March were motorcycles produced from 1996 to 1998, in Biscester, Oxfordshire.

The company built Formula 1 racing cars during the 1970s. The design was by MCD of Rochadale (previously in Lancashire but now part of Greater Manchester) and finance came from America.

  • 1996 Plans were announced for a 750cc V-four engine, to be followed by a 1500cc V8. Both models were to be very advanced with the very latest of modern technology. Production was expected in October.
  • 1997 Late that year, the March name was once more to the fore when it was coupled with Norton in a deal to use the company's badges on the March range. The models included a 600cc single-cylinder sports model as well as the four and eight - the latter now known as the Nemesis.
  • 1998 Early that year it was reported that March had bough a racing car factory in Norfolk. Further talks with the owners of the Norton name failed to come to completion, so the project failed.

Source: Graces Guide

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