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Stolen Vincent Black Shadow

Stolen Vincent Black Shadow Series D

Stolen Vincents $20,000 Reward
Vincent 1950 Series C Black Shadow F10AB/1B/5409
Vincent 1955 Series D Black Shadow F10AB/2B/10851
Stolen from Whitebridge NSW
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nigelhillman at
Vincent Black Shadow HOW660
Picture of Vincent Black Shadow HOW660
"Where are they now?" Feature
Nigel Hillman
Trowbridge, Wilts, UK

More information: Bikesheds Archive

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Wed, 25 Oct 2017
rod.eakins at
HRD 1948 Rapide

I am looking for a S500/S501 sidecar to fit my HRD. It must be left fit to suit Australia. Can anyone help please?
Rod Eakins
Bittern, Victoria Australia

Fri Apr 22 2016
lucienmeulenbelt at
Vincent Amelia (sic) Waterscooter
1955 -
Hello there, could someone tell me what this whould be worth these days, its fully original and belonged to my granddad


Sat Dec 26 2015
peterekettle at
1948 Vincent Rapide Series B Tank Paint Line Specs.
Vincent Rapide Series B
Am looking for dimensional specs on tank lines around the HRD design. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Boston Massachusetts.

Sun Dec 30 2012
Vincent Chassis number
Vincent Black shadow motor / frame ?
I have a 49 Vincent with Black Shadow motor, and frame with number RC9299. ..
Posted in British Motorcycle Forums

Sun Oct 02 2011
known value of 1949 motorcycle
vincent hrd black shadow
i have a 1949 engine #F10AB/1B/1591
frame seems to be RC1833
how can i find the estimated value of this motorcycle?
canada The page on Vintage Motorcycle Valuations may prove helpful.

Sat Aug 13 2011
isleofsnakes<at>yahoo dot com
Vincent motorcycle
series C black shadow
2- 1953 Vincent series C Black Shadow. All original, mint condition. Asking $ 150,000. each
Las Vegas, Nv. USA

Tue Mar 15 2011
Vincent Black Shadow
HRD Vincent Black Shadow
I'm looking for Vincent Black Shadow any condition.

Wed Mar 02 2011
Alex61tt<at>aol dot com
Vincent sought
Vincent Shadow / Rapide
English classic enthusiast seeking Vincent V twin. Age / model / condition / location unimportant.
Ipswich, UK

Mon Jan 17 2011
rapide<at>vincent-motorcycle dot com
Vincent Web Site
Vincent Black Shadow
Interesting new site for Vincent owners, enthusiasts and history at
on line

Tue Oct 26 2010
ryanhoffman23 AT
Vincent big sids hrd vincent egli
hello, I have inhereted my grandfathers vincent egli made by big sid, he loved his vincent it was his baby. Took very good care of it. Now it is time to sell it. Please email me offers
u.s.a michigan

Wed Sep 29 2010
engine assembly
vincent series c.
Hi, could some person of knowledge please advise me of the correct fitted length of Vincent valve springs. Thanks Tony

Mon Jan 11 2010
jimboandmaria at
Trying to locate my fathers Vincent C Rapide
Vincent C Rapide
I am trying to locate my late fathers Vincent C Rapide No. F10AB110183. He bought it new and sold it in about 1970.

Thu Jul 30 2009
shanmarine at
Hi, my grandfather has a vincent rapide series c, i believe the engine may be from another frame. Do you have information regarding serial numbers etc for the rapide bikes. kind regards

Wed Jun 24 2009
allan at yachtproject dot com
Shadow 1000cc
A Guy in York was looking to sell an inherited vincent, I am looking for a good shadow or rapide 1000 please contact if wanting to sell.

Mon Mar 16 2009
dan.pearson at
Vincent HRD Ripid Series B
I have inherited a Vincent HRD and wish to sell but have no idea how to go about it.
Can anyone advise

Try the auctions, for a start. Have a look at Bikelinks directory:

Dec 2008
Vincent 5in Speedo wanted. Trade 1920s Bianchi Smiths speedometer. See Bianchi.

Tue Dec 04 2007
carolstibbs at hotmail dot com
Alan Ransome, Vincent test rider

I am trying to contact anyone who knew my uncle, Alan Ransome, who died in 1999 in North Walsham, Norfolk. In his later years he repaired Vincent bikes for the owners club, earlier he rode and tested them. Anyone remember him ?

Wed Nov 28 2007
sales at

i need to know who to contact re a aussie contact , re vincent motorcycles

Recommend Terry Prince or the VOC Australia - see the Vincent Directory.

Sat Sep 29 2007
Monkeyhands4 at aol dot com
Etched chrome liner cylinder barrel
1937 series A Comet
Information needed on pre ww2 HRD etched chrome liner (unused) as fitted to my A comet. Did the factory fit these at any time for 'hot' road use? any replies welcome on this subject. Machine dismantled and unused since approx 1950-55. Parts also welcome if anyone has any. Thanks.
Buckinghamshire, England

Mon Jun 18 2007
carlygowing at
vincent comet 1950
can you help me buy getting a workshop manual?

Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Mon May 28 2007
serebralassasin1 at aol dot com
Can You Help Me?
Vincent 1000?
I wonder if you can help me with something i have been working on for a while. i know its a long shot but do you know of anywhere i could find a vincent 1000 for sale. im aware of what im asking bt its something i would really love to do. any information would be greatly apreciated

Sun Jan 07 2007
royverity at
vincent 1200 ????

Hi from Aussie,ex neighbor is saying he worked on a 1200cc in Brisbane 50 years ago as a Apprentice,I told him he did not,he also said it was stock standard and DID 300 MPH,also told him that was Crap also,could you verify so as to shut him up, he is a nice Aussie,oh by the way we are not speaking,Ha Ha
Regards Roy S Verity [69 yrs]

Did he also tell you about the dropbears?

Wed Dec 13 2006
glennowen at
barn job
1949 vincent top fuel bike
any storyies

Oct 15th 2006
fordpain.sandy at

This calender may appeal to your female fans all other months show various men from our village of Ancaster, Grantham...partially undressed to raise money for the newly formed under 8's football team! I contacted you as the owner of the bike said he thought some people would have an interest as he has won various awards at shows ...for the bike that is! Worth a try I thought.
Sandy Ford-Pain

Fri Feb 17 2006
rosssomerville at hotmail dot com
nsu vincent
I have a nsu vincent fox 123cc from 1955.seemingly one of only 40 ever made with the vincent company. Does anybody have any information about this model?

Vincent and NSU enjoyed a business relationship in the 1950s when the English company marketed NSU Quickly machines in the UK. There is an article on NSU Vincent in Motor Cycling Nov 5th 1953. More here...

Tue Jan 17 2006
neil.lewington at
B series Rapide. GBL 843
Would love to know if she is still alive?
 Thanks for your reply. Sorry no images of the old girl. I bought the bike in the fifties, it had been exported to Canada but reimported in early fifties. It was made in 1947 and still went like "stink".I actually took my driving test on it and lots of eyebrows were raised when they saw a "VINNY" with "L" plates !!! I kept the bike about about 4 years and sold it to a son of the Spirella" ladies corset firm for 50 pounds!!!!!!! My brother also had a Rapide that he brought up to Lightning spec, that is now owned by a friend who sprinted it( Mickey Alexander) and his mech. was Doug Lidiard.My father also had a Rapide but i dont know where that went. I still can tell a Vinny at 2000 paces the moment i hear its "laid back" engine noise.Although im approaching 68 i would have another Vinny"if i win the Lottery!! Would love to think that the old girl is still giving fun to somebody. Best regards Neil.

subject: Rollie Free Poster
Email: yost.joseph at gmail dot com
message: Do you know where I can find a Rollie Free Bathing Suit poster where he broke the 150mph record on a Vincent? I've looked everywhere and continue to run into dead ends.
Joe from Minnesota

[Rollie Free set the American motorcycle one-mile speed record in 1948 on a Vincent Black Shadow. Ed.]

26th January 2005
VINCENT HRD 1949 listed on Ebay UK
Vendor's Description:

VINCENT HRD 1949 One Owner From New, With Blacknell Bullit Side Car

First registered 5/8/1949.

Frame number, RC4116.

Engine number, F10AB/1/2216.

Reg number, KUR181.

This is a once in a life time oppertunaty for some one to purchase a one owner fully documented Vincent HRD.

This bike and side car have been in storage for over 30 years. I have changed the oil and plugs and it started third kick, sounds great.

Although the bike now needs some restoration work it is in fully running condition. I have every receipt from new including both log books, purchase receipt, guarantee fom Vincents, all finance papers from purchase, i even have the tag that hung on the handle bars from new.

I don't belive you will ever find a more original and fully documented bike than this one.

February 14, 2002
HI, I was just sitting here surfing away at the WEB and happened to have this picture laying on my computer desk. That's me in Milford, CT, in 1964, with my Norton "MANX" frame VINCENT. It was a ROCKET SHIP and turned heads where ever it went. keep up the good work ! -- PEDARN at aol dot com

February 7, 2002
I saw a Vincent Black Shadow for sale last weekend. I don't know much about Vincents, but it looked original and complete. How do I tell for sure if it is a Black Shadow, and what should I look out for when buying a Vincent? --  Thanks -- CTulinMD at msn dot com

June 29, 2002
Vincent- Amanda Water Scooter. $1,500 OBO
This is the real deal!! Barn fresh 1950's vintage Amanda water scooter. This one seems to be all there. Even what appears to be the original seat cushion. The engine appears to be capable of running. The only thing that I can tell is missing is the rope that you pull to start her up. The gas tank looks perfectly clean inside and even the rubber gas cap is in great shape. There is no sign that gas was left in her when she was put away in a barn years ago. The engine was manufactured by the Vincent Engine Company, LONDON, famous for Vincent motorcycles. This looks like a great setup, the engine directly drives a shaft to a propeller beneath the scooter. Even the propeller looks great with no dings. I have not even wiped the dust off of this scooter, what you see is the way she has looked for 20 years. It has not been fussed with by anyone. The body of the craft looks great with no holes leaks or patches that I can see. I really do not know anything more about these other than what I read in old motorcycle magazines. I hope someone can use this in their collection. It sure would be fun to see this baby going down the lake!!! I accept checks that clear, money orders, and paypal. You can come pick it up or arrange shipping. I am happy to help ship at the buyers expense. If you have any easy questions please e-mail me and I will get back to you ASAP. Call Fred at (914) 234-6519 ext. 114 or Email alj4 at email.msn dot com

November 29, 1999
I am a owner off an old HRD 250. Can you please help me to find some spareparts. In Germany there is no Importeur / dealer who have any parts. Please send me the adress, maybe I can contact them by myself.
Thank you for your help
Stefan Mueller -- stefanmueller at

Vincent "Bathing Suit Bike" Black Lightning -- by Herb Harris

Updated 16 July 2005
You might be interested in our site at (404) which is announcing the release of our video on the history of the Vincent HRD motorcycle. 'Chasing Shadows' will be released in January and we will announce the actual date on our web site. The details of the video are available from the site now.

Best regards, Pip Whiteman --grasshopperfilms at btinternet dot com If you have a query about Vincent motorcycles please contact us