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Made in Italy and Austria
from the early 1950s to late 1970s
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Wed Dec 23 2009
goconn at stonebarrierdot com
Sears All-State
Sears 810-94192
I have a Sears All-State with the following stamped on the frame 810-94192 Am wondering what year it is. I am offering it for sale to the highest bidder. E-mail for pictures. Had this since I was a kid--thinking it is a 1962 or 1964--Can be easily re-stored--any interest?

Tue Oct 27 2009
farmerSGF at yahoodot com
Sears /Puch motorcycles
Sears/Puch 81089514
I have two 1960's identical one cylinder motorcycles for sale. They are both model # 8108951. One has 8411960 and the other has 8411915 stamped on the frames. They were bought new, never license plated, never on road. Just used in yard. One has 43 miles on it. The other 209 miles. They've been stored inside ever since. All original and complete. 

First and best offer gets them.

Jim Fry
Richfield, Ohio, USA

Wed Oct 14 2009
gcummings at arvig.net28i
Steyr-Diamler-Puch 810 89520
I have had this motorcycle in my garage for several years and no nothing about it. The # stamped on the engine and frame is 6207235, and I beleive it was sold by Sears-Roebuck Co. *( Made in Austria).
Detroit Lakes, MN 56501

Tue Oct 06 2009
booboosmail at g-maildot com
gas tank emblem
sears 1968 250
I own a 1968 sears 250 with 2800 miles on it and in near perfect condition. Ineed a gas tank emblem exactly like the blue one at bottom of this site. anyone who knows where I can get one please contact me. booboosmail at g-mail.com thank-you very much

See badges & decals

Mon Oct 05 2009
jdame at charter.net
Puch Cheyenne
I want to sell a Puch Cheyenne.

Fri Oct 02 2009
cecilsipes at dishmail.net
sears allstate
sears allstate 125 rod shift fan cooled 125cc
would like to acquire a rebuildable or a restored sears allstate 125cc rod shift fan cooled "any ideas"

Mon Sep 21 2009
katydidnv at sbcglobal.net
sears allstate 810-94381
how much is it worth if I decide to sell? its in good condition but not run for 10 years
nevada usa

Wed Sep 16 2009
kducaine13 at hotmaildot com
1967 Sears Gilera 106ss
1967 Sears Gilera 106ss 1967 Sears Gilera 106ss
I am looking for knee guards for 1967 Sears Gilera 106ss.
Milwaukee, WI

Tue Sep 15 2009
khargens1024 at msndot com
Trade/Buy/Sell Parts??
Allstate-Puch 125cc/150cc.....250cc
I am looking for a fuel tank for the 125/150cc Allstate (Puch) rigid-framed two stroke fan/cooled single. I have many 250cc split-single parts to trade or for sale.
South Dakota, USA

> Thu Aug 27 2009
> > billsa at frdusa.com
> > serial number
Allstate ( vespa ) scooter 788.94360
My title says 1964. Web sites say this number is 1966 or 1967. Title also says: model Veglia can you comment?

  • Veglia is a manufacturer of instruments and is quite likely printed on the face of the speedo. Possibly someone has mistaken this for the model, way back when.
Thank you, A week after I sent the E-mail, I saw a Vespa on line and saw Veglia on the speedometer. I assumed that is what
happened. I am still having trouble determining what model Vespa I have so I can order parts. Is there any easy way to cross reference Allstate scooters to the corresponding Vespa model?


  • I have no information other than that printed on the page above, Bill.

Fri Aug 28 2009
hawk4573 at aoldot com
allstate moped seat
sears allstate moped
looking for a 1962 allstate moped seat in good condition.solo seat thanks

subject: AllState Motor Cycle Model #810.94181
beebed37 at yahoodot com
message: Is there a place that I can order parts for my fathers cycle? I know it's an old scooter/bike it's in bad condition but he wants to try and get it running. Currently they can not get a spark so they are trying to locate a battery. Any thoughts? 

Thank you, 


Thu Aug 27 2009
billsa at frdusadot com
serial number
Allstate ( vespa ) scooter 788.94360
My title says 1964. Web sites say this number is 1966 or 1967. Title also says: model Veglia can you comment?

  • Veglia is a manufacturer of instruments and is quite likely printed on the face of the speedo. Possibly someone has mistaken this for the model, way back when. Ed.

Thu Aug 20 2009
TheLakers at toast.net
Allstate/Puch wiring
Allstate Puch 250
Could someone help me with the routing of the wires from the speedo head to their final location? I bought the cycle in boxes and now I am having problems figuring out the routing so as not to chafe or cut or burn. Thanks

Sun Aug 16 2009
khargens1024 at msndot com
Engine Serial Numbers
Allstate-Puch 250cc Split Single
I am in need of the engine serial number range for the Allstate-Puch 250cc. What would they be for 1956 and previous? I also have some parts for sale (inexpensive) for the 250cc models. 
South Dakota

Tue Aug 11 2009
Bigcomfy1975 at aoldot com
Hydrolic fork oil
1967 Sears 106 super sport
The front forks require 5.5 cu. inch of 20w 20 motor oil This weight I can't find and was told a 15 weight will work but how do I figure cu. inches the bottle comes in ounces?
Ohio, United States

Sun Aug 09 2009
edward.comer at us.army.mil
parts and info
allstate 1964 scooter
Where can I find parts for a 1964 Allstate Vespa Model# 788.94331.. I would like to restore this old scooter if I can find the parts and a manual! Thank You!!

Tue Jul 07 2009
m.joncas at comcast.net
Puch 250cc Scrambler
Puch Scrambler
Hi Gents!
I've always enjoyed your site, so now that I'm forced to sell off my 1965 Scrambler, I thought I'd contact you in case anyone here was interested. I currently have it on eBay; the number is 290329590193 if you want to check it out. Thanks, and keep up the work on a great website! Regards, Mark
Chicago, Illinois

1965 Sears Allstate Puch 250cc ISDT Scrambler
Sears #810.94201 Engine #2400754

Tue Jul 07 2009
matthew-popovich at csxdot com
1958 250 CC Allstate 81094180
Allstate 81094180
I have a 1958 250 CC Allstate 81094180. I wanted to do some restoration and couldn't find any info anywhere. Does anyone have a pic of what it used to look like or any other useful info such as possible value. Attached is a pic of how it looks now. Thanks.
jacksonville, fl
[Photo unuseable. Ed.]

Sun Jul 05 2009
jfunk at bccancer.bc.ca
Stery Dailmer Puch Allstate
allstate 125 rigid frame 1953-61?? 81094150 frame/motor 1800530
I have recently come across this bike in fairly good shape and need info as where to find parts. The main item I am missing is the cover for the magneto tail light and chain gaurd.
Thanks in advance 
John Funk

Fri Jul 03 2009
nhuppert at centurytel.net
Vespa sold by Sear's Roebuck & Co. 788.94370 (1966) 125 cc
1966 Vespa sold by Sears, model: 788.94370
Complete with owners manual printed by Sears, oil/gas dispenser
Picture on request
Enterprise, AL., USA

Sun Jun 14 2009
dkilgore97 at aoldot com
Wanted Sears 124 5V
Sears 124 5V
Wanted: Sears 124, I'd prefer a nice unrestored original but will consider any condition.Please email details to rodzashakin2002 at aol.com

Wed Jun 03 2009
Britta.Humphrey at sympatico.ca
Sears/Puch 810.94222
Do you know where parts can be purchased for this bike? I had a guy in Milwakee I bought a few from but he does not answer my emails now. Jim
Ottawa Canada

Wed May 27 2009
puchmoped at gmx.at
Wanted: Allstate 250 Scrambler
Sears-Allstate 250 Scrambler
I'm looking for an Allstate 250 Scrambler (mod.810.94201 or 810.94200) or parts for it in any condition. I can pick it up anywhere.

Tue May 19 2009
Rlchestnutt at carolina.rrdot com
Help to ID a motorcycle
Sears-Sachs 5312544
I found this old motorcycle that I think was sold by Sears.It has a Sachs engine with the above model number. I think it is a 80cc engine. Do you know what it was called?
Thanks, Ray
Charlotte NC USA

Thu Apr 30 2009
fastmotors at charter.net
Sears sr 125
Sears SR125
Multi level neck injury forces sale of Beautiful Sears sr125 and complete parts bike to pay ongoing medical cost.Runs and looks excellent this is the radial fin chrome molly bore engine puch used in there world champion bikes 

Tue May 19 2009
slickpps at msndot com
55 allstate motorscooter
step thru step thru
need a title for a 1955 allstate step thru

Mon Apr 27 2009
scooby456012004 at yahoodot com
Where can I sell my bikes
1966 Sears 50CC 810895
Where can I sell my bikes. I have two 1966 models 810895 50cc kines both are nice.

  • Try the classifieds and auctions, for a start. Have a look at Bikelinks directory:

Sat Apr 25 2009
khargens1024 at msndot com
Engine Numbers Wanted
Puch/Allstate 250CC
I am looking for the engine serial number range for the 1955 and older 250cc Puch ('twingle'). Also any photos of the 1955 and older models. Advertising? Please help!!
South Dakota, USA

Sun Apr 26 2009
alexvand at hotmaildot com
1968 Allstate Sabre Manual
Allstate 1968 Sabre
Scanned OEM manual:
picasaweb.google.com/polymo/1968SearsAllstateSabreMopedManual (404)

Where can I buy an OEM piston for this model?
Thanks in advance!

More Info:
Goshen, IN

Wed Apr 22 2009
kmello1 at cfl.rrdot com
sears allstate light weight motor cycle
sears allstate 810.89515
have one new never been started in brand new condition. looking for one part. handlebar rubber gasket.

Thu Apr 16 2009
puchmoped at gmx.at
Allstate Scrambler
Puch 250 Scrambler
To complete my 1959 Allstate 250 "Scrambler" I need the original Mahle light alloy cylinder with two inlets for the dual carb model. For the correct part I will pay an adequate amount of money.

Sat Apr 11 2009
bensonjohnw at yahoodot com
Help Finding Manual and Parts
Steyr-Daimler-Puch 810.94382
Can someone please help me. I used to ride this bike around as a child, but since then, it's been sitting in the garage. I would like to restore it. I don't know much about it. I would like to find a manual and parts. thank you -
St Paul, MN

Mon Mar 30 2009
timygeo at yahoodot com
1956 Sears Allstate Puch Moped
Puch 810.940001
I want to do a restore project on this Moped. Best place to find parts? Any suggestions?

Mon Mar 30 2009
brewton at cncnetdot com
Steyr Daimler Puch
Scooter 810.94382
Don't know much about it, but would like to know so I can restore this little cutie

Thu Mar 26 2009
wjppacbell at aoldot com
puch 810.0422
I was trying to put the following on your forum but could not. Any help?
Free 2 Allstate
Plate says made in Austria
Steyr Daimer Puch
Both model # 810.9422
Other than that I know nothing
Have had these two for probably about 30 years, these would be considered part bikes mostly there but not all. I'm in N. California near Auburn just off interstate 80. Looking for someone who can pick these bikes up, if interested e-mail

Tue Mar 03 2009
dmayberry41 at comcast.net
1957 Allstate Cruisaire
Allstate 1957
Looking for one to restore

Fri Feb 27 2009
am56 at verizon.net
What Year ???
Sears 810.94222
Hi, I have been wanting one of these bikes for 30 years, Now I have it, But what year was it made ? The frame tag has 810.94222 and the left side of the motor has 1725878 I am doing a complete Restoration on my Sears 250 and would love to know what year it is, I do know it is a 250cc, Thanks for your help.
Allen Maberry
Winchester, Illinois USA.
Hi, Thanks for getting back to me, I cant believe how lucky I am to find your web site ! It is truly incredible ! I love it, I will be spending many more hours looking at it and dreaming about all the bikes, I did not get a title with my bike, That is why I don't know what year it is, The picture you asked for should be below, Thanks for your great web site and your help.
Allen Maberry

Wed Feb 18 2009
bberg at wikteldot com
sears 106ss
I would like information about where to get parts for one of these.196? engine number is 106 11827

Sun Feb 08 2009
ckstone at yhti.net
Sears Puch
Sears Model no. 810.89515
Need help ID. this cycle. Only INFO. I have is on the frame- made in Austria , Steyr-Diamler-Puch 810.89515
Mo. U.S.A.

Mon Jan 26 2009
crsandelin at yahoodot com
my Allstate 250cc Motorcycle
Allstate 1963
the cluch is real hard to pull in, could i just lusen the screws on the cluck stpring to help? i have a bad left hand but want to keep the bike. thanks
Newark, Ca. USA

Tue Jan 13 2009
jestawoman at yahoodot com
Steyr-Daimler-Puch 810.94001
Can anyone identify this for me? Value? Is the 001 part of the model number indicative of the first of that model made? I want to sell it.
No motor. More pics available. email Jestawoman at yahoo

Thu Dec 25 2008
jim.wright at integritydot com
Frame for sale
1960 Sears Roebuck 125 cc Rod shift-Fan cooled
I inherited this cool frame-all seems to be there but the motor...but need to sell. I can take pics to send but not sure where is best place to post, and the value

Wed Dec 24 2008
mobleydrew at yahoodot com
Additional Sears model
Sears Sabre
Your list of MORE SEARS models is incomplete. Dont forget the Sears Sabre, also built by Puch. Model number 810-89511. 50cc, 2 stroke, 4 speed w/ clutch.
Decatur, Ga

Fri Dec 19 2008
I had a Brev Orlandi sold by SEARS
Brev Orlandi 90cc; single cyl; 4 stroke
I bought a 1969 Brev Orlandi 90cc in 1983?
It had a Sears emblem on the middle of the handlebar at the top. Bought from a neighbor in New Galilee Pa. The crank on the left side I beleive. Had pushrods for the valves I beleive
It was easy to work on and lotta fun. Please dont share my e-mail;Later-Jim

Tue Dec 16 2008
lisacg at airadvantage.net
i need rings for a 1968 sears allstate 106
1968 sears allstate 106 106 ss
i need rings for a sears allstate 106 the bike is complete except the rings i need the rings.
united states michigan

Tue Dec 16 2008
bdimeff at nowherebutup.us
1969 sears puch
puch sears 125cc
trying to find out how much a 1969 sears puch 125 is worth in mint condition original tires and only 607 miles out here in the united states... cant find any info anywhere.
united states

Tue Dec 16 2008
harp1913 at hotmaildot com
sears allstate 150 cable shift
i need a gas tank the title says 1963 the frame #810-94191
dayton,texas 77535

Mon Dec 08 2008
lowrdr83 at aoldot com
need parts
cushman allstate
need front sheet metal for 811.40 allstate deluxe 1953

Tue Nov 11 2008
ptpgdrummer at aoldot com
1956 puch Moped
Sears and Roebuck Puch
i have this moped and i dont know anything about it. I have the origional manual so i know what brand and year it is, but anything anyone can tell me would be greatly appreciated.

Sun Nov 09 2008
tcorder3 at cox.net
Pricing of a bike
Allstate Puch Sport Sport 60
I am looking at purchasing a 1967 model for around $2000 and was hoping you would provide me with some advise about that being a good price!

Mon Nov 03 2008
Celticsballer20 at aimdot com
sears allstate 808895413
would like to sell i969 all oringal 2899 miles on it sears 106-20069 been in basement since 1972. send email if your into it can send you pictures if wanted.

Sun Nov 02 2008
mspahr at tampabay.rrdot com
scttter 125cc
I have a neighbor who has a 1960's allstate in original condition...250 miles..and it was a show winner years ago...it is in excellent original condition..he wants 3500.00 for it..I offered 2500.00
If you can help me I would appreciate it..I am willing to pay what it is worth ..but not more..

mark Spahr

Please read the page on Classic Motorcycle Prices.

Sat Oct 25 2008
epdon at aoldot com
paint code
allstate (vespa piaggio) 1960 cruisaire
can someone help me with the paint code for light blue paint on 1960 sears allstate cruisaire made by piaggio?

Tue Sep 30 2008
steven at maverickincdot com
sears allstate (gilera) 1969 124 5v
looking for parts for a 124 5v. need to know has some new old stock.
U.S Texas

Wed Sep 24 2008
everich at sbcglobal.net
Ignition keyblank
Allstate ( Piaggo) 788.94495
Anyone know what key blank this scooter uses?

Sat Sep 20 2008
waltsullens at gmaildot com
What did I have?
Vespa ? Cruisaire
I've looked at all the Vintage Vespa sites and haven't relocated the Cruisaire I had in 1961.
I purchased it very used and worn. The color was a sort of green not blue,it had a Cruisaire badge only, it had a headlight on the Handle bars, The Handle bars were wide and motorcycle style, No speedometer.Under the seat close to the floor was a access door for the carburator, The engine cover opened like a hood on hinges and had a circle cut out at the engine fan instead of slots. Other than those differences it look almost like the appliance blue one you have on the site. I never knew what year it was, just guessed it was around a 1955? for tag purposes, I did purchase parts at sears, and remember asking what year it was by the parts numbers, they couldn't tell by them.
Any info would be appreciated.
Helena Alabama
Sorry, I only have my fond memories. Memories of completely dissembling, and restoring. I know I rode that scooter a long time with very few problems. I remember purchasing it for $25.00 and adding another $30.00 to restore it. I remember a top speed of 45 mph
and that was after I shaved the head for more compression. Thank you for responding.

Thu Aug 21 2008
goconn at stonebarrierdot com
Parts for 150 All State
150 Sears All State 150
Am looking for the shift mechanism on the handle bar--my gears are stripped. Any idea where I can get one?

Sun Sep 07 2008
jwhaulman at frontier.net
sears allstate 810.94211
I have one I will sell with manual. bike runs,but missing rear/front fenders &seat cheap!
west virgina

Wed Sep 03 2008
pageauto at charterinternetdot com
Sears Gilera 124 Allstate
I have a 1968 Sears Allstate 124 Made by Gilera that I am currently trying to restore. I am looking for a headlight bezel and lens. Do you know where I might find one? Thanks Jerry Page

Wed Aug 27 2008
tcgiordano1 at earthlink.net
All State Moped
Puch 810.94000
I have a All State Moped made in Austria for All State made sometime in the fifties and would like to find out the value and where to get parts for it. Tony Giordano
Fayttreville, Ga.

Please read the page on Classic Motorcycle Prices.

Sat Aug 23 2008
dinoscycles at earthlink.net
What is pricing on them
all state puch
I need to find pricing on 1968 rough condition or just give me pricing when they were new. Thank you!

Thu Aug 21 2008
tacoman17 at verizon.net
help with locating parts (fuses, ignition lamps, ETC)
Sears Allstate 250cc 810.94201
I just need help finding supplyers for electricle parts so I can get some spark and get it fired up.Then I can consintrate on restoring the rest of it.
Washington State (US)

Fri Aug 08 2008
cspellins at aol.com
maintenance manual
Allstate 150 A 810.94192
I have an Allstate motor cyle manual can u tell me what year of motor cyle it is for with model number 810.94192

Mon Aug 11 2008
theresabradley at att.net
parts catalog
sears /allstate sport 60
need parts for this particular motorcycle 1964 sport 60 sears ....see attachment

Mon Aug 04 2008
mclrt88 at msndot com
allstate mo-ped
allstate mo-ped puchs 810.94019
I cant find this model # online. says a 1962 on the title but I saw a 1960 that looked pretty close. do you know what year it was made ?. thank you

Mon Aug 04 2008
k75ranger at comcast.net
Allstate Moped 1956
Puch 50cc 2-speed moped
How can I obtain a complete shop manual for this Moped?
Palm, Pennsylvania, USA

Sat Jul 26 2008
santiagowells at yahoodot com
exact year
sears allstate twingle/puch
cant figure out the exact year on a bike im trying to get running (im new at this so that doesnt help either). the model number is 810.94222 I was told it was a 67 but that doesnt seem right. I would apreciat any help.
Omaha NE

Tue Apr 01 2008
harlight at yahoodot com
Parts Source/Availability
Sears/Gilera 124 5V 1967 or 68 vintage
Any contacts - phone or email for parts would be helpful
Houston, TX

Tue Mar 18 2008
decrop at livedot com
need a conecting rod
Sears Compact
I need a conecting rod for my 1966 near perfect compact scooter.Dave on 1-920-622-4397 or email Thanks
Wis. USA

Sat Mar 15 2008
ksz1954 at hotmaildot com
allstate sears sport compact 60
would like any information on thi bike and if u know any one interested in buying it missing brake handle and cable and cooloing shroud

Sun Mar 02 2008
nelsonkatiemol at gmaildot com
front skirts left and right
sears allstate compact
where can i get parts

Wed Feb 27 2008
cskinner at sctv.coop
I'm looking to buy a sears, allstate,scooter
1960-1965 allstate scooter
I'm interested in buying a allstate scooter to restore, is there any for sale.

Mon Feb 04 2008
moctrams at yahoodot com
Model #/Year
Sears Allstate/Gilera unknown
I have a friend with Sears Allstate/Gilera bike. He would like to know the year/Model # and how to obtain a parts/service manual,front fork boots,and the gas tank badge
West Virginia, USA

Model #/Year- between 1996 and 1999
Frame # 106-22050
Eng # 106-22272EN
Sears # 808-895403. 

Mon Jan 21 2008
ricklthomas at charter.net
Help Identifying what I have
Sears Steyr Daimler Puch
Could you help my father and I in indentifying the year and cc's of the scooter that we have.If you could also point us in the direction of replacement parts we would greatly appreciate it.The number on the bike is 810-94430. Thank you in advance for all your help. Rick
Tennessee USA

Sun Jan 20 2008
hlbound65 at yahoodot com
1961-1966 sears allstate
I have a moped that looks like a 1961 sears allstate moped but I dont know for sure and was wondering if you know where to get parts for something like that.

Sun Jan 13 2008
markvtx at cox.net
what oil to use
1965 Puch Denfeld
My wife won this bike from Allstate and not sure they put the correct oil for this run right..and where do I find the VIN # ?

Thu Jan 03 2008
pvpcycles at aoldot com
sears allstate puchs
I am looking for a good source on the hard parts for the puch 250 "twingle models" I am also trying to find a good source to help me identify an old Gilera that I picked up. Any help you can give me would be appreciated. I have many questions if you have the time to talk some time. Andy 502-639-2063 is my cell number you can call anytime. I am very interested in talking to you. Of all the websites that I have been on yours seems to be the best that I have found for these old bikes.
Louisville KY USA

Mon Dec 31 2007
schancey6210 at charter.net
allstate 50 moped parts
1964(I think)
I need info on the availability(new or good used) of a muffler,taillight lens& manual.I spoke with someone a couple years ago from one of these sites who said a repop muffler was available & the manual (reprint,I assume),but the lens was not to be found.Any help out there?

Fri Dec 28 2007
stuart.mattison at skysothebysdot com
Sears Allstate / Puch
I am looking for a 60's Sears bike that is in nice condition that runs very well. Will pay up to $3000 for the right bike. Please email me photos if you have something that might work. Thanks!

Dec 27 2007
67 Sears Allstate 106SS
timanthes at gmail.com
Hi, I just bought this motorcycle from a friend and have done some restoring on it but am having trouble firing her up. When i crank on it, she starts spitting and blowing flames out of the pipe but will not turn over. Any ideas on setting the points? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Tim Anthes

Thu Dec 20 2007
Sandramoon95 at aoldot com
Puch motorcycle
Allstate Puch/810.94170
How can I find out the year of my motorcycle? The engine number is 1510625. The model number is 810.94170. Please let me know what the year is? Do you have parts for this motorcycle?
Ohio, USA

Fri Dec 14 2007
rjtjr50 at hotmaildot com
what are these worth
I have Received this motorcycle from my Uncle it has 1400 miles and is all orignal just needs washed and waxed up it has sit covered up for 35 years All the gas was emptyed out and oil then was covered and stored inhis garage

Thu Dec 20 2007
wbarnes at oregoncoastdot com
Sear Allstate Steyr-Daimler Puch
Just want to make sure you got my email, any information on this bike would be great, thanks
 Hi, thanks for the reply, we did some web searching and found it is a 1959 Push steryr-Daimler-Puch # (on the bike) 81094151. We need to find some part supplier as we are thinking of doing a restore on the bike, mostly in good shape, a dent on the tank, small and a scrape on the lower front fender, here are pic's and also do you know what the value as is and restore would be, thanks again,
 Have a wonderful holiday.
 Ken and Wanda Barnes 

This one appears to be from the 1960 Sears & Roebuck catalog.It was specific to the US market. More info here: Sears Allstate by Troyce Walls

Thu Dec 13 2007
jecole360 at yahoodot com
Whats it worth
1967 sears 106ss
I have a 1967 sears 106ss that belonged to my grandfather and would like to know how much it is worth. It is in decent condition and still runs. It needs a little carb work but it does start and run. I have title on hand.

Please read the page on Classic Motorcycle Prices.

Mon Nov 26 2007
mariarivera44 at hotmaildot com
sears puch 175 cc 1963 with title
I would like the sell price of this restored 1963 sears cat marron (steyer-daimler-puch ) i'd apreciate any help or site, thanks a lot, best regards from Mexico

Please read the page on Classic Motorcycle Prices.

Fri Nov 23 2007
mopedmedic at hotmaildot com
1950's ? Sears Allstate 250
Could you help identify the ACTUAL year of manufacture? Model Number is 810.94222 and Serial Number is 1720924. Thanks.
New York

Nov 24th 2007
Troyce Walls of Titusville, FL.
Troyce at aoldot com (bounced)
troyce at mpinet.net (bounced)

Hello Troyce,

I found a page of yours here:
home.earthlink.net/~troyce5/ourbikes/Allstates.html (404)

As it appears to be all but abandoned, I seek permission to republish here on cybermotorcycle.com.

I have an archive of the whole site, including several doc and mpg files.

The page has been republished at Tidderosis:

Please contact me

Thu Nov 08 2007
wabcojoe at bellsouth.net
Puch Motorcycle Parts
250 Sears sold Machine
Where do I get parts for this treasure?
Atlanta, GA

Fri Nov 02 2007
pamledford at charter.net
puch moped
Iwould like to know the year and modle that goes with this number. the engine and frame #6479974. I would like to restore the bike, need to find out exactly what I have. any help would be appericated. thanks

Thu Nov 01 2007
classiccycles at verplank.net
sears 106 motorcycle engine
sears 106 engine
I have a complete sears 106 engine/transmission assembly and I dont know what year. The # stamped on the engine is 106*13413 EN. I am looking for someone interested?? Thanks, Steve

Mon Oct 29 2007
gastrichauto at fuse.net
sears/allstate scooter
We are not sure but was told it is a 1953 step thru scooter. The frame # 019877. Can you provide us with more details on what we have.
OH, Cinti

Sat Oct 13 2007
eddieodellgsxr at comcast.net
sear motorcycle
1967 sear motorcycle. model #8088. mfrs #10623180. what is it worth, who wants it.have title

Mon Oct 01 2007
imgough at aoldot com
Sears 106SS information
I have an old Sears 106SS, Blue tank Sears model #808.895413, Engine serial #106*29845EN. I am looking for information on the year and parts sources for this bike. It is rough but all there except for the air filter and tool kit. Hope you can help. Thanks, Mark gough
North Carolina

Mon Sep 17 2007
Rhoonda1 at aoldot com
sears motorcycles
I would like to find a 106cc sears to purchase, I had one in 1970, and would like to teach my girl friend to ride a bike.can you help me ?
ohio, U.S.A.

Tue Aug 28 2007
dke2934 at yahoodot com
Sears Allstate
source for parts
USA, Ohio

Wed Aug 15 2007
jimstar at bellsouth.net
1967 Sears 106cc
Best place to get parts?

Sat Aug 04 2007
jtucker4 at verizon.net
locate parts
sears 106
would like to find as many part sources as I can. what I need now is a muffler thats just a start thanks
michigan USA

Tue Jul 17 2007
j-s-lindberg at yahoodot com
Found this bike will cleaning out the barn. Any information regarding this bike would be helpful. Especially regarding finding parts. Thank you.
Minneapolis, MN

The bike is an SR124 by Gilera from the late 1960s. It can be distinguished from its sibling SS106 by the toolbox on the left side, the Dellorto SS carburettor and the humped seat. The 106 had no toolbox, a plain seat, and a much smaller VB style carb with air cleaner.

Mon Jul 16 2007
longevity254 at yahoodot com
Nead parts and info
Sears Gilera 124
Nead parts and info on the year of my proyect

Mon Jul 02 2007
klacker21 at yahoodot com
sears roebuck sabre
at request
I have a bike that my uncle had growing up. It's a 1960's sears and roebuck sabre. Made in Austria, sold and bought in canada. Plenty of info at your request.

Tue Jun 26 2007
ALLSTATE SABRE? 810. 89514
I was trying to find out what year? Serial number 8410809

Wed Jun 20 2007
cj-rousse at yahoodot com
motor parts
Allstate 788.104
need source for piston, rings, gaskets... for allstate 788.104 (VA5T) [Vespa '54]

Tue Jun 19 2007
buster.blaine at hamiltonbeachdot com
SEARS 124 5V 808-895511 SERIAL # 124-6031E /124-5666
Not for sure what I have??? Just says sears on bike and the above is info from motor & model # plate !

Mon Jun 18 2007
mathisj at william.jewell.edu
Sears Compact and Sport 60
Anyone selling?
I have a frame for a Sears Sport 60. Has rusty wheels, no engine, no front fender. Other parts also missing. Will sell, or trade for a Sears Compact, hopefully with an engine.
Liberty, Missouri

Model ID 810.94060

Thu Jun 07 2007
cjohnson at kymcousadot com
allstate vin location
52 vespa allstate
i have a 52 allstate and i have found the engine # and the model #. can you tell me where the vin is located on this scooter? thanks

Sun May 27 2007
mjb123 at fairpoint.net
air filter
sachs 47cc 505/1 85/12/101a
I am trying to find an a
air filter for a 1978 moped sold by sears.It may be a columbia commuter/sears free spirit.
Cornell Illinois

Fri May 18 2007
sbbybee at msn.net
sears moter scooter
allstate 1957
i had a 1957 allstate motor scooter that was manufactured by cushman, it looked alot like the cushman's that the milatary used in the 40's and 50's 
mr. b

Wed May 16 2007
fisherb at variform.com
I recently aquired this Sears bike. Trying to figure out year and model and where to try and get some onfo on, manual, etc.. Think it's a 66 125cc Cruiseaire, not sure though...any thoughts?

It appears to be a 1966 Vespa 125. Ed. Here are a few photos of the scooter. I did verify it is a 1966 125cc I am trying to get the thing going in my spare time. Right now I am trying to get fire, start there you know. Haven't been able to get any spark yet. Any tips are appreciated!

Mon May 14 2007
jfalconi at sbcglobal.net
Puch Moped
I need more info on this moped. I would like to sell it but have no idea what to list it as. 
Thank you all for your time.
Oakland, Ca.

Fri May 04 2007
hsandlin1 at aoldot com
1969 124cc Gilera/Sears cycle
I have two of these bikes and am in dire need for parts, as least for one. The other needs one also, but I would be happy to just ge one.

Thu Apr 26 2007
erdmiller74 at yahoodot com
Sears and Roebuck Motorcycle

can any one give me any information on a sears and roebuck motorcycle with the model number 808895511, it was given to me and I know absolutley nothig about it.

Wed Apr 11 2007
Ahlinart at yahoo.com
I have part for mopeds
1965 or so puch/allstate parts for mopeds
I have parts for this type of bike in my garage. Extra engine, fenders, wheels.....etc. I Am looking for a copy of the wiring diagram. Please e-mail
idaho, usa

Mon Apr 02 2007
tmoney476 at alltel.net
sears allstate
steyr-diamler 8109422
Could you please give me some information on this motorcycle. It is need of restoring. What is the value?

Tue Mar 27 2007
icbsweet at hotmail dot com
Sears Moped Parts
I have some parts for a Sears moped that I would like to sell. Can you send me any club names or contacts to where I may be able to do so? Thanks.
Toronto, Canada

Sat Mar 10 2007
danville11 at msn dot com
I have had this cycle for many years. What year and what size engine is it. I can get pictures.
kansas usa.
The bike is an Allstate Compact 50

Fri Mar 23 2007
cannoncharlesdjr at comcast.net
elliptical rubber knee grips for gasoline tank
early 175/250 Allstate(Puch) twingles
Anybody have a source for the elliptical knee grips that are on the early 175/250 Allstate(Puch) twingles? I need a new set but would settle for used

Wed Mar 07 2007
hobackjay at yahoo dot com
Moped for Sale
1958 Sears Allstate Moped

I was hoping you could help me figure out what to ask for it. I have had it running but appears to have a busted fuel line. It also has flat tires
Nashville, TN

Tue Feb 27 2007
rlscott at industryinet dot com
1959 Allstate (Puch) 125cc
Looking for a pictures, information or an actual restored bike for sale.

Sun Feb 11 2007
kc.tych at shaw.ca
Need parts for restore
Sears Allstate SR125
I am wondering where I could find some parts for my bike. Also could you tell me an approximat value of this bike after restoration?
Alberta, Canada

Sun Jan 21 2007
bmharig at smig.net
what do I have
sears 106 super sport
I would like to know what year this bike is and how many were made what years they were made the new price when they were built it is a blue bike with gray fenders the frame # is 106 12129 the model # is 808 895413 and the engine # is 106 11505 I think it may be a 1964 ? any help would be appreciated Thanks Brad
m.n. usa

Sun Jan 14 2007
psflispart at sbcglobal.net

1966 sears allstate 250 cc motorcycle
do you know how i can find a value on this bike. it has been restored

Please read the page on Classic Motorcycle Valuations.

Thu Jan 04 2007
www.Johnnyyflyer at aol dot com
Need front fork boots
P/N 27961, 2 pcs.
Need front fork rubber rings
P/N 22587, 2 pcs.

Wed Jan 03 2007
Tdanielsplace at aol dot com
Refurbishing 1967 Sears 106 SS
Sears 106 SS, 1967, Blue Gas Tank
I have one of these Sears 106 SS bikes and would like to get it into running and near origional condition, it was my first motorcycle, does anyone have leads on parts? Does the company that made these bikes still exist? Does anyone have leads on any of these bikes for sale?
Acworth, Georgia USA

Sat Dec 30 2006
rongnova at aol dot com
sears compact 1964
looking for blower hood from air fan to head
new york

Fri Dec 22 2006
washnock at hotmail dot com
Color codes of Allstate Cruisaire scooters by year
Allstate Cruisaire Scooters
Could someone help me with the color by year that Sears used on their Allstate Cruisaires.

Mon Dec 18 2006
bbfloss at juno dot com
1964 allstate 250
puch 810
Looks like everyone asks the same question. Where can I get part for my bike? I need a tank side cover and foot pegs.
Washington state
Here is a photo of the motorcycle I bought for $200. It was last licensed in 1970 and it appears to have 10,000 miles on it. I found the clip on the float had come loose and the two spark plugs were defective. After those two repairs it started right up. It will need a few more things done to be reliable but I think it will be a fun bike this summer. I hope I can find a source for some of the parts that are missing such as the left chrome tank side cover and front fender. 


Sat Dec 16 2006
carcollectors at power-net.net
puch identification
need to know year and cc please help
thanxs Butch michigan usa

There is a very similar unit mentioned in the forums.

Tue Nov 28 2006
fanningplummer at aol dot com
Sears Gilera year ????
Sears 808 89542
I am looking for parts suppliers and a manual for this bike. I have looked high and low. engine # reads 106*1124*

Tue Nov 28 2006
stacy.hadaway at americanironhorse dot com
General info
1968? Sears 250 (Puch)
My dad has owned this bike since new. I rode it as my first street bike when I turned 16. I have original owners manual and need a value of this bike. It has not been started in 20 years due to float problem.

Mon Nov 20 2006
gem at atlantic.net
allstate mo-ped 6016996
I Can't find tires anyplace the old tires are front 23x2.25 semperit and rear allstate 23x.25 I have looked on the internet off and on for the last 6 months please help
Bushnell, Florida USA

Wed Nov 15 2006
shawnisaway at hotmail dot com
Year of Manufacture
Allstate Mo-Ped (810.94011)
I was wondering if anyone could tell me where I could ifnd out what year my mo-ped was manufactured in. It's a Sears Allstate model - 810.94011, and the number stamped on the body is 6011748. If you have any info at all, it would be appreciated.

Year is circa 1963. Ed.

Wed Nov 01 2006
sears allstate 810 94001
I found a old sears allstate moped in my grandpa's barn would like to know the year of it.model no. 810 94001.Serial no. 6635886
Pa. Usa
It's a 1956 model.

Fri Oct 27 2006
lucky.diaz at gmail dot com
allstate color
1955 Vespa Allstate Cruisaire
Do you know what the original color was?
thanks so much.

Also, do you of any part houses?

Thu Oct 26 2006
rlc at bbswfl dot com
Parts Needed Puch 1967 Sears
1967 Sears Allstate Puch 250
Looking for the best options on where to buy parts for restoring this bike.Will send a picture if needed.

Tue Oct 17 2006
bachel1 at hotmail dot com
piston rings
sears model number 810.94211 1968
i need piston ring part 175.1060 in sears manual, do you have theses parts.
michigan usa

Wed Sep 27 2006
steveb at ejourney dot com
Sears - Puch
Steyr-Diamler-Puch AG Graz
Model 810.895141,motor # 8414456..Looking for Carb.Explosion view.Also a manual..Not sure what cc this model is..In great shape with (484) miles on it..Yup 484..Also need air breather unit..Steve B.
is a 106cc.Here is the pic ,if ya need a closer view of carb please let myself know..Thanks for your effort in this matter..Ive had tis bike running and man for a small and very older bike it really runs good..But one flaw of this model as I have found out it electrical..If any light or horn does not work the spark is speratic and is hard to start..Most of the time about 2 kicks and its running..Choke flap and shaft is also missing making it harder to start..Thanks again..Steve B.

Sat Sep 09 2006
ryan.shawn.eagle at gmail dot com
1965 Puch DS50
I'm currently restoring a 1965 Puch DS50 that my father had back when he was young and I am looking for anyone who still makes or sells referbished parts. Also seeing if they still have the nice crome side mounted exhaust pipe instead of the one that goes underneath the scooter. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
I took some photos this morning but due to the inclimate weather, they turned out a little dark. I'll try and get some better ones for you soon. For now I suppose these will have to do. The scooter looks good now after about three hours of cleaning with some decreaser. There is still compression in the motor which means the seals and gaskets should be ok. But I'm not too sure. I'm just looking to see if there is a company that still makes parts since these scooters are no longer produced by Puch.

Thanks, Ryan

Sat Aug 26 2006
redsharon at msn dot com
looking for oem parts
Sears Puch Saber
Looking for exhaust, handlebars, and carb parts

Fri Aug 18 2006
sweaver at ptd.net
Tail Light
1967 Sears & Roebuck
Where can I find a tail light for 1967 Sears

Fri Aug 18 2006
divineacres at wi-net dot com
1966 Sears allstate for sale
1966 puch
Need to know soon how much this bike is worth?
Please advise.
wisconsin, USA

Thu Aug 17 2006
nikki-walker at hotmail dot com
Does anyone know where to get parts for this bike?

Wed Aug 16 2006
Jttbiker at yahoo dot com
1959 allstate motorcycle

I have a 1959 allstate motorcycle that belonged to my late husband. It is in very good condition but I have no idea how determine a value. Any advise that you could give would be helpful
west virginia

Please read the page on Classic Motorcycle Prices.

Fri Aug 04 2006
bikerbug1 at netzero dot com
Sears Allstate Moped
I have an old allstate moped and do not know what year it is. Here are the numbers from the moped: 810.94030, 
6459930 (on fender)
6157877 (on motor)
Please let me know if you can identify this for me.
Thanks, Kyle

I believe it's a 1963 Puch. See this page:

Mon Jul 31 2006
njkosi at hotmail dot com
106SS clutch removal
Sears Allstate (Gilera) 106SS
Attempting to separate the inner and outer clutch drums. Pulled, pushed, heated, oiled, etc. etc. Have the original manual/parts dwgs but something must be missing in the drawing. Any hints on getting the inner drum off the shaft would be greatly appreciated.

Sun Jul 30 2006
t2smc at adelphia.net
cannot identify
1967 sears
not sure what i have and would like to know more about it
oh, cleveland
believe that this is a 1967 sears alstate 105, but im not 100 %. im looking to restore but were do i buy parts. i realy could use a manual. thanks for your help in advance. im new at this and could use all the help i can get.

Sat Jul 22 2006
willgreason at msn dot com
need engine rebuild parts
allstate scooter mod#811.30 year 1956
need to know who built engine 3 hp mod#811.30

Thu Jul 20 2006
treefollow at yahoo dot com
1958 All State 250SGS
I would be interested in a sidecar and perhaps a solo seat and some replacement chrome pieces for a 1958 Puch Sears All State 250SGS

Wed Jul 19 2006
Habbit57 at msn dot com
punch 54 sg
i have 54 punch allstate
250 cc running whats the worth in good condition
thanks JIM
M# 810.94220 do you know the worth this bike ,, started on first crank, the tires have no cracks i need a battery though.

Please read the page on Motorcycle Valuations.

Sun Jul 16 2006
tiggermist at aol dot com
VIN location
1966 Sears
I am trying to find the location of the VIN on this motorcycle.
Thank you

Sun Jul 09 2006
cmarkey1 at charter.net
Sears 106- Blue tank
I have a Sears 106 working order with 2,500 original miles. I bought in 1970 form my brother-in law ( original owner). Is there any interest

Tue Jun 27 2006
521auto at bellsouth.net
allstate motor scooter
1962? Compact #810.94383
I am looking for a fuel stop cock, and a spark plug. Can you help me?
Charlotte, North Carolina

Sun Jun 18 2006
lm-jaramillo at yahoo dot com
sears motor bike
I have a 1968 sears motor bike ID# 1579675, would like some info. on the motor bike
thank you
Co. Springs, Co.

Thu Jun 08 2006
jps72 at adelphia.net
Puch Allststate Motor scooters
I am looking for a manualnand wiring diagram for the above motor scooter
New Yok

Tue May 23 2006
wrib6 at aol dot com
Sears Allstate Motorcycle
Allstate 810 94171
Can anyone tell me the year and whether it's a 175 or 250cc? Also looking for a seat and the 2 side doors. Thanks!
Rhode Island
I'm attaching a couple of photos of the Allstate (Daimler-Puch) model 810 94171 in hopes you can help me with a model year. I did finally get a response from Motor West who said it's a 175cc Deluxe, but didn't know if 1956 or 1957. They also see to believe it had a solo seat. (?) 

The horrible seat pictured on the bike is an old Harley or Indian Seat, way out of scale to the bike.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. It's not too far away from running!

Regards, John Pierce

Wed May 10 2006
campbelllaura1 at comcast.net
joing the allstate motor club

I would like to join the allstate motorcycle club. Robert R. Campbell - 3013 Roundrock Trail, PLANO, Texas 75075 - 972-964-0424

Sun May 07 2006
marksobczuk at aol dot com
allstate #957
i have a motor with allstate on side cover & 957 stamped on both sides of top case what can you tell me about it?
spokane washington U.S.A

Fri Apr 21 2006
jcarlsen at insightbb dot com
sears motorcycle model 808895403
vin # 10628536.
Trying to identify old cycle I have. It is Sears. Has logo that looks similar to Cadillac logo
Louisville, Ky USA

Tue Apr 04 2006
garthaba at verizon.net
sears scooter
810 94382
year? original motor displacement? parts place (tires) Want to put in a 185 Honda motor. Suggestions, comments

Here are some pics.The model # tag is blurry.It reads 810-94382 There is a number stamped in the frame Z 928786. I set the Hodaka motor in the motor cavity and believe it will work. I have the motormount from the Hodaka. What size chain is supposed to be on the scooter? What speeds were possible with the stock motor?Availability of different drive sprockets?How big was the original motor? Place to get new tires? and other parts? Which tank goes on this model? The inclined one or the horizontal one? Thank you very much for any information that you can give!

The machine is a Allstate Puch Compact Scooter, circa 1960 but probably a little earlier as the 1960 model has a model number of 810.94390. Ed.

Sun Mar 19 2006
savaanah at telus.net
Had this bike for 29 yrs. I was just wondering what dollar value it would fetch in todays market. I've taken a couple of pics of the bike as you requested. It is a 1956 Allstate. I've had this bike for 30 yrs now and was wondering what it's worth.

BC Canada

Please read the page on Motorcycle Valuations. Hopefully that will set you off on the right track. https://cybermotorcycle.com/valuations.htm

April 30th 2006
A while back I had sent you this photo to get more info on the value of this bike. I have owned it for 30 yrs. and decided to part with it this year. I would like to offer it for sale...if anyone out there is interested. I am in the West Kootenay Region in the BC interior (Canada). If you could help me out I would greatly appreciate it.

I had an e-mail from a gentleman in the BC coast and unfortunately through one wonderful computer glitch I have lost his e-mail.

If anyone out there is interested you may contact Mickey at the following email address: savaanah at telus.net

Many thanks, Mickey

Fri Mar 17 2006
teamcat2 at bellsouth.net
GIlera Piston
Hi. I'm trying to find a piston for a 124cc Gilera (Sears) for my father. He's looking for a piston, rings, wrist pin w/retainer clips. Do you have such in your inventory and if so, how much. Thanks much. Regards, Dan
North Carolina, USA

Mon Mar 13 2006
pucedude at yahoo dot com
Allstate & Puch info
For info and parts on Allstate-Puch mopeds & motorcycles call Motor West in Milwaukee. They are at 414-875-8787.

Fri Feb 10 2006
fiskedd71 at aol dot com
Sears motorcycle
We have a motorcycle that is beleived to have purchased from the Sears catalog about 1935 (not sure). It says Sears on the back of the seat, says Denfeld beneath that. The model no. is 81094211. It says made in Austria on it. Do you have any information as to what year it might be, and what the value might?
Massachusetts, United States

It's a Puch, but I'll need more information to identify it further. Denfield seats were fitted to a large number of European motorcycles, including BMW.

Tue Feb 07 2006
jmgross5 at aol dot com
Sears Allststate compact scooter
I need info for parts and general information.Thanks!

Sat Jan 21 2006
gramps9799 at aol dot com
Sears compact scooter
Just bought a Sears compact scooter and know nothing about it other than serial # is 810.94390. would like to know how to determine year and model also literature for repair and parts suppliers. Thanks for any help

Wed Dec 21 2005
bullandsherry at aol dot com
sears allstate 810
i would like to know what searsallstate #810 is worth starts 1st kick windshield and bags great shape

Tue Oct 25 2005

October 2005
subject: 1967 sears 250cc
Email: whoknowsme1000 at aol dot com
message: was wondering if you had any info or links to parts available for this bike...needs a new carburator float

Fri Oct 21 2005
lorenzogfalls at aol dot com
sears allstate motorcycle
Hi, bought a sears puch motorcycle at yard sale. Looks way cool and is in great cosmetic condition. Have not tried to turn over yet. Model # 810.94220. Engine # 1718367. Can you tell me what I got??

Tue Sep 20 2005
xrtt750 at yahoo dot com
Allstate ~Sidekick ~
Ever seen one of these ? 3 HP Briggs and Stratton,( engine looks to be early 60's vintage (yes it's ALL Original (original tires belt etc.) Variable ratio v-belt/torque converter to a dual chain, to a verticle drive chain to the rear wheel. Will take better pics .

Fri Sep 16 2005
mbishop at qx.net
1963 Sears Mo-ped
I would like to find a 1963 Sears Mo-Ped for sale. I had one in 1963 I bought new.

Thu Sep 15 2005
susanmeyo at aol dot com
i d my bike
I have a allstate bike. not sure what year no motor. found at an old farm serial# 1802777, on tripple tree. its a hardtail w/springer seat, an rear butt pad only id like to know more about the bike if its worth restoring thanks doug meyo

Thu Sep 15 2005
jmcgowan43 at optonline.net
Sears Allstate Moped
I have a Sears Allstate moped. Sites for parts, tires and Info?

Try the Sears Allstate section of Bikelinks for your parts etc.
Sears Allstate. Ed.

Wed Jul 20 2005
zinsfamily at centurytel.net
Sears 124
We're in need of points for our motorcycle, were would we go to find them?

Fri Jul 15 2005
rmcm111188 at aol dot com
are there any way to get a brochure for these allstate sears motorcycles and mopeds?

Sat Jul 09 2005
rasmussen1235 at msn dot com
puch 1968
i have a 1968 PUCH all state. model# 810.89572.
i would like to sell it,l ooks good but don't run motor free. i have title, manual, tool kit.Thanks

Sun Jul 03 2005
mtnboy2mtnman at yahoo dot com
looking for info on a 55 to 59 ? 260-265 allstate motorcycle?. would like to sell.not sure what it is worth? all there butbattery covermissing.starts 2 kicks runs good.

Wed Jun 08 2005
AFowlerBFB at aol dot com
1964 Sears Allstate Scooter
Does anyone know what the oil to fuel ratio is for the Allstate scooters?

Sun Jun 05 2005
dbricher at cfl.rr dot com
Allstate parts
I have a 1966 Sears Allstate 150 Deluxe. The best source for Allstate/Puch parts that I have found is Motor West in Milwaukee, WI the website is atwww.motorwestmotorcycles.com

Sun Jun 05 2005
dwbeaty at earthlink.net
Sear Allstate Scooter Motor
Good day, 
I have a motor from a Sears scooter (perhaps 1951 or so), which has a plate stating Sears 811-94263. I "think" is is about a 5 HP cast iron motor, about 2 7/8" bore with a centrifugal clutch on it for chain drive. I can't find any information, I am trying to find out the year it was made, it's true HP and the model scooter it was used on. I would also like to buy a repair and parts manual for it so I can overhaul it. It has coils for head and tail lights in the flywheel. It looks kind of like a Cushman motor but there are no "M" numbers anywhere on it. I would sure appreciate any help you can offer. Thank you so much. Dave Beaty

Fri Jun 03 2005
jclindberg at comcast.net
Need vintage tire
I am in the process of restoring a 1954 Sears Allstate Moped. I need a tire size 23X2.25 inches. Can anyone help?
Thanks Jim

There are a couple of sites listed in Bikelinks motorcycle tires section which deal in vintage tyres. Ed.

Sat Jun 04 2005
ltcoh98 at yahoo dot com
106CC Gilera/Sears MC
How can you tell the year of Manuf. on these bikes???

Wed May 25 2005
DrDRB7 at aol dot com
I just bought a 106 and would appreciate any info/leads on parts and history

Tue May 24 2005
arosselli2002 at yahoo dot com
Need info on Sears Allstate Puch 125cc two stroke
I am interested on buying a Sears Allstate Puch 125cc two stroke motorcycle that looks great outside but the engine has never been open. Need all the info I can get in regards of the model, parts, sites with info.
Please help me here!!
Alfonso Rosselli

Tue May 24 2005
mullinsmc at hotmail dot com
Sears SR 125
I have a SR 125 in excellent condition. Was running but now I can't get it to even fire. Cleaned carb, got spark, etc. I live in the DC area and wonder if there is someone close by that I can take it to.

Tue Apr 04 2006
Sears SR 125
Re: May 24, 2005
I just got bike back from the shop...repaired. Piston ring had disintegrated and scored the cylinder.

Sat May 21 2005
tquinn at capital-office dot com
Sears Allstate
I have a 1957 Sears Allstate that I am attempting to rebuild. Any good sources for parts?

Mon May 16 2005
joycereedfl at yahoo dot com
I have had this Allstate Motor Scooter in storage for 45yrs. now that I am
retired I plan to rebuild it, what size chain is 104 pitch is it a 35, 40 or 41??
Bill of Sale says it is a 1958 Model#729-64.
Thank You Chris Reed

There is a little information on chain conversions at www.totalbikebits.com/tbb-classics/articles/technical-chains.htm, but I'm not at all sure it will be helpful. Ed. (404, 2018)

Sat May 07 2005
I am looking for a 1958 allstate (puch) 250 with twin solo seats.
Bill Stone
stones-gym at hotmail dot com

Wed May 04 2005
clindberg at safariclub.org
Looking for tires for 1957 Sear-Allstate Moped. Size 23x2.25 Can someone provide source information? Thanks,
phone (520)696-0855 or email clindberg at safariclub.org

You might try Moped Army, and there are one or two places which specialise in vintage motorcycle tyres. Ed.

Tue May 03 2005
rrwayside at yahoo dot com
sears motorbike
How do I determine what mdel and year my sears motorbike is? Also are parts still available? Thanks, Rich

What is the engine and frame number? Ed.

Thu Apr 21 2005
mikepeek2003 at yahoo dot com
106 sears
where can i get parts
how much are these bikes worth

Tue Apr 26 2005
peco334 at aol dot com
my sears motor cycle
hey i need parts for a 1967 125 sears allstate motor cycle..
See Sears Allstate Forum

Sears Allstate

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