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Lambretta LD150 with Tilbrook Sidecar

This is my lovely, only one in the world I'm sure, original LD with original Australian Tilbrook sidecar. Im selling it (on Ebay March 2011) for the space.

The bike and sidecar was originally sold new in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia. It was used for 3 years and traded back in to the same original dealer. He kept it for just under 40 years. His wife rode around the sugar cane farms on it, shopping etc. The original dealer retired and then opened a museum about 25 years ago. He had the bike cleaned up with a 'blow-over' paint job (same as original colours) and there it sat with the Nortons, BSA's, Rolls Royces and gramaphones!

I bought it about 10 years ago when he was selling off his museum stock. I have just pulled it out of my shed 2 days ago.

I cleaned out the tank and took her for a ride around the block a few times. Everything is fine and working.

This is a 1957/58 model and has never had a brake light switch fitted. There is NOT ONE reproduction part on this whole bike! It is all original including its cables with grease nipples! There are no aftermarket Italian, Indian or Vietnamese parts on this bike. There is no bog or rust in this bike! There is slight damage on the front legshields where his wife must have hit a big cane toad and you can see light creases. Huge! they are up there!

There is a little surface rust which mostly could be polished out. The mechanical parts have had oil thrown over them years ago to preserve them. Clean off the old oil with a cloth and you'll get a lovely surprise! There are no big scratches or dents.

I washed the bike with soapy water. I did not polish it or detail it! It will come up much better after a good detail. I have an aversion to cleaning bikes.

The sidecar, which was fitted new, is made by Tilbrook of Adelaide, and is one of the 'Tom Thumb' models (there were several). An aftermarket windscreen and chair were available for those short of leg, midgets or amputees. The tonneau cover is lovely and just needs a wash, no rips etc.

The bike has 23,000 miles on its original speedo. The odometer is still working. The speedo needle however has snapped off and is floating around inside the speedo. The face and lens are beautiful.

The spare tyre is the original Pirelli. The other 2 are Australian Dunlop Scooters. They are old but still hold air. The spare wheel has the hub cap accessory.

The bike comes with a brand new lever, headlight rim, KLG genuine spark plug in its box, handbook and spare tank. Also, of course, the steering lock key and the glovebox key.

The white tank in the sidecar is the original one. It was rusty on the inside so I replaced it with the black one in the bike.

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