Low Patent 1921

183,967. Low, A. M., and Low Engineering Co., Ltd.
May 26, 1921 Turning - gear.

- The kick-starting device, change-speed gearing, and transmission and driving mechanism for a cycle or road vehicle are enclosed in casings secured to the crank chamber of an engine so that the whole comprises a unitary structure. As shown in Fig. 1, a four-cylinder two-stroke engine is secured to a casing b enclosing a plate clutch g; the casing is divided adjacent to a partition b beyond which is a change- speed gear, a kick-starter and gearing for actuating the transmission shaft p. The plate clutch g is housed m an extension of the flywheel and is actuated by a lever engaging a grooved collar h mounted on a shaft d coaxial with the crank-shatt. A train of wheels driven from the pinions i actuates a dynamo for lighting and ignition. The kick-starter comprises a pair of bevel wheels which actuate through a spur pinion a quadrant gearing with a pinion l<6> transmitting motion through a one-way ratchet to the shaft j<2> of the change-speed gearing. A spur wheel k<1 > on the shaft gears with a pinion k on the shaft d.

Courtesy Sergio Scalerandi

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