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Argson Engineering Co

Argson Engineering Company of Beaufort Works, Twickenham

Connected with Argus of Baden

  • The company produced Beaufort motorcycles 1922 to 1925.
  • Argson were motorcycles produced from 1921 to about 1930.
  • Following World War I, their main product was a three-wheeled carriage with a 170cc two-stroke engine. For a while they also manufactured a complete lightweight motorcycle, with a two-stroke engine, direct-belt drive and conventional cycle parts, under the Beaufort name. Another version, with a Villiers engine and crankshaft- mounted clutch was also available - but production was sporadic. The machines were typical of the era.
  • 1921 The principal product of this company in its early days was the manufacture of a specially designed and adapted light motor tricyle. This machine was specifically intended for use by invalids who had lost a limb as as result of World War I. There were very many such individuals and so there was a large market for the machines. The tricycle had a single front wheel and the other two fastened to a common rear axle, and driven by the company's own Beaufort 170cc engine. The same engine also appeared in the Beaufort lightweight motorcycle built by Argson. It was also sold to other assemblers of lightweight motorcycles.
  • 1922 The company moved from the West End of London to Twickenham.
  • 1923 A tricycle with an electric motor was added as an option.
  • 1924 A novel flat-twin engine was promoted. It was developed from a 175cc engine built to War Office requirements for a generating set. It was thought to have a use for light motorcycles, but nothing more came of that idea.
  • 1925-c.1930 The invalid tricycle was produced for those few years.
Sources: Graces Guide

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