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A Brief History of the Marque

Colombia Manufacturing Company, One Cycle Street, Westfield MA

Founded in 1877 by Col. Albert Pope, Columbia is one of the oldest bicycle manufacturers in the United States and built mopeds using Sachs and Solo engines. In the early days when bicycles first appeared, they employed the sales motto: "an ever saddled horse which eats nothing". The company also produced mopeds for Montgomery Ward.
Models include:
1974 Commuter (1974 to 1980)
1981 Western Flyer (aka Medallion)
1970 A Solo branded moped with an MZ 50cc engine is noted, below.
1980 Imperial 1979-1980 (Sachs). Possibly built as early as 1977.
1979 Open Road

The 1994 Columbia had a Solo engine

Sources: columbiabicycles.com, contemporary advertising literature, correspondence, myronsmopeds

duane.morin at verizon.net
1976 Commuter
Hey there,
I'm completely restoring my Commuter and I want to replace the decals, where can I get those? Also, on the model tag it has a spot for the VIN# but there's nothing there like it wore away, can I find this number anywhere?
Duane Morin

  • It is possible that the frame number includes model information in similar fashion to many European machines.
    Try this page for Badges & Decals at Bikelinks
    Images posted to Comments.

nkbruegger at gmail.com
I have a 1979 Columbia Moped. Original olive green paint and seat. Very little rust, has always been stored inside. Newer tires and gas line. It has saddle baskets. Vin # 37274. I am wondering what it is worth. I am looking to sell it.
Nicole Bruegger
United States

May 24, 2018
robert.or.back1 at gmail.com
Columbia #5330 .1979 /w solo motor
This may be thru Montgomery Wards. In need of info such as owners manuel. As in how to start etc
Robert Back
Woodson Bridge, California. USA

Fri Jun 02 2017
concordster at gmail.com
Owners manual
Columbia Imperial
Any info or manual's for this moped? Fluid's and capacities. I have 2 identical, all origional, less than 400 miles on one and less than 200 miles on the other. Absolutely mint condition. One has rear shock absorbers and the other one doesn't. Price new? Current value? Paint and chrome perfect. 1 kick start!
Michigan, USA.

I have found the numbers on the bike and 2 letters on the other side the number is 78142 and the 2 letters are I think ZG or C can't make my mind up engine number 78134
With this info ie frame numbers how and where can I get it dated and what model
Dave Bingham

  • The second set of images appear to be of a rigid model in somewhat weathered condition. It may be that myronsmopeds has more information on this. Ed.

Mon Feb 18 2013
1978 columbia sachs
I need the head and piston and rings

Thu Sep 06 2012
carb parts
columbia moped 1979 big red
need breather for carb
sherman tx

Mon Jun 25 2012
sachs air box
1980 Columbia, imperial imperial
looking for an air box. not the choke patr of it. i need the big put of this air box.
Lincoln,Ne. 68502

Wed Jun 20 2012
oil change
columbia imperial
Do you change oil in 1977 columbia imperial with 49cc sach engine? Are they 6 or 12 volt? Where can manual be purchased?
Michigan, USA.

Wed Dec 07 2011
need info
76 columbia mfg co easy rider yardman
I have a moped that needs a little tlc. The engine is a 47 cm3 and is made by Fichtel & Sachs Ag. Is there anything I can buy from you for this bike to get running?

  • Sorry, no, we don't sell parts. Ed.

Mon Sep 12 2011
march<at>olypen dot com
1978 Sach Columbia Commuter 505/1
lookink for a Manual

Thu Aug 11 2011
columbia commuter
i need a replacement carb for this little moped??
algoma, wisconsin

Wed Apr 28 2010
columbia sachs
columbia sachs 1977
i would like to see parts on inside of engine

Thu Oct 15 2009
jules423 at gmail dot com
electrical charger?
columbia commuter- 77
I'm looking for a place to get replacement parts for a 1977 columbia commuter moped. we need the part that throws the spark, a coil or the charger whatever its called on these. any help appreciated. thanks!

Sun Jan 04 2009
donnaj731 at comcast.net
Columbia Commuter with Sachs engine
Columbia Commuter
Looking for any information on replacement parts and repair shops for a 1978 Columbia Commuter.

Thu Jan 26 2006
bg042581 at hotmail.com
Looking for a piston
I am looking for a new piston for my moped. The bike was made by Columbia MFG.co in 1981. The motor is a Fichtel & Sachs, motor number 9796382. Hub-R 49 cm3. Type Sachs 505/1D.
If you would be able to instruct me as to where I would be able to find a new piston, I would be very thankful.

Brian Reese

Tue Dec 12 2006
sparklinkleen at msn.com
piston rings
1977 columbia commuter
HELP 38.98mm rings

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