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A Brief History of the Marque

A Coventry-based bicycle firm founded in 1883, they began motorcycle production in 1912 with sidecar machines utilising JAP 746cc and 980cc V-twins, and in 1914 introduced the Sparkbrook Light Motorcycle with a Villiers Mark I engine, a model which continued until production of motorcycles ceased in 1925, and ownership of the marque passed to Singer. In later years they employed Bradshaw oilcooled power units and Bar & Stroud sleevevalves, along with JAP 346cc sv singles.

They also produced machines with the Spark label in 1922.

History of Sparkbrook Motorcycles...


Spark 1921 by Sparkbrook

A genuine attempt at simplicity with a captial "S" has been made in designing every part of the 2½ h.p. Spark.

1921 Olympia Show


Perhaps the most interesting machine in the Sparkbrook display will be the new Villiers-engined Spark. Having a frame in which no castings are employed, and a steel tank incorporating an air-pressure lubrication system, the little machine bristles with novelties, and is well worth a close study. The Spark will be sold as a single-geared or clutch model, but the standard Villiers-engined Sparkbrook models are retained, and may be fitted with the Sparkbrook two-speed gear and clutch. Another new model, having a 350 c.c. J.A.P. erigine and three-speed Sturmey-Archer gear, will also be shown.

The Motor Cycle, November 24th 1921

Sat Nov 02 2013
Early Motor Cycle
Sparkbrook not known
This photo is said to show a relative on 1914 m/cycle, but I wonder if it is slightly older? Any help dating this will be much appreciated.
Forfar, Scotland

  • Occhio Lungo via FB: The front brake dates it as post WWI. But the belt drive, beaded tyres and flat tank hold it at pre 1928ish. Also the magneto isn't Bosch, so it is post war. I'd say around 1922 give or take a couple of years.

Sat Sep 07 2013
motorcycle sparkbrook
Hi. Ive come across a sparkbrook in Italy but they have advertised the year as 1909 with english documents. I understand the first production year was 1912. What should I look for to find which year it is and what is the average price as they are asking 8000 euros.
Italy Palermo

Wed May 13 2009
jrpowell1 at hotmail dot com
Sparkbrook identification
I know virtually nothing about this photo except it belonged to my grandmother. I would appreciate some help in identifying the year and the model.
Robert Powell

Sparkbrook Light Motorcycle E-3846 c1914

Fri Jan 02 2009
comben at hotmail.co.uk
sparkbrook motorcycle 1924
any information or photos on the above sparkbrook, the sparkbrook i am rebuilding is a 250 villiers . chain drive, three speed gear box

Fri Nov 21 2008
howardtoon at hotmail dot com
Gallery Photograph
Sparkbrook C. 1912
I came across this photo of my grandparents on their Sparkbrook motorcycle and wondered if you might like to put it in your gallery.
Howard Toon

Sparkbrook circa 1912

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