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Laverda 1956 100cc Sport Lusso

Laverda 1965 200cc Bicilindrici

Laverda Chott

Introduced at the 1973 Milan Show, the Chott was manufactured 1974 to 1975. The 5 speed 247cc twostroke engine had a bore/stroke of 68 x 68mm, it had dual ignition with a twin-plug head, a Dell'Orto 32mm carburettor, and produced a respectable 26 horsepower. The machine ran Ceriani suspension with forks adustable for rake (25, 27.5 & 30 degrees), it had magnesium crankcases and wheel hubs, and was fitted with 300x21 and 400x18 tyres.

Bruno Müller was involved with the project and two Muller-Laverda prototypes were built with 420cc engines. This model did not enter production.

The Chott, named for the salt lakes area of Tunisia where the bike was tested, was followed in 1976 by a dedicated off-roader sans instrumentation and lights, the 250 TR2, with plastic bodywork replacing some of the Chott's steel components.

In part due to the expensive nature of the machine, sales were slow, resulting in fewer than 5000 examples of the Chott and the TR2 leaving the factory. Production ceased in 1977, and a new off-road model with a Husqvarna engine was released, the LH1.

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