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Laverda SF1 1973 NZ

1973 Laverda SF1 ENG: 750 153 18 1 FRAME LAV750SF 15318 MILEAGE. 68488

Laverda introduced their 750 parallel twin and ñ against the odds ñ it proved to be one of the best. They could hardly keep up with customer demand at first but, by 1972, the competition was much hotter and it came with four cylinders. So, for 1973, Laverdaís 750 twin had the boost it needed, in the shape of the SF1. By this time, sound-level regulations were intruding so Laverda was faced with the conflicting difficulties of increasing gas flow and decreasing exhaust noise. Laverda achieved both with large-diameter exhaust pipes (1.6 inch) interconnected by a transverse collector box, new-style Dellorto 36mm pumper carbs and a new matching camshaft. These mods lifted power to a claimed 66bhp at 7,300rpm, and top speed rose accordingly to around 117mph.

The bike from that particular year is generally regarded by aficionados as the quickest of the SFs. While their handling was heavy, and this was quite typical of the period, not much else cornered more sure-footedly than did an SF. Despite the apparently modest power increase, the SF1s were noticeably faster on nip-and-tuck riding. In the first place, they were fitted with a single Brembo 11-inch disc front brake which, while no more powerful than the old drum, could be used repeatedly without fading. And, in the second place, SF1 acceleration in normal highway use was undeniably superior to that of SF, thanks to a further-lightened flywheel. The overall look and feel of the SF1 is outstanding and the parallel twin configuration combined with solid predictable handling makes the SF1 a great 1970s classic.

EMU Editor's Note: The image shows a drumbrake model but the description is that of a disc-brake machine.

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