British Motorcycles

GB Motorcycles

G. B. Motor Co
  • GB were motorcycles produced from 1905 to 1908. The company was run by F. Claassen and Co, based in Sydenham, London.
  • The machine made its debut at the late-1905 Stanley Show. The models were a 3hp single, plus 3½hp and 5½hp Minerva V-twins which were all fitted with a gear-driven magneto. There were many options including spring forks, free-engine clutch and a sidecar with a coach or wicker body. They also listed a tricycle with a passenger seat, carried between the twin rear wheels and fitted behind the rider's saddle.
  • With a long 58-inch wheelbase, the models were low in build and quite advanced for the period.
  • Production continued until 1908, during which year they listed machines with either a 4½hp Minerva single engine or a 5½hp Zedel V-twin.
Sources: Grace's Guide

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