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Imperia 1933 348cc Rudge Python

Imperia produced a racing model fitted with a Rudge Python four-valve engine which did very well in competition. Shortly afterwards Hitler's Nazis effectively banned the import of foreign engines, and as there was no suitable replacement made in Germany, production came to an end. Imperia closed up in 1935.

This machine was ridden by Ernst Loof, who had considerable success in the pre-war years. He later switched to four wheels and has the dubious distinction of have the lowest score in Formula One racing. He competed in only one race, the 1953 German GP, during which his car travelled a full two metres from the start line before coming to a halt due to a faulty fuel pump.

Hockenheimring Motor Museum

The Museum has the largest racing motorcycle collection in Europe, representing all of the marques which have dominated national and international racing, along with many superb examples of machines dating back to before the first war.

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