Low Patent 1921

Abstract of GB177865(A)

177,865. Low, A. M., and Low Engineering Co., Ltd.
Jan. 4, 1921. Sheet-metal frames.-

A motor-cycle or like frame comprises a body member of deep channelsection, or, as shown, of side-plates a and a top cover a<2>, and a lower detachable part g wider than the body-member and connected thereto by Z-section members h. The members h carry brackets i for supporting the engine. The part g may be removed by removing the lower bolts h<2>, and the engine and Z-members by removing the upper bolts h<1>. The body member may be provided with endplates e, f, and an inspection door k which may have openings for admitting cooling air for the engine. The part g carries footboards j.

Courtesy Sergio Scalerandi

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