Whirlwind Motorcycles

Dorman Engineering Co was situated in Northampton and then later in Stafford, and built D.E.C. Engines.

  • Whirlwind were motorcycles produced by them. The company produced a few primitive machines that were typical of the era. The engine was hung from the downtube or within the frame. They had belt drive and were of basic construction.
  • Later, the company built the oil-cooled Bradshaw engines.

    "The 1921-1924 Belsize-Bradshaw was fitted with a Dorman-built Bradshaw 1294cc oil-cooled V-twin"

W.H. Dorman & Co was a different company established in 1870 and based in Stafford which produced engines, among many other products.



British Engine Builder
Fitted to numerous British and European motorcycles.
Bradshaw Engines

Sources: Graces Guide, period literature.

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