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Hesketh 1982, Museum Exhibit

Year: 1982
Model: V1000
Capacity: 1000cc
Technical: 5 Speed 90 degree V-Twin by Westlake. 8 valve DOHC. Engine weighs 100kg. Nickel plated steel tube fram.
Performance: 866 bhp @ 6500rpm - 247kg - 193kph top speed
History: Produced by Lord Hesketh, UK. Approx 175 built. Styling by John Mockett. This bike has only 2500 miles from new and is number 165. It was designed to be the Ferrari of motorcycles. Includs a "Hesketh" embossed hand towel under the seat.
Capacity: 1000cc
Photographed at Australian Motorcycle Museum, Haigslea, Queensland Image courtesy Dropbears.com

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