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Lambretta 250GP 1953 V-Twin

Phil Aynsley photographed this very rare Lambretta racer in Milan, one of only two built by the factory.

Displayed at the 1951 Milan Show with a V-twin SOHC dry sump engine, by 1953 it had a DOHC wet sump engine.

It was found abandoned by Lambretta enthusiast Vittorio Tessera after the factory closed down in 1972.

The machine was designed by Giuseppe Salmaggi and raced by Romolo Ferri and Cirillo Pagani but did not do well.

Some 13 years before Moto Guzzi began building similar machines, the Lambretta is a shaft drive transverse V-twin of 54x54 mm.

Courtesy Phil Aynsley Photography
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