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Macklum Motorette 1920

"Quite good in its way" was the reply. "I have to get off to rest occasionally. If I go too far without dismounting, I fall on my knees when I do stop." Some ladies demand the extra luxury of a spring frame, a feature of the miniature illustrated, which is a Macklum Motorette.

A Brief History of the Marque

The Macklum was in production for only two years. Mr. F. MacCallum designed it, and it was manufactured by Alfred Wiseman & Co, the company that made Sirrah and Verus Motorcycles. Wiseman built motorcycles in the early 1920s (Tragatsch says 1922-1925) using a variety of proprietary engines from the likes of Blackburne, Bradshaw, JAP and Union as well as some of its own manufacture.

A single frame design capable of accommodating various different power units was a Sirrah hallmark, and its manufacturer claimed that the Sirrah would "stand up against bad weather, bad roads, bad treatment, and win through every time."

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