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Blue Spec Motorcycles

Manufactured by Edward (Ted) C. Wagener of 102 King William Road, Hyde Park, S.A., 1907~1918

Motorcycles were built using Minerva and JAP engines. He had earlier built Wagener motorcycles with his brother William, who built the Bluebell.

E. C. Wagener on an 8 H.P. Blue Spec All-British J.A.P. registered fastest time at M.C.C. Speed Trials at Meadows.
The Mail (Adelaide, SA) Sat 20 Nov 1915 (Trove)

Sellick's Beach Races Jan 1918

E Wagener on an 8 h.p. Blue Spec JAP is mentioned several times, as is W. Wagener on an 8 h.p. Blue Bell JAP. The Wyatt JAP also had several mentions, with several wins. (Trove)

At least two Blue Spec machines were registered in South Australia in 1920. These were most likely re-registered older machines.

16876, J. D. Piayford, Norton's Summit, 6 (h.p.) Blue Spec - June 1920
17450, G. Marques, Goodwood, 2¾ (h.p.) Blue Spec - Aug 1920

Sources: Saward, Trove NLA.

On 24-Apr-23
fullers53 at gmail dot com
The below bike was built in Australia, 1914ish, but I cannot see a similar frame anywhere. I'm pretty sure it's Chater Lea but cannot find another marque that used the double support under the tank and seat area.
The frame that we have is not of this type and we are pretty sure it's original but the only photos we have show this double support long frame.
Thanks for your help,
Greg Fuller

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