
Florida, USA

Sat Apr 14 2012
sirputts<at> yahoo.com
Where can I find parts for my 81094382
steyr-daimler-puch, sears allstate 810-94382
Are there parts available to restore this scooter.

Wed Apr 04 2012
1978 moped
sears free spirit
I would like the value of this, its in excellent running condition and all original looks new

Wed Apr 04 2012
1964 Sears Allstate Mo-Ped
Allstate Mo-Ped
what is my 1964 Allstate Mo-Ped worth - runs -- excellent condition have the manual and the title

Wed Mar 07 2012
Engine and model numbers.
Allstate/Puch 250cc

For documentation purposes, I need to know what the engine number and model numbers would be for a 1956 Allstate and/or Puch 250cc 'split single' motorcycle would be. Is there a book avilable that might have this information in it? Thank you very much!

Kenny Hargens
South Dakota, USA

Tue Feb 14 2012
sears puch
twinkle 1962
how to remove clutch

Wed Feb 08 2012
What Year and Engine
Sears Allstate 810.94382
I am wondering what year this scooter is and what engine model this is. The number 7922624 is stamped on the engine case. Would like to restore this but I don't have a clue where to get manuals or parts. Any help would be appreciated.

Wed Feb 08 2012
What Year and Engine
Sears Allstate 810.94382
I am wondering what year this scooter is and what engine model this is. The number 7922624 is stamped on the engine case. Would like to restore this but I don't have a clue where to get manuals or parts. Any help would be appreciated.

Sat Feb 04 2012
sears 124
a friend just found a barn find 124,its all there but rusty,is there a market for this bike and what would be a estimated value,he is never going to restore it,thanks shane
ky usa

Mon Dec 05 2011
alarmman39<at> yahoo.com
want to buy
sears all state 53-59 125cc
looking for 53-59 sears all state 125cc moter cycle mmust be in good riding condition....will pay top doller for the right bike
united states

Thu Nov 17 2011
Allstate Parts
Allstate 810.94011
Looking for the mainshafe part# 050.1.1320 and all the gaskets to put the engine back together
Bennington, NE

Wed Nov 16 2011
Inquiring Price on moped
Sears PUCH
Model 810.89515 185 miles on it. Please help me find the value of this bike. Great Condition.

Sat Nov 05 2011
1962 Sears Allstate Puch 49cc
Sears Puch 49cc
My father passed away and i inherited this 1962 sears puch with 190 miles on it and stored properly. Looking to see it"s value.. Please help Thanks

Wed Nov 02 2011
1950 Sears motorcycle
1950's Sears Motorcycle Sears (Indian)
any information helpful
says(Indian) on the side
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Sun Oct 02 2011
matchman<at> yahoo.com
points and condensor
Sears Allstate MS50?
Hello, I need a set of points and condesor for this bike..Where can I get them? Can you tell me what year and model it is? The number stamp is 810.94001.. Thanks!

Thu Sep 01 2011
jhnsturge<at>yahoodot com
current Value
1967 Sears Gilera 124
Want to Sell but need current value if possible ;i excellent condiction; 1700 actual miles; one owner

Thu Aug 04 2011
jimmie78us<at>yahoodot com
1952 Sears Allstate Vespa Scooter
Allstate Vespa 788 102
What was the original colors available for the 1952 Vespa Allstate Model 788 102? Mine does not look like Seafoam Green like I have been told it should be.

Fri Jun 24 2011
slimcolo<at>yahoodot com
sears moped
puch/sears allstate ms 50
I need to know what years the M 50 Puch was imported under the Sears Allstate name.

Thu Aug 11 2011
jimbob1378<at>yahoodot com
what year is this bike
sears 808.895433
please give me any info on this bike. i really would like to know what the year and model is. thank you

Tue Aug 02 2011
sktroyer<at>frontierdot com
Id Allstate Motorcycle
Allstate 810.94160
What year do I have? And where do I find the Serial Number?
Millersburg, Ohio

Sun May 29 2011 jjameson <AT> bellsouth.net complete wheels sears compact scooter 810.94.380 where can i find wheels for 1962 sears alstate compact scooter. Louisiana USA

Sat Jun 18 2011
papiof2 at yahoo.com
what do i have
atlanta 810.94211
got this from a friend in New York. what iis it worth now and restored. has 1948 miles

It's most likely a Sears Allstate SR175.

Fri May 27 2011
glewis6779<at>hotmaildot com
810.94383 advice
Puch 810.94383
I just picked up a complete 94383 that has not been fired up in 2years. I am looking for a shop manual and reputable place to get parts. I have spent some time on line and haven't found any forums like those I use for my rx7. Do you have any advice as to solving these issues?

Thu Apr 07 2011
lauriestev9<at>yahoodot com
Steyr Daimler 810.94001
Have in possession,would like to know history about...

Tue Apr 05 2011
sharon<at>grandsavingsbankdot com
All State 810.94222
Serial Number 174742
is this a valid number.
If not where is the
serial number located
on 1964

Mon Apr 04 2011
Help needed
Sears & Roebuck 808 89542
I`m looking for any and all info including parts to restore this bike.

Wed Mar 23 2011
pam-walsh2001<at>yahoodot com
Brochure or Detailed Photo's
Sears Allstate Gilera 106 cc
Looking for a brochure or detailed photo's for restoration purposes.

Wed Mar 23 2011
dagates2010<at>yahoodot com
need contact points
allstate 175cc 1957 deluxe
need points ,seat&brackets ,left sid cover,tire pump phone#269/420/9466

Sun Mar 20 2011
rkellie99<at>yahoodot com

sears 808-895433
trying to find out information on this motorcycle, frame is modle # *106*020538* motor is 106*20574en. tag has simpson sears limited canada. any info waould be appreciated


Mon Mar 14 2011
gwburdge<at>yahoodot com
Sears Gilera for sale
Sears Guilera 124 or 106ss not sure which
Have the following bike to be restored or for parts, make offer. Call 210-430-6911 or email
San Antonio, TX

Sun Feb 13 2011
1964 Sears Allstate moped price?
Sears All State -Steyr Daimer Puch 810.94011
Where can I find a more info on this model and possibly what it is worth? It has a serial # of 6489021 alos has AG GRAZ I know it was made in Austria.

Thu Feb 03 2011
Looking for Allstate Scrambler
Allstate (Puch) Scrambler
I�m looking for an Allstate Scrambler made py Puch. Parts also. Any condition.

Tue Dec 28 2010
'58 Allstate
1858 Allstate 125cc 125
What would a complete 1958 125cc running allstate, probably in number 8 out of 10 condition, original liscence plate, original title, original receipt from the Sears cash register and original insurance papers, and the original first gas receipt, What is the approximate value of such a bike?
Klamath falls, OR Please read the page on Classic Motorcycle Prices.

Mon Dec 20 2010
k1ia<at>hotmaildot com
Puch cycle sold by sears
Puch 250 CC
I know of a 250 puch sold by sears, that has never been taken out of the crate,stored away since the 60's or?? I will try to get some numbers and get back on this site ASAP Ray T
R.I. usa

Sun Dec 19 2010
gas tank badge
sears puch SR250
I am looking for original gas tank badge it is red and 52mm dia
hopkins mn

Tue Dec 07 2010
1967 Allstate Motorcycle
Allstate MC - 54 Cycle 1 Class AC Type 210
I am interested in selling mc and want to know what value to place on it. Pix will be sent via e-mail. Thank you!
Cookeville, TN, USA

These are pictures of the mc. It is original to my family. We brought it back to TN from San Francisco, CA. Please let me know if I can provide you with any additional information! Thanks for your help! Bill

Wed Dec 01 2010
kendrickwhite<at>hotmaildot com
Model Year-parts
Sears Allstate Compact Model 810-94390-frame#7945036
Trying to determine the year of the bike.

Sat Nov 27 2010
motorcychal<at>yahoodot com
Allstate 66-67?
The Engine # Where is it Located? & The Frame Tag Is Gone But It Looks Stamped In Below Where It Was 1/21899 ??

Tue Nov 23 2010
ushia<at>hotmaildot com
Sears All State Puch Moped
Puch DS60 810.94382
Seeing if anyone has some engine shrouds and cowling for sale for a Puch DS50/DS60. Thanks-James

Wed Nov 17 2010
Interested in selling
sears allstate PUCH 175cc
interested in selling and or the value of this bike, only 1900 miles, great to restore or for parts, Frame serial number is: 1576995
Sears Model # 810.94211

Tue Nov 16 2010
rewest69<at>msndot com
Allstate 810.94001
need engine parts. complete crankshaft assembly, with connecting rod part # 050.1015.0; spacer shim #900.3923; bushing #050.1052.3; and piston ring, oversized # 050.1.1060.3. please advise where i can purchase, I am in he United States of America.
Fontana, California

Wed Oct 20 2010
khuschka90<at>gmaildot com
Allstate late 150 cable shift fan cooled single
I have the same unit as the picture on the site in the same condition. although, i think it may be lacking a little in primary compression, anyway i would like to know if there are any parts available anymore and what the approximate price of the bike as is would be
North Dakota

Mon Sep 27 2010
jeff4049184995<at>yahoodot com
allstate leg shield emblem
vespa any
im looking for an allstate emblem for a legshield
atlanta, ga

Fri Sep 17 2010
floydsherman68 AT yahoo.com
identifying year - Sears-Roebuck scooter
Sears-Roebuck scooter Model#788-102
Trying to identify what year my Sears scooter was made. Model #788-102 by Piaggio&C Genoa. (Made in Italy)
New York , USA

The scooter is a 1952 model. Ed

Sat Sep 11 2010
imgough<at>aoldot com
Sears/Allstate 106SS
how can I determine the year of this motorcycle?
Frame number 808.895413
Engine Number 106*29845EN
North Carolina

Tue Sep 07 2010
softailgarage<at>hotmaildot com
i've held on to an old allstate 175 (black, like the one on your site), is there any value to these
san diego, ca.

Please read the page on Classic Motorcycle Valuations.

Mon Aug 23 2010
srmhcm<at>aoldot com
sears allstate cruisair
sears cruisair 1963 allstate
any idea where i might try to purchase a RED allstate cruisair 1963
louisiana, usa

Sat Jul 31 2010
arga-tapa<at>yahoodot com
(WTB) mickey mouse tail light and sears badge
vespa sears vespa sears 66
need mickey mouse tail light, contact me if you have,arga-tapa at yahoo.com thaks
Jakarta, Indonesia

Wed May 26 2010
Sears Sabre 810.89512
I have This motor bike.I was wondering the value of it, and am willing to sell it to anyone that's interested. It needs restoring, but did run, engine is fine.
New York U.S.A. Please read the page on Classic Motorcycle Valuations.

Sears Allstate c1968 Sabre

Thu May 06 2010
jlj.net<at>gmaildot com
looking for a sears allstate compact 50 to buy.
lufkin, Texas

Wed May 12 2010
archersr.kyle<at>yahoodot com
Parts For a 1968 Sears Motercycle
Sears 106ss
im loking for a carb and vlue tank for my grandfathers bike he willed it to me it haves sat since 1980's please help me fix my grandfathers bike to honer him
Elkhrat Indiana

Mon May 03 2010
ThePlayer<at>roadrunnerdot com
Knee Guard
Puch Allstate Compact Puch DS50
I need to buy the Knee Guard for Allstate Compact Puch DS50 or a part that will fit or interchange.
Can pay through Pay Pal or whatever seller wants.
Jon Bradley

Fri Mar 12 2010
yagger01<at>hotmaildot com
for sale
allstate 125cc
completely original even the cables, runs very good

(appears to have been recently resprayed)

Fri Mar 12 2010
goconn<at>stonebarrierdot com
Cycle For Sale
1964-66 ?? 810:94192
For Sale--1964-66 (?) Sears 150 All-State--in original condition--easily restorable. Runs, having trouble adjusting the clutch. Asking $2500.00.
Cleveland, Mn.

Tue Mar 09 2010
motor parts
sears allstate moped 1958 810.94020
looking for piston, cyl, head, carb muffler for moped sold by sears robuck 1958, also repair manual

Fri Mar 12 2010
goconn<at>stonebarrierdot com
Cycle For Sale
1964-66 ?? 810:94192
For Sale--1964-66 (?) Sears 150 All-State--in original condition--easily restorable. Runs, having trouble adjusting the clutch. Asking $2500.00.
Cleveland, Mn.

Mon Mar 08 2010
colbertracing<at>yahoodot com
Sears/ gilela 124 sport
I would like to know the value in fair condition and if the key in the head light is the ignition

Wed Feb 24 2010
versland-1999 at yahoodot com
175 cc pistons
64 Sears Allstate 175cc
I am trying to find pistons for a 175cc 64 Allstate motorcycle. Can you help me?
Pistons and other engine parts at Bikelinks
Try also the Puch directory

Mon Feb 22 2010
booboosmail at gmaildot com
gas tank emblem
sears/puch 250 "twingle"
iam looking for a red sears gas tank badge 2-1/8 "dia if you can help contact me
Tank badges and decals at Bikelinks

Fri Feb 19 2010
wbarnes at oregoncoastdot com
aiistate 81094151
i want to restore my 125cc fan cooled rod shift rigid frame 1959

Wed Feb 17 2010
triumph1953 at epix.net
work shop manual
sears 106ss
i need to find a workshop manual for a sears 106ss
pa usa

Fri Feb 05 2010
ajesser20 at hotmaildot com
allstate 250 1965
looking for pistons and rings. Any help would be great thanks.

Suggest try a Puch specialist. Try these pages:
Puch Directory

Tue Feb 16 2010
bgoetzke at archtestdot com
Motorcycle value
Sears Gilera Sears Gilera
I have what I believe is a 67 Sears Gilera. Dont know much about them and I am wondering what one is worth. Any ideas? Thank you!
St. Paul, MN

Sears Allstate Campus 50

Tue Jan 26 2010
cbrookhart at cfl.rrdot com
Would like to sell
Sears Allstate Campus 50
My father bought this for me in 1966 from Sears, but is this a 1966 or 1964? I would like to sell, it is all original and I keep it in the garage, I only start it up about once a year, it has about 1500 miles on it. Do you have any suggestions on how I should list this or what price? This bike is truly in excellent condition, I have more pictures it you like. Thank You for your time. Christine Brookhart
Kissimmee, FL Please read the page on Classic Motorcycle Prices.

Sears Vespa 1966 125cc
Sears Vespa 1966 125cc

Thu Jan 07 2010
isiah-g60 at msndot com
1966 Vespa "Bluebadge"
1966 Vespa 125cc Smallframe
This is a one year only Sears Allstate. Sears didn't carry the Vespas after 66, but continued to sell the ones they already had in stock. So you may see some titled as 67, 68, or even 69. All Vespas sold through Sears pre 66 were labeled "Allstates", but for 1966, Sears sold the Vespa smallframe 125 and the Vespa Sprint 150 under the Sears name badgeing them with the blue sticker. The 1966 U.S. Sears imports only, have the "Mickey Mouse" tail light, making them very sought after. Since then, all '66 Sears Vespa's, in the scooter community, have been known as "Bluebadges."


150 x 99


210 x 51


150 x 94


100 x 99


150 x 148


125 x 120

6 files in folder

If you have a query about Sears Allstate Motorcycles, Scooters or Mopeds or have information about these classic Italian and Austrian machines, please contact us

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