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Goggo Lastenroller 200 1948

I own a GOGGO 200 Lastenroller, I am not sure what year it is. It is a 3 wheeler motorcycle. I received it used from my father when I was 14 years. I am now 70 years old. I think my father thought it was manufactured in the 40's. It needs restoring and the engine needs a new piston. When I was 16 a mechanic said it needed a new piston and well he lost the piston., but I have the rest of the engine. It has always been stored indoors with NO rust. If anyone has any information I would appreciate them contacting me. I am looking for a buyer. Can you tell me what this might be worth. If you need anymore information or pics, please let me know.
Thank You,
Steve Seaburg
Traverse City, Michigan USA
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