Vincent Motorcycles

Vincent Rapide 1950

Chassis No: RC4727
Engine No:8862
Registration No:LNA 175
The Series C machines addressed what Phil Vincent considered to be the one serious limitation inherent in the Series B models, the Brampton girder forks. These were known to suffer from inadequate damping when the big twin's performance was exploited and to flex when the machine was fitted with a sidecar. Vincent and Irving's solution was the "Girdraulic" an alloy bladed girder design equipped with a central telescopic damper unit. An added design feature was the incorporation of a cam on each side allowing the geometry to be easily altered for solo or sidecar use.
This example of the Rapide was first registered in May 1950. The engine originally fitted was replaced by the Vincent factory the following year and the number reflects this. In 1982 Mr Bob Dunn treated LNA 175 to a complete engine overhaul which included new main and big end bearings, cylinder liners, pistons, a modified rocker location, and new timing gears, lay shaft and oil pump. The frame and ancillary components were bead blasted and enamelled and new 18" Akront rims were fitted. The carburettor bodies were bored and sleeved, Shadow drums were fitted together with a Shadow speedometer and new chain-guards, mudguards, front and rear springs and boxes replaced the originals. This work was followed later in the year by the addition an electric starter and hardened valve seats were fitted.
In 1984 the machine passed to Mr T Brameld, who, according to the vendor recalls the following work: the kick start lever was replaced, Spax shock absorbers fitted together with a hydraulic damper, a VOC 12 volt dynamo and JG solid state regulator were added in conjunction with a full rewire and coil ignition and a new VOC dual seat replaced the original. The clutch springs, linings and plate were replaced and the brakes were relined. A new chain was fitted together with a Scott chain oilier and an oil breather was fitted. The horn coil was replaced and

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