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CZ Nzeta Scooter 1960

NZETA 1960
Manufacturer: Jawa, New Zealand, CZ, Narodni Podnik, Czechoslovakia
Specifications: 175cc, electric start, twin pot (sic), 58 x 65 mm, 2 stroke single, fan cooled, rubber block suspension, 2 sp, 12 in wheels, 8 bhp 2 4750 rpm, 90 hm/h (56mph)

Build under licence by Jawa New Zealand (JNZ) in Ponsonby, Auckland. This exhibit was rebuilt and restored by Alan Hampton. Launched in 1956, the Jawa achieved considerable success in its native Czechoslovakia as well as being manufactured under licence in New Zealand, and exported to Western Europe including the UK and Holland.

Image courtesy ManxNorton.com
Photographed at Wanaka Toy & Transport Museum

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