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1938 Nimbus Bumble-Bee & Bender Sidecar

The Nimbus four acquired the Bumble-bee nickname due to of the sound of its engine.

This 1938 Nimbus belonged to an enthusiast in California who had purchased the machine in 1996 from Hvalsoe Denmark from a gentleman who had owned it since 1974 and had completely restored it in 1991. While it is a 1947 Type C model, it has a 1938 engine. He discovered that its final drive gearing was for sidecar use and found a Bender sidecar in Denmark and had it completely restored. When purchased by the NZ Classic Motorcycles collection in March, 2009 the combination had done only 3,448km since restoration.

New Zealand Classic Motorcycles

The museum formerly at Napier housed an extraordinary collection. It has moved to the home of the World's Fastest Indian.

More information: New Zealand Classic Motorcycles.

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