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Lethbridge Motors

Lethbridge Motors of Birmingham

  • Lethbridge were motorcycles produced by the company in 1923.
  • The designer of the Lethbridge opted for an internal pair of flywheels instead of the usual massive external one. It had a special scavenging device that claimed to cool the sparking plug points. In other respects, the motorcycle was conventional, fitted with a 293cc Villiers engine, a two-speed Burman gearbox having both clutch and kick-start and all-chain drive.
  • They also offered a further model with a 348cc sv Blackburne engine, three-speed Burman gearbox, all-chain drive, internal expanding Webb Forks brakes to both wheels and Maplestone centre-spring forks. A BTH Sparklight electric lighting set was listed as an option for either model.

Sources Grace's Guide

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