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Sun Dec 16 2012


sprint paint codes
Aermacchi C or H
Blue paint mix code
apopka fl.

Mon Nov 05 2012
Aermacchi SX 125
I have SX125 without documents. Is is possible to find out the year of make and maybe some history according to the VIN *042575*?
Thank you very much.

Wed Sep 05 2012
aermacchi brezza
aermacchi harley davidson brezza 150
I am currently preparing an Aermacchi HD Brezza 150 scooter for the road.
I need some parts, specifically kick start, kick start shaft, head set bottom, gear change rod/gear change.
Anyone with any parts get in touch.
In fact if you are resident in Uk or Eire and have one, get in touch.
Leeds, England

Fri Aug 03 2012
1973 X-90 carbuetor
Harley Davidson X-90
I am looking for a carb for this bike. Hard to find. Is there a comparable model carbuetor that I can use? Like would a Sprint 350 or 250 carb work? Any idea where to get hold of a carb??
Austin, Texas

Mon Sep 03 2012
Manual de despiece
Harley Davidson Sprint 350cc year 73
Manual de despiece de Harley Davidson Sprint 350cc year 73

Tue Oct 02 2012
I am rebulding a 1978 sx250 and need a ignition switch. I have parts and service manuals.

Tue Sep 25 2012
clutch pak
aermacchi 125 rapido 1970
looking for clutch pak does any body have new or used
houston texas

Sat Jul 21 2012
Front/Rear Wheels
Sprint Model H
Restoring 1966 Model H and would like to replace front/rear wheels. Looking for a source. I am aware of Lancaster Sprint
Victoria area, BC

Fri Aug 03 2012
electronic ignition sensor
AMF HD SS175 year1978
looking for a sensor
recherche capteur
allumage électronique
amf hd 175 ss
vendée, France

Mon May 21 2012
Value of 1971 SX350
Aermacchi SX350
Have original SX350 w/low mileage-fair condition. Can anyone give me approx. value?-Thanks. Have pictures.

Fri May 18 2012
1970 aermacchi 125 rapido seat
aermacchi/harley davidson ml 125 rapido
Looking for a good seat for my 1970 125 rapido

Tue May 15 2012
1971 Rapido
Aermacchi 125 Rapido
Can you tell me what fluids I need to put in the trany and how much?

Thu Apr 05 2012
Harley davidson mls
lookin for any info on 1969 harely davidson 125cc

Tue Apr 03 2012
harley davidson 1965 m50
looking for 2 tires for 1965 m50

Thu Mar 22 2012
1978 harley sst 250
harley 1978 sst
hi i need a piston for my 1978 harley sst 250 PLEASE HELP!!!!
ipswich england

Tue Mar 06 2012
tgoranson<at>gmail dot com
Shortster engine oil / mix raito
Aermacchi Harley Davidson Shortster 65cc
I have a 1972 Shortster restored. The engine has been rebuilt but currently does not have any fluids in it. Can you please tell me the correct oil to use in the crankcase and the mix ratio of the 2 stroke oil to gasoline mixture.

Fri Feb 10 2012
woodland.studios<at>btconnect dot com
Aermacchi TV350
For sale 1972 Aermacchi TV 350 Mint condition DVLA papers offers
Suffolk / UK

Mon Oct 31 2011
speedo and cable
aermacchi 125n
Im missing the speedo and cable. would like to find one

Hi, Glad you got photos, The aermacchi is a 1953 125n one of the earlyist bikes they made. In the aermacchi book they show a photo of this bike. On the aermacchi site it is the same one in photos that the guy wants to sell for $9000 and says is the only one in US. Not true! Ive had mine for 10 years and was bought in Denver CO. The other bike behind the sunbeam is a 1945 BSA m20-civilian modle. If you run into anybody that can come up with a speedo let me know. It mite not have come with one new but i would like to have one. Do you have any old bikes? I sure would like to see them. Thanks Dennis.

Mon Sep 19 2011
kor1967<at>yahoo dot com
Do you our can you get a piston for my sx250?

Tue Sep 13 2011
je recherche un faisceau electrique pour mon 175 SS de 1976
merci d'avance

Sun Jul 17 2011
richard-sigler<at>yahoo dot com
66m50 sport
harley/armacchi m50s
for sale 1966 m50 sport 50cc stuck piston needs new rims hubs and brakes good need chain and back of exhaust small hole in bottom of tank N.P.R. Florida

Fri Mar 25 2011
aermacchi lubrication oil types
aermacci SS 250 2-stroke from 1975
Hello Sheldon,

at the moment I start to restore an Aermacchi SS250 from 1975.
As a first step I have to set up all to mechanical parts and check if the motor is running clean.
And now I have the problem that the specifications for the lubrication oil types in the manual tell me what people used in 1975...
But I don't know what I should use from the present-day range of oils you can buy in shops.
Specifications are:

transmission: "HDMCO grades - 75 oil over +4.5 degrees C and 58-W oil below +4.5 degrees C"
oil tank: "50/1 HDMCO two cycle lubricant"
What would you recommend to use / buy?
Same question from my side would be about the spark plug: "type HD No.7"
Thank's in advance, Hagen
W�rzburg, Germany

Wed Mar 23 2011
ig-30<at>yahoo dot com
Harley-Davidson aermacchi sx250
I was wondering if you have a carburetor or know someplace I could get one?

Fri Feb 25 2011
scott.halbleib<at>shps dot com
gas cap and petcock needed
aermacchi 69 leggero
in need of a gas cap and petcock for my tank. do you know where i might find one. been looking everywhere.

Fri Feb 25 2011
outbackcycles<at>juno dot com
65cc bike for sale: part or whole
Aeramacchi M-65
Time to clean out the garage. Late 60's to 1970 Aeramacchi 65cc for or whole.
Naples, Florida

Tue Feb 15 2011
truskosky<at>gmail dot com
HD Aermacchi 1973 350 ss
I am looking to find the value of 1973 HD Aermacchi 350ss with 572 original miles, needs right rear turn signal lens. Other than that is in mint original condition. Garage Kept.
Danville, Illinois United States

Thu Feb 10 2011
east.escape<at>hotmail dot com
Valve Timing
Harley Davidson TT CR 350
Hi there I have a question as I am fixing my motorbike and would like to know if theres anyone who could help me finding the valve timing and ignition timing for a road motor thats been converterted to CCTR 350 and also the balance factor!

Wed Feb 02 2011
hilldesigns<at>gmail dot com
Harley Sprint SX 350
Harley / Aermacchi SX 350
I have a 1973 Harley SX 350 with a very corroded clutch that I am trying to remove. I have the springs and clutch plates out. The nut is off the smaller clutch hub which is stuck tight. Do I need to fabricate a puller to release the inner hub or ?. Any knowledge that you can share on clutch removal will be appreciated. This is my first Aermacchi.

Sun Jan 09 2011
Mvrinke<at>yahoo dot com
6- harley/aermacchi cycles 4 sale
hd/aermacchi m50s/m65/x90/z90/sx175/ss350
I have 6- harley/aermacchi cycles 4 sale, all mostly restored, all have ran but 1(m65) would like to find a good home for all, started to collect and restore and have lost interest. If interested e-mail for pictures and prices
kansas usa

Mon Jan 03 2011
buckcop<at>yahoo dot com
Aermacchi M65
I have a brand new m65 engine still in its original crate. Has kick starter and exhaust pipe in box. I took this engine to a Harley dealer because it said Harley Davidson on the left side of the case.-They didn't seem to know much about it or if it had any value. I feel there are not many, if any engine in this condition anywhere.-I have pictures if it will help. Can someone tell me what this engine is worth?-The only numers on the engine is F365 stamped on both cases just below the carb intake. The boss for the vin number is blank.

Sun Jan 02 2011
buckcop<at>yahoo dot com
Harley davidson m50 or m654
I have a brand new engine still in the crate. Covered in cosmoline and wrapped in plastic. It also has kick starter and exhaust still wrapped inside the crate. Have not been able to get a value on this item. The only numbers that are on it is F365 on both cases. I feel it is problably the only engine still new in its crate in the world.-Can anyone give me a value on it just incase I might sell as I am buying a wide glide soon.
Greensburg, La.

Fri Dec 24 2010
thecraftyartistltd<at>yahoo dot com
Rare only 100 sold?
Aerimacci Sold by Wards 1971 250 Scrambler
I have a rare bike serial #78 of 100 it has 500 org mls w/ org Perelli tires lots of surface rust on chromed parts, I plan on restoring it and re-chroming etc... White and chrome gas tank two petcocks, original break in instructions on it.Made in Italy shifter on right positive ground battery. What I need is a wiring diagram and info reguarding value etc... Thank you kindly

Wed Dec 08 2010
kenne7337<at>yahoo dot com
Dellorto carb
Aermacchi SS 250
Is a UB24B2 the right carb for my 1967 .
Idaho USA

Dellorto Carburettors

Wed Nov 24 2010
Info Needed
Aermacchi 125 Race Bike
I have a Watercooled 125 Aermacchi/HD Race bike from possibly 1970s and cannot find any info.
Can anybody help with Specifications and any general Info.
Midlands UK

Mon Sep 20 2010
mitchski54<at>netzero dot com
parts needed, possible sell
harley davidson amf amf 125 cc
looking for and or parts bike to buy or possible sell. 125 original miles second owner garaged 35 years have owners original owners manual

Sat Sep 18 2010
bill.benzie<at>googlemail dot com
Aermacchi - HD 350SS
Aermacchi - Harley Davidson 350SS - 1974
I am looking to buy a 1974 Aermacchi-HD 350SS with electric starter. This machine is to ride so it must be complete and UK registered with V5C. Alternatively, I'll consider a complete 250/350 road engine and frame. I live in the NW of England. All offers considered. Bill.
NW England, UK

Wed Sep 15 2010
peggysue<at>neo.rr dot com
Help needed finding parts
Harley Aermacchi 175
Looking to restore my 1974 Aermacchi 175. Any good leads on replacement parts?

Sat Aug 14 2010
doliver1961<at>embarqmail dot com
1961 250 Sprint C-Model
Harley Davidson 1961 250 Sprint c-Model
I have a 1961 250 motor and transmission for sale
USA, Ohio

Tue Aug 10 2010
irishmike619<at>gmail dot com
aermocchi 1965CRS
Need to know value of one of these. It is 95% original with allot of extra genuine parts. Could you advise or direct me .Thank you

Thu Jul 29 2010
roskowski1<at>hotmail dot com
piston hitting valve
harley sprint ss 350
I have a 1973 350 sprint that I purchased at a swap meet the guy that i got it from had just gone through the top end but when you turn it over the intake yalve hits the piston unless I loosen the rockers up to about 0.80 clearance are there different hight pistons? I have checked the timing. Thank you for your help Mike Roskowski

Most likely it's a piston problem - hi-comp type with dome too high, for instance, or not enough cutaway. Could also be a valve that's too long. Ed.

Sun Jul 04 2010
Engine Cases
Aermacchi Shortster
Are 1972 Shortster engine cases the same as 1973-75 X-90 engine cases or the same as any other Italian engine?-If not, can the cases be welded?
Michigan, USA

Tue May 11 2010
price on bike
hd aermacchi sxt 125
would like to know approx. value on 1975 125 sxt hd aermacchi 1900 original miles mint shape looking to buy he wants 2800.00 is that in ball park any help would be great
Our page on Classic Motorcycle Prices may help with evaluation.

Sat May 08 2010
rsweno<at>yahoo dot com
1974 aermacchi 175 sx
aermacchi-amf 175sx
looking to sell and or looking for parts bike
wi, usa, hudson

Mon May 03 2010
acwrench7<at>hotmail dot com
charging system
harley z90 z90
how do i check the altenator on a x90, system now not charging
az. usa

Thu Apr 01 2010
Harley Davdison 1974 AMF X90
I had this 1974 Harley X90 AMF restored and thinking about selling. Does anyone know what the max price I could get for this?
Northampton, PA

Mon Apr 26 2010
looking to sell
Aermacchi SX 175-1974
Looking to my 1974 Aermacchi SX 175. Almost complete but not running

Wed Mar 17 2010
bigaladams<at>hotmail dot com
cdi unit
harley-davidson ss 185 ss 185
cdi unit for a harley-davidson ss 185
corby northants

Thu Mar 04 2010
Vintage cycle parts
H. D. / Ameriachi 1968 125 c.c. Rapedio
I have a business repairing and restoring vintage cycles. Looking for rims, spokes, seat, and other parts for this bike and others
U.S.A.; Michigan

Fri Feb 26 2010
Mikuni carbs settings for SX250 - in need of some help
Aermacchi Harley Davidson SX250
Just wondering if anyone knows of any base settings for the mikuni VM carb on SX 250 bikes. I'm having trouble getting mine going as the plug keeps on fouling. It just won't kick start.
Hamilton NZ

Aermacchi 125
by stretkas on 01 Mar 2010 07:57 pm

Please help me what model and year is this bike?
Frame number 028086 and engine number 12506037

Thu Dec 24 2009
abbutz AT gmail dot com
Aermacchi M50 Harley
I was looking for an engine and was hoping if someone could help me out. also, what approx is this worth complete but unrestored?
Near Cincinnati, OH

Tue Oct 20 2009
justiceinpg AT

1976 AMF Harley Davidson SXT 125
what is the specifide gear case oil for my bike? I also have some 1974 amf 250 parts if needed else where.
B.C. Canada

Tue Oct 13 2009
vereeckenben AT aol dot com
Aermacchi 350 SS Sprint
Hi, I'm selling my aermacchi 350 SS from 69. She's in really good condition, always garage kept, have just installed better starter, bought in netherlands by famous racer! Bike has lot's of new parts, better parts, special springs, brakes, exhaust, gas, cylinder, new fittings, tires, rubbers, all perfect!, some minor chips in the paint, but this was a very expensive paintjob, so not worth to paint it again! This bike originally comes from Canada, where it belonged to a racer!

Will arrange shipping worldwide, any intrest, mail me!

Sun Oct 04 2009
info AT
Searching AMF-HD RX250
AMF-Harley Davidson RX 250
i am searching for an classic Enduro AMF H-D RX250 based on the american 250MX! Does anybody know anything about these bikes!?

Thu Sep 17 2009
splitvwman AT hotmail dot com
Aermacchi Parts
Aermacchi HD 1968 M-65
I am looking for some parts for my bike do you have any motor parts or do you have a source i can get in contact with to get the motor parts i need to complete my bike any help would be greatly appreciatted Thank You
California, USA

Thu Jul 09 2009
info AT
Looking for a Charging System - Aermacchi 1971
Aermacchi 1971 Sprint
I own a 1971 Sprint SS 350.
I'm looking for a Charging System.
Niagara Falls, Canada

Tue Jul 07 2009
morgansince92 AT hotmail dot com
Harley 1966 Sprint
I have Had this Sprint for 23 years and i think it is about time to restore it. What im looking for is somewhere who has parts for this bike. TOTAL RESTORATION

New York

Thu May 28 2009
randymbenson AT hotmail dot com
Need repair parts
1976 Harley AMF SX250

Mon May 18 2009
wesandnorma AT yahoo dot com
charging system
1976 harley davidson/aermaccih ss250
we would like to know what to buy to eliminate the stock rectifier/zeinor diode and replace with a modern production elecrical componet

Sun Apr 26 2009
mdw2121 AT
1975 aermacchi
aermacchi sx250
1975 aermacchi harleydavidson sx 250
im looking for a ignition module and a rectorfire for this bike and if you got them ill buy them anyone email
Portland, Oregon

Sun Feb 01 2009
joezub (at)
Harley Davidson Aermacchi
I own several Harley Davidson motorcycles but this one has me baffled.
I was told it was a Harley Davidson Aermacchi.
The Serial numbers on the motor and frame do match.
That number is :-* 8A1206042 *
Any thoughts on how I can identify this thing?

Thanks in advance, Tj

Try Aermacchi Serial Numbers
According to that page, an 8A makes is an M65S 1971

Sun Dec 28 2008
brandonh (at) cccgroupinc dot com
Manual & Parts Needed
1970 AMF Harley Davidson Aermacchi SX-125
I am looking for any information I can get for this model of bike. I recently just inherited it through my father. It's in real ruff shape and needs alot of work. I was wanting to try and restore it. Please help with any information you have on this particular make and model
TX, United States
Try our page of resources for Books and Manuals

Dec 2008
subject: 1964 aermacchi sprint h model
Email: localelectric4u (at) yahoo dot com
message: i just bought this bike, its all original, complete, & sweet as can be, i was wondering what its worth, not that im selling it,just wondering! im also going to restore has a very small tanj=k deny=t & a few scratches. do you think if i had it repainted it will hurt it being original? wished i could send you pictures.were can i get a service manual, not a cd but a book. you have a few people needing parts for 68 m50CC, well ,i can get them.dont know how to let them know i can help. steve thank you very much!!
Try our page of resources for Books and Manuals

Sun Nov 30 2008
heurlin.thierry (at)
press book
aermacchi all models
y'm sorry , y work slowly
French Book on Aermacchi

Thu Oct 30 2008
dendrobium1 (at) yahoo dot com
Shop Manual
Harely Davidson 1968 M 50
I am looking for a shope manaul, becuase i want to restore my m50.
also want to know if parts are still available for these bikes..


Try our page of resources for Books and Manuals

Fri Aug 22 2008
accoote (at)
acoote (at)
workshop manual, tech specs
1971 / 72 HD Aermacchi rc125
Have just bought this bike from a wrecker,-complete but in pieces. Manual needed!-History would help, rear brake pedal & header pipe needed.
Sydney, Australia

Sun Oct 12 2008
yanisax (at) hotmail dot com
AMF Harley Davidson Z90
Looking for 1974 AMF Harley Davidson with maroon gas tank in great condition. Had one when I was 12 years old. I am now 45 and would love to relive my childhood memories. Can you help me find one?
Los Angeles

Thu Apr 10 2008
palmers100 (at) hotmail dot com
Aermacchi Ala Verda 250Cc
Bought to perth australia 1973-I still live in perth wondering where and if bike is still here very rare machine

Wed Feb 20 2008
lovelace-2 (at) msn dot com
1973 aermacchi sprint 350ss 350 sprint ss
I have for sale or trade a 1973 aermacchi 350ss alot of nos parts were bought including a very expensive starter. Please call-606 864 5423-London, Ky. 40744 will deliver for expenses.
Ky,London, USA

Thu Feb 07 2008
adbatman (at)
1978 harley davidson mx250 for sale
harley davidson mx250
$8500.00 / this bike is 99% original,i have owned this bike for over 15 years and ride it about 1 hour a year. frame and motor numbers match. will send pictures to serious buyers and will try to put them at this site soon.
holly springs, ms

Sun Jan 13 2008
mikephelp (at) aol dot com
350 sprint model differences
1972 aermacchi sx 350 sprint
this is my 1st 350 sprint rebuild. theres 2 models-one with dual exhaust and one with a single exhaust up just under the seat right hand side. which vin# goes with which? thanks for any help you can give me. mike in sheridan, wy.
sheridan, wyoming

Fri Dec 21 2007
jody.s (at) sonicoilfield dot com
1965 M50

Mon Oct 29 2007
richjr5150 (at) hvc.rr dot com
1971 - 125cc
found a pristine 1971 aermacchi 125 its now running beautifully but is low on gear oil - what oil should I be using for this?
New York

Sun Dec 02 2007
julianroe (at) hotmail dot com
Aermacchi 350 SS
Where in the USA (south) can I purchase a speedometer and tachometor with conecting gear for my 1970 Aermacchi 350 SS also a 'Monza' filler cap.

Dominican Republic

Mon Oct 29 2007
suzanne.a (at) ntlworld dot com
race bike
I am looking for the whereabouts of two bikes which my father raced and sold in 1971 to somebody in Hinkley Leicestershire, England.-When sold each bike had my fathers trademark cartoon image of Sylvester the cat on the tank on either side on both bikes. One 250DS-S frame number 141079 and 350D.S-S frame number 171011. If anybody could help me locate these I would be very grateful or if you have any information which could lead me a bit further along my trail.
Thanks Neil
coventry england

Wed Oct 10 2007
heather226p (at) yahoo dot com

1962 harley davidson trail bike 50cc blue
i am tryng to find information about a bike i own it is 1962 but looks like the 1965 m50 do you happend to know what i have or if it is authenic

Sat Oct 06 2007
rmusial (at)
1974 AMF Harley Davidson
AMF Harley Davidson X-90
I have a 1974 AMF Harley Davidson X-90 for sale. Has been sitting and needs a gas tank. Will send picture if interested
Randy Musial

Fri Sep 28 2007
Spudly1018 (at)
Ignition Switch
77-Harley Davidson SX 250
I am trying to locate a ignition switch for this bike. I believe the part number is 71514-75PA or P. Can anyone help?
Northern Virginia

Wed Sep 26 2007
graham.carr7 (at) ntlworld dot com
sprint 1961/2 175
I have a mint bike. 5k on clock. What price should I sell it for as I can find no suitable comparisons
Our page on Classic Motorcycle Prices may help with evaluation.

Tue Sep 04 2007
thewolfman202 (at) hotmail dot com
Harley Davidson Scooter
Aermacchi Brezza 150
Help Needed! I have a Aermacchi Harley Davidson Brezza 150 Scooter that I got from Italy. She is 'standing' seized and in need of restoration. I need any parts, info., or even another Brezza. Can You help??

Sat Aug 04 2007
kwoerpel (at)
RR 250

I have two of these.

I had them imported late 70's

They have cast Campamgola Wheels

I had three brought into US, gave one to HD Race director Dick O'Brien , who put in HD Museum. the other two My sons and I rode as well as a friend raced one Picture attached

Kurt, PA


Tue Jul 31 2007
harleyrich01 (at) ca.rr dot com
68 ml 125 Rapido
looking for the pet cock for the gas tank and the nut assembly that connects it to the carberator

Sat Jul 28 2007
stivo113 (at) yahoo dot com
Aermacchi info
I think the racing need is for a catch-CAN ! , to catch fluid overflows so they do not flow onto the track. They can go FAST! I have mine for sale cheap, needs restoration but all is there.
here is a foto of the beast. I got it cheap and never really restored it although i know it would be a cool ride. No title, so i would part with it for 100 bucks to someone who will fix it up or otherwise put it to good use. I was going to make a vintage racer, i was #493 race license in AHRMA and raced a Rocket 3 (also for sale @ 3500 all tricked out, with title)

Mon Jul 16 2007
longevity254 (at) yahoo dot com
Nead parts and info
Aermacchi 250/350 RR
Looking for Aermacchi 250/350 RR parts to finish a proyect, also nead info so I can know the exact year of the machine

Mon Jul 02 2007
harem61 (at) msn dot com
Engine Parts Needed
1974 HD/Aermacchi Sprint 350
Looking for an engine to rebuild or parts to rebuild mine.

Sat Jun 30 2007
momnstress2005 (at) yahoo dot com
repair manuals or books
1971 hd rapido 125cc
i am looking for a repair book or repair manual for 1971 125 cc harley davidson rapido that my boyfriend is restoring if u could help me with any info where to find one or cost i would greatly appreciate it

Try our page of resources for Books and Manuals

Tue Jun 05 2007
antoniocolella- (at)
Aermacchi HD SS 350 1974
cerco ruota libera per gu�ruppo messa in moto, leva freno,leva frizzione,leva cambio

Wed Jun 06 2007
brian-lenherr (at) yahoo dot com
Tires Help!
1970 Harley (Aermacchi) Sprint SS350
Hi There. I am trying to restore a 1970 Harley (aermacchi) Sprint SS350 and having trouble trying to find tires. This bike is strictly to ride back and forth to work (okay and some occasional joy riding...) so i am looking for something for street use with good traction and tread. I know that the MT53 was OEM, but what tires would you recommend for this bike? Something preferrably on the affordable side would be ideal. Thanks so much for your help!
Denver, CO

Wed May 30 2007
cwallace16 (at)
1967 ss harley sprint
i was just wondering what this bike goes for? needs to be rebuilt but it is 100? complete and origional

Wed May 30 2007
SLThornhill (at) aol dot com
1970 Harley Davidson Rapido
I am looking to sell this bike, but am curious as to how much to ask.

Our page on Classic Motorcycle Prices may help with evaluation. Ed.

Sun May 27 2007
momnstress2005 (at) yahoo dot com
repair manual for 1972 rapido
do u carry or have a repair manual for this type of bike and how much is it?

Try our page of resources for Books and Manuals

Sun Jun 03 2007
c0m5c (at) cbpu dot com
need help

Hello, a few years ago i purchased a aermacchi harley davidson from a friend for 50 dollars, i've had a few offers for a lot more since then but, I decided i would like to try and resotre it. Only problem is I do not know the exact year i'm thinking somewhere around 1965 but i do not know. Is there anyway i can find out the year and model so i can attempt to get parts for it?-Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks - Chris
Michigan, United States

Sun Apr 29 2007
stetson930 (at) aol dot com
Parts Z-90 harley davidson
Hello, I am trying to locate a replacemant piston and rings for a 1971 Z90 harley davidson motorcycle.
Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time.

Fri Apr 27 2007
laleasia (at) yahoo dot com
1972-harley aermacchi-sx 125 rapido
this bike has 11.4 original miles!Looking for an appropriate 6v battery that will fit the box with "threaded posts".Am also looking for a mirror assy. Any help would be appreciated.

If you can supply the size of the battery in mm or inches it may be possible to cross-reference that with a battery chart.

Sun Apr 22 2007
empey-photo (at)
baterry wiring??
72 sprint 250 scrambler
is this model a positive or negative ground??

Tue Apr 10 2007
ereeves250 (at) yahoo dot com
Electric Tach
Aermacchi 350 Race Replica
I have a Pitsch Electric tach that was never hooked up on a race replica with a
Magnetti Marelli 12V dual-plug ignition. I do not see where I can hook up this tach.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Sun Apr 08 2007
gmg2griff (at)
Service Manual Search
SX 250cc AMF Harley Davidson Enduro
I need to find a service manual on a 1978 SX 250cc two stroke AMF Harley Davidson motorcycle.
Pennsyvania, USA

Try our page of resources for Books and Manuals

Wed Apr 04 2007
bbcmac<at>sytekcom dot com
Harley Shortster x 90 Carb kit
HD Shortster X90 74'?
Greetings, I am looking for the make of the carbs used on the X 90 shortster 1974? I need a carb kit because the needle valve rubber tip has broken off and I would like to replace the jets and O rings. Can you help?

Brian J McCarthy

Mon Apr 02 2007
Color Code
1966 Sprint H. 66H2323
What is the color code for a 1966 Sprint H 250cc.

Thu Mar 29 2007
funnibsunniatwiredog dot com
76 Harley Sprint 250 SS
1976 Harley-Davison AMF250 SS Sprint
My bike is in great shape all original Harley orange paint, chrome, seat, etc. 1500 original miles, I have the original owners' manuals everything is in excellent shape but carb needs a little attention seems to be "dumping" fuel I would like to know what my bike might be worth and what to do to fix the problem. I am taking offers on it.

Mon Mar 12 2007
tenbulldog3203atyahoo dot com
how to get parts for my bike
'72 amf harley davidson shortster
i need a right side reflector bracket and lens to complete my bike i would really appreciate it

Sun Mar 11 2007
Metropol77athotmail dot com
Service Manual for SX 350(1973) with electric start
I'm looking for a service manual for the AERMACCHI HARLEY DAVIDSON SX 350 Or any material that helps me restore this beauty
San Jose, Costa Rica

Sat Mar 10 2007
jlee20<at>new.rr dot com
Moto Plant
78' AMF Harley 250sx
Do you have a wiring diagram for Moto Plant
and do I need anymore electrical parts to complete the installation?
Wisconsin, USA

Wed Feb 28 2007
1970 125CC-CL MODEL
I am looking at purchasing the bike in the attached picture and the only info they can give me is it is a 1970 125cc-CL model. I cannot look at the bike until the day before the auction. Do you know anything about the bike. Thanks Chris (Australia)
Adelaide Australia

Tue Feb 06 2007
joyceatdndcycle dot com
Aermacchi parts Available

We have many Aermacchi parts available from a buyout of an old Harley Dealership. Please visit for listing

Jan 26th 2007
subject: paul brody's 1967 Sprint race replica
Email: markattrewaudio dot com
message: I've got the '67 Sprint race replica that Paul brody built and I'm going to sell it
Here's some recent shots of the bike in our men's room at my wife doesn't know about this one (since 2001!) but that's a fairly interesting story as well...I didn't seriously expect to get the bike for my $4,000 bid (which turned out to be the reserve) overnight, but, the next morning was 911 and of course nobody else bid and I ended up getting it. It was even crated beautifully by Paul Brody himself...I rode it once around the city inner loop (Wow! Shift on right, upside down pattern, and try and stay with crazy merging interstate traffic!) and then parked it at my buddies photo studio where I was was Art Directing some photography for a Bridgestone tire print ad. It stayed there 3 or 4 years...we just had to move it into their men's room every year at their Christmas party since my wife would be in attendance. I just had to dodge anyone returning from the men's saying, "Dude, is that your bike in the men's?" "It's incredible, what is that? A Harley-Davidson?"

Anyway, I've just bought a salvage Paul Smart Replica and while I don't want to sell the Aermacchi, I need the money to finance the restoration of the 1000LE. Plus...the wife knows about this one! Ha!


...I should also mention that I talked to Paul Brody who built the bike ( and he says he didn't build the cool shipping box, the shipping service (in Vancouver) did it...also I've gotten in touch with Barry Krysko, the formerowner, and he is getting me a new bill of sale so the bike is coming up on ebay probably today...check out this link to Barry's amazing story about the restoration. There's going to be a link to this on the ebay page as well...this is what I saw and read back in 2001 and couldn't stop myself from bidding. Even though I didn't expect it to win!

Fri Jan 19 2007
ereeves250atyahoo dot com
AHRMA-Road Racing
'67 350
I am interested in road-raing a 350 and understand a catch pan is
required. Do you have any links to sources for this

What is a catch pan? Ed. Attached are photos of the 2 bikes we would like to bring out to Willow this year. I understand that a catch pan is required by AHRMA in the event of an engine failure and is intended to keep oil from getting on the track. If you can tell me the requirements of this part, we will buy or build to suite.
Eric Reeves

Section 9 of the AHMRA rulebook outlines what you need, Eric. The pan will vary considerably from machine to machine. (404)

Tue Dec 26 2006
bobleretteatyahoo dot com
1978 harley mx250
need a piston and ring for 1978 mx 250 harley dirt bike look the same as cagiva 250 motor
Attached is a web page with the exact bike, color and all, (the orange 250) that I need piston and rings for... and possibly a list of parts available. I think it is the same motor as the 1980-83 cargiva 250
Page is 404. Ed.

Thu Dec 14 2006
1971 Sprint SS 350
I own a 1971 Sprint SS 350. Paid $2800 Canadian in year of 2006.
Restored by previous owner.
Reputable Parts and Service:

Ron Lancaster
1870 Coleta Road
Tampico, Illinois 61283
Phone - 815-438-6431
Fax - 815- 438-7985 Other Contacts (some may be out of service):

V Twins Inc / John Cunningham / Syracuse NY / (315)437-7444

Jerry Barbour / Macon GA / (912)935-8638

Kesco-Hoover / 603 East Carson Av / Cushing, OK 74023 / (918)225-1818

Chosa's Harley-Davidson / 922 So Country Club Dr / Mesa, AZ 85210 / (602)894-0404

Charleston Custom Cycle / Don VanDusen / 211 Washington / Charleston, IL 61920 / (217)345-2577

Moto Italia / Leslie / 1060 Petaluma Blvd North / Petaluma, CA 94952 / (707)763-1982

Sport ?? / Todd Yansey / WI / (715)758-2244

Jim's HD / Jim Deagle / St Rte 707 / Mendon, OH 45862 / (419)795-4185

Harley Sprint Parts Shack / Chris Ferrel / 305 So First St / Ozark, MO 65721 / (417)581-1775

Independant / (800)900-1292

Unknown / NY / call eves (914)266-3363

Kurt Leviere / / reproduced parts plus some NOS

SS, SX and Sprint Parts / Denver, CO / (303)936-6825

Bill's Custom Cycle / Bill M / 7145 New Berwick Hwy / Bloomsburg, PA 17815-8635 / (717)759-9613

Niagara Falls, Canada

Thu Dec 14 2006
Califspeedatmindspring dot com
Harley sprint for sale
1965 harley davidson 250 sprint
Have nice as new Sprint along with sales brochure and extra parts, for pictures and details. Thank`s
Thousand Oaks ,California

Thu Nov 30 2006
aldoamarilloathotmail dot com
aermacchi ala rossa 2nd. series n� 110192
I'm from argentina I have an aermacchi ala rossa 2nd series motor n� 110192
hello again here are some pictures of my bike and tell me please if I want to sell it how much it cost???

The page on Motorcycle Valuations may prove helpful.

Sat Nov 25 2006
DonatBoulderformations dot com
Looking for manual and parts.
1976 90cc Harley Davidson/AMF
We are restoring a 1976, 90cc Full size frame, Harley Davidson/AMF. Seeking any availabele information on where to find a manual, spare parts,and original sticker graphics, or another exact bike to extract parts from.

Try the Aermacchi directory at Bikelinks

Sat Nov 18 2006
vbolesatterminix dot com
aeramacchi motor
can you tell me what size and were i can get info on this motor.

19th Oct 2006
Aermacchi SS & SX parts available from

Tue Aug 15 2006
dfischeratwcoil dot com
1968 HD Armaecchi Rapido
Can anyone tell me what this bike may be worth. I bought it last year at an auction and had it restored. New chrome/powder coated frame and parts all original.

The page on Motorcycle Valuations may prove helpful.

Wed Jul 26 2006
itsamandagirl-2004atyahoo dot com
I need help
1960-1970 Harley sprint 330-vin#dm12a60w motor#66h8436
can anyone tell me what it is and can i get a points rebuild kit
Riverside CA

Tue Jul 11 2006
rikardomelo1athotmail dot com
Restoring a HD SS350
Harley Davidson SS350
My name is Ricardo Melo i'm from Portugal.I have a 1975 Harley Davidson ss350 (Italy Made-Aermacchi) that i'm trying to restore, but i need a rectifier to end the electrical system.I can't seem to find one, can you help me please?
thank you very much

Wed Jun 14 2006
jepittatmsn dot com
Aermacchi 350SS cafe bike
For sale, one great little cafe bike in perfect condition. Little use since resto. I used it as a paddock bike. $5500 US.
New Orleans,LA

Tue Jun 06 2006
bremnerandrewataol dot com
I am looking an AERMACCHI 350. I live in the UK but I am happy to travel to Europe to collect a bike. Does anyonw know of a bike for sale, please?

Mon Jun 05 2006
wanted air cleaner
1965 aeromacchi m50
Looking for air cleaner for a 1965 aermacchi m50
Kamloops, Canada

Sun May 28 2006
investinterfaceatbigplanet dot com
A running unrestored factory dirt track racer
1966 HD 250cc CRS
needs restoration. I'd like to have it made licensable with the addition of 66 Sprint streetparts. I would consider selling it to themright collector /restorer. Richard
Stockton, CA USA

Sat May 27 2006
mysterious-angel-faceatyahoo dot com
replacement parts
1973 X-90 shortster
my name is richard and i have been trying to find the propper replacment parts for my X90 i have been waitting for 5 months just for a harley dealer to rebiuld the engine and im still waitting for them to find a piston and con rod for it,and this is the bikes 1st rebiuld (1398 actual miles on bike) could you please help me find the parts i need. or contacts? i would be very gratful. thank you for your time

One souce of parts may be Jan Willem Boon
Also try the Aermacchi Directory at Bikelinks. Ed.

Fri May 26 2006
daleharley2002ataol dot com
aermacchi harleydavidson ss 250
im looking for a ignition module and a rectorfire for this bike and if you got them ill buy them anyone email
new hampshire

Wed May 24 2006
mario.deshaiesatnftc dot com
1965 Aremacchi HD
Sprint ser# 65H3974
Loking for information on a 1965 Aremacchi HD Sprint. Any available information about engine manual, owner manual, electrical diagrams etc. could be in any language. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan,Canada

Mon May 22 2006
CDI Ignition required
Same as Benelli 250 2 stroke I think
I am restoring RA 250cc Aermacci Harley Davidson (as ridden by Walter Villa 1972 ~1974) and need new CDI ignition, HT coils, stator, Pick-up & CDI box. I think is same as Benelli 250 2st about same year 1972. Rotor says "Dansi"
Aermacchi HD RA (RR) 250 2st GP R/race 1974?
Restoring - If anyone knows of any parts available 1974 RA 250 as ridden by Walter Villa in 70's. Brakes & Ignition mostly or any other.
Perth Western Australia

Mon May 22 2006
Trying to Sell a '74 HD/Aermacchi SS-350
'74 HD/Aermacchi SS-350
I need help in finding the groups that want this bike. I was going to make it a pit bike before I learned what it is. I'm definatly going to sell it and find another bike for a pit bike.

Tue May 02 2006
exhast system for 350SS
'71 350SS Aramacchi
Looking for a high single exhast pipe system for this 350SS, any ideas for a source?

Sun Apr 30 2006
lukelisadatbigpond dot com
Looking for a manual
Aermacchi X90 1973
Hi. I am searching for a manual for a 1973 X90 Aermacchi. Any help would be appreciated
Sydney Australia

Sat Apr 29 2006
nee infos
aermacchi-350 TV
i find 1 Aermacchi 350 TV/SP-year 1972 complet,but need work on it,could you tell me the price for this bike? thanx a lot yvon

The page on Motorcycle Valuations may prove helpful.

Wed Apr 26 2006
Ignition Key
Hd/Aermachhi Z90
I need a replacement ignition key for a Harley Aermachhi Z90. Can anyone offer some help?

Fri Feb 24 2006
dvanhou3atrochester.rr dot com
Harley Davidson-?
I have a HD scooter ?? No. on bike are MS 2617 these no. are on right side frame & motor can you help me.year ? CC?
New York State

Try Aermacchi Serial Numbers, but I could not find reference to yours.


Wed Feb 08 2006
jorg.groeningatbakeratlas dot com
aermacchi harley davidson brezza 150cc scooter
looking for service manuel for the scooter for restoration& some parts{australia}
australia adelaide

Mon Jan 30 2006
kditmerataol dot com
1967 aermacci 250cc
Any shops that work on these bikes in the NYC/NJ Metropolitan area?

Wed Jan 25 2006
Paint Color Code
I am restoring a 1965 Harley-Davidson Aermacchi. Do you know the paint color code?
Thank you.

Sun Jan 15 2006
harley davidson rapido
would like to buy a 1968 harley davidson 125 rapido . please email

Fri Dec 09 2005
woodie590atnetzero dot com
Looking for parts for a 1972 Harley Rapido 125
I bought this bike new and it has 1750 miles on it now. Still stock with I'm looking for (1) Gas Strainer Cap,Bowl Cover & gasket,(1) Tension Spring for muffler. Thank You so much for any help in finding these parts. Mike

Mon Dec 05 2005
acwrench7athotmail dot com
ignition switch
hi-i am looking for an ignition switch for a 1973 or 74 harley sprint 350cc. any ideas?

Possibly the same type as fitted to Ducatis of that era. Ed.

Mon Oct 24 2005
kickstart shaft
hi can anyone help me i'm looking for a kickstart shaft and kickstart for a sx 250 mid 70s cheers ricky

Thu Oct 20 2005
sharonm966ataol dot com
Just bought Aermacchi HD - Need Info
Hi-- we just bought a small Aermacchi Harley Davidson. The # on the motor and frame are 8a11268ho. Does this tell me year, etc. and any info about the bike?

Mon Sep 19 2005
For sale 1966 250
I have a bike for sale, anyone interusted, needs TLC and good home. ran 5 years ago, but restoration

Tue Sep 13 2005
1974 SS 350
I am in search of original owners and service manuals for my project 1974 SS 350 and help would be great!!!

Re: Sheldon's EMU Astra-Aermacchi.....
From: "eloi duez" <>
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 08:16:25 +0000

...for Aremacchi, it is Ala D' Horo 175 S of 1960, big large valves, piston high compression, limps Racing, pinions cuts right origin?? 9500tr/min

Sat Jun 25 2005
emory-shoeathotmail dot com
Can anyone help me in finding a Service manual for a 1974 aermacchi Sx-175

Sun May 29 2005
junkyarddog-597athotmail dot com
Aermachi ? 2 stroke trail.
Could do with a workshop manual, front forks and wheel and any electrics,a lso decent wiring diagram. Kenny,tel.01505-343215.

Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005
subject: Free parts
message: I have a box of 350 sprint primary drive parts. The bike is long gone and unless someone wants em, they go to the dump.

March 1st 2005
The parts have already been donated to a very happy recepient.

17th January 2005
subject: rapido 125
Email: martin at
message: we are restoring a rapido 125 harley davidson would like some info on parts.


November 10, 2002

Searching through my workshop I have just found a 4 speed gearbox for a 1961/62 250cc anyone looking for one ??-I also have a pair of forks for the same model, I need a pair of either 30, 32, or 35mm grand prix ceriani's...
Andy Farrer---FARRERANDREW at aol dot com
Yorkshire, England.

September 15, 2002
My husband bought an Aermacchi 250 a few weeks ago. We have not had a lot of luck finding repair or shop manuals for it. If any one knows how to find information regarding this it would be greatly appreciated Thanks frdwd at

August 18, 2002
I have a old 1970 125cc Aermacchi motorcycle and I was wondering where should I get parts for it. Thank you.
Redheadguy33 at aol dot com

June 27, 2002
I am seeking any info on Aermacchi import for Harley Rapido 125. I just found it in an old barn yesterday, and am starting from scratch gathering info and seeking a service manual to begin restoration.
Thanks in advance
TJ Brewer---Tjbrewer94354 at
Pennsylvania, USA

June 23, 2002
I live in Japan and recently took some photos of a friend of mines racer. He's not sure about it but someone told him the fact that the tacho cable adapter had been switched from the right side to the left indicated the machine was once a factory racer.

Does anyone have any information that would either support or deny this claim and does anyone recognize this machine?
thanks for your help, Sean Dwyer---miyo99 at

This page with Aermacchi frame numbers may help. Ed.

June 22, 2002
looking for a owners and service manual for a 1973 TX 125-- CShovelhead79 at aol dot com

June 11, 2002
My friend has a 1974 125 aermacchi. He needs a manuel for it in case he ever needs to repair it. Can any body point me in the right direction. --Thanks---Dena-- vndlogconst at midbc dot com

February 25, 2002
Hey I would like to find the retail price of a 1968 Aermacchi I'm sure you can help... email me back at wmgeig at
thanx alot bill

January 23, 2002
HD Aermacchi 1965 M50
I own an M50, all original, needs some minor restoration. I've been searching the web for any information on it, and haven't had much luck. What I'm looking for is an approximate value and also someplace that I can find parts for it for the restoration needed. Any information you can provide me would be much appreciated.
JEFF WENDOVER --jeffhd at msn dot com

January 10, 2002
I have a 66 H model I'm currently in the process of building.-I also just purchased 2 1972 ss 350 rolling frames. Exactly why I haven't figured out yet. Anyway, this is my first attempt at rebuilding a bike. This one seemed like a good deal as it was given to me. Don't know yet if the fella did me any favor. What I'm needing help with is the wiring on the bike. I have no clue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. As for any other sprint owners you know that are looking for parts I have had great luck with a guy named Don at Charlston Custom Cycles in Charleston Illinois. If you can find time drop a line---THANX BOB:-)---bobsmith at bestnetpc dot com

December 29, 2001
I had an 344 Aermacchi which I raced between 70 and 75. The engine was maintained by Francis Beart I have some pictures of it which I will look out and send if you are interested. Two third places were my best on it but there was no single cylinder class then so victories were counted by how many yams you beat!---Best regards---Richard Clegg-Smith---richard at dot com

July 5, 2001
I own a 1966 Harley Aermacchi sprint and I need some parts. CLUTCH ASSEMBLY, CARBURATOR REPAIR KIT, KICK SPRING AND OIL PUMP. do you have this parts?? - dino miguel---doinks-d-biker at yahoo dot com

May 17, 2001
Dear friends,
Just bought what we think is a "73 Aermacchi 350 Sprint". I restore/buy/trade motorcycles, and yes we do a lot of riding. The # is 6A12118H3* .I am now looking for any service literature and parts people. Can you help?---Gary,-- George1808 at aol dot com

September 24, 2000
I have a Leggero with less than 600 original miles. It is in excellent shape (a couple little dings) but beautiful red paint, near perfect chrome, original tires etc., etc, price is $1700.00, pictures are available and I can help with shipping or possible delivery. --Bill Pelissier---wjp at orci dot com

July 21, 2000
RE: aermacchi harleys
Hi�---My name is Roger Clapper I have a 1966 m-50 boys bike. I just wondered if you had any information on this bike. Me and my dad are completely restoring this bike. We found a motorcycle shop that still carried parts for these bikes.�-It was my dads bike when he was my age. Our restoration is almost complete. So if you have any info on this bike would you please send it to me. --Thanks,---Roger-- Aggrosk8ter811 at cs dot com

September 9, 1999
Thanks for posting the Aermacchi mailing list on your site. I'm still working on getting my Aermacchi website up, and will let you know as soon as it is done. If you're interested in seeing what kind of pics will be on it, I've attached one of my bike. I'm going around with my Rolleiflex and taking lots of photos of Aermacchis, and intend to eventually have a representative of every model, from the late '40s through the Cagiva takeover on '79.
Thanks again for your help.
Cheers -
Robert Haines---Rhaines427 at aol dot com

Tuesday, May 26, 1998 4:59 AM

I got a call from a guy who bought a '68 HD-Aermachi from a friend.�-Since I don't know much about this bike, I'm appealing to anyone on the list who could share some info. All I know about this particular bike is it's a 125cc two-stroke...
See Italian Motorcycle Forum

The 09/98 issue of "Motorcycle Classics" has a small picture of Alberto Pagani preparing to enter the pregrid at the Assen Classic on his 350 Aermacchi.-This bike looks to be the space-framed version that I've been trying�-to find a good picture of for a number of years.

If anyone has some pictures of this bike (it had the number 11 on the red tank in white numbers - no fairing shown) that display the frame to good advantage I'm REALLY interested in getting copies - whether prints or graphics files.
Michael Moore mmoore at sirius dot com
Euro Spares, SF CA
Distributor of Lucas RITA and Powerbase products
Sole North American distributor of "The Racing Motorcycle: a technical guide for constructors"

If anyone has any articles, pictures or information on Aermacchis, including the Harley-imported models, I would be very interested in hearing from you. I'm putting together a website devoted to the marque and am knee-deep in research. I'd be happy to borrow any printed material you might have that I could carefully scan and return, and would be willing to pay for shipping both ways. Also, any images that you may have that could be attached to e-mail would be appreciated. Thanks! Cheers- Robert RHaines427 at aol dot com

My name is Massimo. I have a 1972 350 Sprint, and I have lately been able to find parts of all sorts from a place called: Restorations Unlimited...
See Italian Motorcycle Forum

I'm finishing up the layout for my webpage on Aermacchis, but still lack some pictures. Can anyone help with photos of any of the following:

Aermacchi "Macchitre" 3-wheeled truck
Aermacchi "Brezza" scooter (aka "AHD-150" in the US)
Rickman Metisse-framed Aermacchi
Beart Equipe-prepared Aermacchi
Cagiva 350 (4-stroke horizontal single)
Color picture of Lake Varese, especially of the old factory

If you have any of these pictures (or any other interesting Aermachi-related stuff) in scanned or scan-able format, please let me know. Fame and fortune will be yours, as well as a mention on the 'site.

Thanks--Robert Haines--� Rhaines427 at aol dot com

September 8, 1999
If anyone on Euro-moto is interested, I started an Aermacchi mailing list last week, hosted by e-Groups. It's the only Aermacchi list on the web, and so far we already have about 15 members from the US, Europe and South Africa.
If you're curious, you can check out the posts at (404 2016). (To post you have to subscribe.)
Note: this is my first attempt at list administration, so don't expect the level of quality of lists run by Godfrey, Marnix or Michael Moore - yet.
Still, it's a fun project, and hopefully it'll be a good resource for fans of the singles from Lago di Varese.
Cheers - Robert Haines---Rhaines427 at aol dot com

If you have a query about Aermacchi motorcycles, or wish to share your
knowledge of these classic Italian machines, please leave a note in the forums

If you have a query about Aermacchi motorcycles or have some information to add about these classic Italian machines, please contact us