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A Brief History of the Marque

  • 1919 architect K.Bubla establishes in Plzen armature factory with place in Strakonicích under name Jihoceská zbrojovka s. r. o.
  • 1920 manufacture begins in Plzen with 30 employees.
  • 1919 in September started works on building facility in Strakonice
  • 1920 entrance of partners, capital 1 200 000 K
  • 1923 establishment of company Ceská Zbrojovka in Prague
  • 1929 Began manufacturing chains
  • 1930 Registration protection mark CZ
  • 1932 Creation of first motorised bicycle
  • 1933 First series of moto-bicycles CZ 98
  • 1934 Starting serially production of motorbikes (CZ 175)
  • 1936 Extension of production with CZ 350
  • 1939 Ceased production of motorcycles, began production of armaments
  • 1945 In July the Central Association of Industry proposes division of spheres of influence in the production of motorcycles
  • 1946 Extension manufactuing of chains
  • 1948 22.2.1948 –Congress Works Councils decision on the nationalization of all businesses with more than 50 employees
  • 1949 Production racing machines
  • 1954 End production of weapons, production was transferred to Brno and Hungary Brod
  • 1955 Vzniká CZM n.p.
  • 1958 Jawa-CZ 175/356-Smontován miliontý motorcycle
  • 1959 Return to the CZ brand motorcycle market
  • 1968 Introducing the new type series 476 and 477 on the 50th anniversary of the founding of the company
  • 1992 January 1st, established subsidiary CZ Cagiva
  • 1997 Termination of motorcycle production. Chain production continues.

CZ Timeline courtesy Sverma at vojjtaimgcentrum.cz

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