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Sparkbrook Motorcycles for 1923

The 1922 Olympia Show.

SPARKBROOK. (Stand 131.)

Sparkbrook Mfg. Co., Paynes Lane, Coventry.

Well finished Cycle Work.

2½ H.P. Model.

67x70 mm. (247 c.c); single cyl. two-stroke : drip feed lubrication : B. and B. carb. : flywheel mag.; 2-sp. gear; clutch and kick-starter: chain and belt drive; 26 x 2¼in. tyres. Price £50.

This model remains unaltered from last year, but is worth attention in all its cycle details, such as the duplex handle-bar fixing and the length of steering head lug.

2¾ H.P. Model.

70x90 mm. (346 c.c); single cyl. four-stroke; side valves; hand pump lubrication; B. and B. carb.; chain-driven mag. : 3-sp. gear; clutch and kick-starter; chain drive; 26x2¼in. tyres. Price £66.

The 346 c.c. J.A.P.-engined model is an entirely new one of excellent quality throughout. Details of interest include the very neat expansion chamber located unostentatiously beneath the gear box. The head lug is carried well down below the point where a front sidecar attachment would be fixed, and it is then chamfered. The near-side stay of the rear mudguard swings out so that the wheel can be cleared for tyre repairs instead of weakening the guard itself by a hinge. Very substantial drawbolts are used for the rear chain adjustment. The mounting of the front guard by lugs on both fork members is notable. Altogether the cycle work is admirable throughout.

2¾ H.P. Model.

70x90.5 mm. 349 c.c.; single-cyl. four-stroke; sleeve valve; hand pump lubrication; B. and B. carb.; chain-driven mag.; 3-sp. gear; clutch and kick-starter; chain drive; 26x2¼in. tyres. Price: Solo, £69; with Sidecar, £89.

This model differs from the foregoing solely in the engine, which is the popular Barr and Stroud sleeve valve pattern. The installation has been very neatly carried out with the magneto sheltered behind the cylinder. The engine cradle is very stiff, and the oil from the crank case release is neatly directed on to the primary chain.

Olympia Show 1922
The Motor Cycle, November 30th, 1922. Page 856

The Sparkbrook 1923 Catalogue

The " Sparkbrook " Light Touring Models A and AA

The Model A is specially designed for touring, the riding position being extremely comfortable. Long distances can be covered without fatigue or discomfort ; as much as 636 miles have been ridden in two days. Several thousands of these machines have been sold with entire satisfaction to their owners. A new Model A A, as above, but fitted with specially reinforced frame, 342 c.c. Villiers engine and three-speed gear, clutch and kick starter, capable of taking a sidecar, as shown on page 6, is now introduced.

The " Sparkbrook " Semi-Sports Model B

Introduced last year, this Model has given such complete satisfaction to customers that with the exception of the front brake, which now is of the internal expanding type, no alteration has been made. It should be noted that the engine fitted is the best grade Super J. A. P. 350 c.c. ; an important point when comparing this model with others of a similar class fitted with an inferior engine and offered at a lower price. A sidecar can be fitted when desired, see page 6.

The "Sparkbrook" Semi-Sports Model C

This is a New Model of the same grade as Model B, introduced to meet the wishes of riders who prefer " all-chain " transmission. In the matter of design, quality and finish, this motor cycle has no superior, while the price is extremely moderate. The best grade 350 c.c. J. A. P. engine is the power unit. It can be supplied with sidecar when desired, see Page 6.

The " Sparkbrook " Semi-Sports Model D

This is another New Model of the same design and quality as the one described on the previous page, but the well-known Barr and Stroud sleeve valve engine is substituted for the Super J. A. P. with poppet valves. The comparative simplicity of the sleeve valve type being preferred by some riders, we have introduced this model to meet their requirements. Full particulars of this engine sent on application.


The illustration above shows the Sparkbrook" Sidecar which we fit to our Models AA, B, C and D when required. It is of best quality materials and workmanship throughout and is beautifully upholstered. The guard over the wheel is attached to the body, thus eliminating all risk of fracture owing to vibration. Each sidecar is carefully fitted in true alignment to the motor cycle before despatch.

The " Spark " Light Roadster

The " Spark " is absolutely unequalled for value. It is thoroughly well made and finished, fitted with the most efficient two-stroke engine - the Villiers - sight-feed lubrication, Dunlop tyres and belt, carefully tested and guaranteed. It is not a toy, but a real motor cycle that will go anywhere and do anything. The price is low because it is produced in large quantities.