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J. H. Motor Engineering Works

JH were the initials of James Howarth who produced motorcycles from 1914 to 1916 of the J. H. Motor Engineering Works in Castle Mill Street, Mumps, Oldham.

  • 1914 In the October of 1914 James Howarth, who had once worked for Bradbury, offered his new range. At the bottom was a model fitted with a 269cc Villiers two-stroke engine and direct-belt transmission. There was also a machine fitted with a 2¾hp, 349cc four-stroke Villiers engine, two-speed gear and chain-cum-belt drive. Larger models were also listed using 6hp or 8hp JAP, or 6hp MAG engines, the MAG with a three-speed gearbox. A racing model was added in the November, fitted with a 3½hp MAG engine.
  • 1915 JH offered the two Villiers-powered machines, plus models using 3½hp and 6hp MAG V-twin engines, the latter with a three-speed or four-speed gearbox.
  • 1916 The engines used for that year were the 269cc Villiers, a 3½hp JAP and V-twins of 3½hp, 6hp or 8hp from MAG, or 6hp or 8hp from JAP.

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