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Macklum 1920 Motorette

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The Macklum was in production for only two years. Mr. F. MacCallum designed it, and it was manufactured by Alfred Wiseman & Co, the company that made Sirrah and Verus Motorcycles. Wiseman built
motorcycles in the early 1920s (Tragatsch says 1922ñ1925) using a variety of proprietary engines from the likes of Blackburne, Bradshaw, JAP and Union as well as some of its own manufacture. A single
frame design capable of accommodating various different power units was a Sirrah hallmark, and its manufacturer claimed that the Sirrah would ëstand up against bad weather, bad roads, bad treatment, and
win through every time.

Though Alfred Wiseman & Co stopped making motorcycles in 1925, the company continued as Alfred Wiseman Gears, supplying industrial and railway gear components. Below is a post WW2 company brochure,
illustrating their components for trams and trolley buses.

The company was associated with Ruston & Hornsby of Lincoln (locomotives), and the MWD (Modern Wheel Drive) gearbox, which was used in the WW2 tank landing craft. The Wiseman & Co gear business was
apparently taken over by EE Diesels (locomotive manufacturers).
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