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UT 1929

UT 1928 DP Supersport 350cc OHV Blackburne
Photo by Hans Denzel

A Brief History of the Marque
Made in Germany 1921-1959

UT started as a small motorcycle manufacturer in Möhringen an der Filder, the result of a partnership between Bergmüller & Co. and Schwenk & Schnürle. They produced motorcycles using engines from JAP , Blackburne, and after 1933 fitted Küchen and Bark engines of 246 to 548cc.

During the war years they produced components for the motorcycle corps.

In the lean years following World War II, UT used 125 and 175cc ILO two-stroke engines for their high quality KTN 125 and KTN 175 bikes. A tubular cradle frame gave high strength and the next model, the KTV 175 had a foot-operated four-speed gearbox. Of particular note was their TS-252 250cc twin.

They also experimented with the ill-fated Opti engine.

The TS 250 and the TS 252 had an improved frame, front fork and rear suspension for better comfort and handling.

A bench-style dual seat was available as an option besides the Pagusa saddle.

The Elfi II moped was produced in the mid-fifties fitted with a two-speed 50cc Sachs engine.

Production ended in the late fifties.

Sources: Hartmut Schouwer et al

Sun Dec 05 2010

UT KTN 175
hi my name Dimos from greece
I have in my possession a motorcycle. I can not find any photos and other data to reconstruct
any help accepted
greece athens

Sat Sep 13 2008
rgrpeeters at yahoodot com
technical data
UT ZJ 202 from 1939
Searching for technical data about this UT from 1938.
It has a twin-port two stroke engine.
Engine capacity is 197cc

Tue Jan 15 2008
sofjkont at online.no
UT Ca 500cc
UT aboat 1930
I hav this old UT motorcycle.
Do you now annythibg about it??
Richard Grimstad
The Ut motorcykle is from 1937 and the engine is 583cc.
Richard Grimstad 

Mon Oct 24 2005
czareksz at neostrada.pl
UT ??
What do You think ? This is Ut motorcycld ??

There are few numbers which I was found 822974 or 822754. There were no any other designations. It's very similar to Rixe or UT.

Best regards.

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