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Hack was a mini-scooter produced from 1921 to 1923, in Hendon, North London.

Early in the 1920s the firm offered a simple scooter. Its open tubular frame had unsprung forks, 20-inch wheels and an alloy foot platform. Positioned low down on the right of the rear wheel was a 104cc Simplex two-stroke engine with a clutch. This drove the wheel by chain. The machine was well designed as the low-mounted engine was tucked away with the petroil tank over the rear wheel.

Hack Scooter, 1921

A miniature machine on light and simple lines - marketed by the Hack Engineering Co.

A little machine, mainly intended for runabout purposes, the Hack miniature should prove of value to nurses and others to whom ordinary cycling has been found fatiguing. Its weight is 75 lb. It is fitted with aluminium footboards, down the centre of which rurs a groove carrying the control wires to the unit. The engine is the Simplex two-stroke slightly modified and adapted to the Hack. Several improvements have been carried out, among which the magneto gear wheels are now enclosed, and the drive is by single chain to the rear wheel, the gear ratio being 10 to 1. A clutch fitted is used solely to disconnect the engine from the road wheels if it is found necessary to wheel the machine.

The Motor Cycle, 1921

A Single-geared Miniature.

True to its name, the Hack miniature is mainly intended for short distance work; it would also appear to be a suitable mount for a lady.

Its motive power is a Simplex engine slightly modified and adapted to the scooter.

The magneto gear wheels are enclosed, and the drive is by chain to the rear wheel, the gear ratio being 10 to 1. A clutch is used to disconnect the engine from the wheels. After the compression release has opened, the clutch is withdrawn by means of the same lever, and consequently engaged. The frame is strongly constructed but is designed to "give" sufficiently to render it just flexible.

The Motor Cycle, 1921

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