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Made in Belgium, 1947 to 1955

A Brief History of the Marque
Socovel built a variety of utilitarian models employing Villiers, Ilo, Sachs, Jawa and Coventry-Victor engines.

Sun Mar 08 2015
oldtownautos at hotmail.com
ID Numbers
Socovel ?
I have an early 50s?? Socovel with a 125? Villiers motor. I have no real idea of what year it is. The only numbers I have found are on the motor, 716/30170 no other numbers anywhere. I can't find anything on line to help, just that the 716 is a 125cc motor. I need to find out what year and model it is. Can you help?
Socovel Viliers
Socovel-Villiers-rigid (possibly)

Wed Mar 21 2007
bex59 at btinternet dot com
socovel poster
We have an original poster advertising this bike. Can you let us know the make and model please

Tue Apr 19 2005
wimlammertijn at hotmail dot com
I have a question. Did Socovel make an electric motorcycle (on a large battery) in those times? Because I saw an electric one, marked Socovel Bruxelles.

Socovel produced an electric scooter in Belgium beginning in 1941. More... Ed.

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