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Aermacchi Scooters

Macchi 125N 1951-1954

Macchi 125 U / UL Ghibli 1953-1955

Zeffiro 125E 1955 to 1958

Zeffiro 150-1 1955-1958

Zeffiro 125-2 Series 2 1959-1961

Zeffiro 150-2 Series 2 1959-1961

Brezza 150 1963-1964

1951-1953 125cc Aermacchi Cigno

The first Aermacchi two-wheeler, designed by Tonti. Scooter styling with the two-stroke engine integral with the rear suspension which is concealed beneath the bodywork. Fuel tank is attached between the saddle mount and steering head, front suspension is similar to Earles but with a single shock absorber mounted behind the front guard. 17" Borrani wire wheels. Motorcycle style handdlebar controls.

1952-1954 125cc Model M Monsone (Monsoon)

The Tonti design was quite unusual - the engine was situated below the saddle and formed part of the rear suspension, scooter-style. Suspension was dual shockabsorbers rear, and Earles forks front. The two-stroke engine has a bore/stroke of 52x58mm giving 123cc, 6v Marelli electics, Dell'orto UA17 carburettor, 3 speed gearbox, 17" wheels.

During 1954 the Ghibli 125 U was introduced, similar to the Monsone which remained in production. That year's catalogue also includes the Schiranna, a twin-cylinder model, and two motocarri; the Cavaliere 125 and the MacchiTre MB1.

Zeffiro 1959-1961 2-Cycle, Single Cylinder, 123cc, 4.5 CV at 4500 1/min

C.R.: 5.7:1

Transmission: 3-Speed Hand-Shift

Carburetor: Dell'Orto UA 17 BS

Electrics: 6 Volt, 30 Watt

Tyres (Front): 2.75 x 17. (Rear): 2.75 x 17.

1963 Brezza SC-150

1963-1969, fewer than 2200 built.

The Aermacchi-HD 150cc scooter was announced at the Milan Show of 1963 in direct competition with the two major players in the scooter field, Lambretta and Vespa and was not marketed in the United States.

The scooter had conventional 3-speed shift on the handlebars and the two-stroke engine was fed by a Dell'Orto SH 1/18 carburettor. Electrics were 6 volts via flywheel magneto, and the 90 kg machine had 3.00 x 12 inch tyres front and rear.

Brezza 1963 - 1969

The Brezza was a conventional scooter which competed with Vespa and Lambretta. Most were delivered with a red and white colour scheme for the European market.

Production: 2169 units

Price in 1963: 139,000 Lire

Tank Capacity: 8 Litres with 1.5L reserve

Transmission: 3-Speed Hand-Shift

Carburetor: Dell'Orto SH 1/18

Electrics: 6-Volt, flywheel magneto 28 Watt

Engine: SC-150 2-stroke single

Bore/Stroke: 57x58mm, 147.93cc

Compression ratio: 8:1

Rear suspension: Swinging arm, dual shock absorbers

Tyres: 3.00 x 12 front and rear

Brakes: internal expanding, 104 mm front and rear.

Weight: 90kg

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