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Burg / Favourite
Manufactured 1914-1921
Prior to World War I, W.H. Smith of the Smith Brothers Garage at Petersburg in South Australia sold (and possibly assembled) bicycles and motorcycles using the name The Burg. Following the outbreak of war with Germany in 1914, the town was renamed Peterborough due to anti-German sentiments. In response, Smith re-badged his motorcycles Favourite. (1) It is estimated that fifty Favourite motorcycles were built at the Smith Brothers Garage.
There are three known survivors, one of which is at the Birdwood Mill.

SA Registrations

7438, J. W. Hawke, Petersburg, 3½ Burg.
Registered SA Dec 1915

15877, T. Cunningham, Dawson, 3½ Favourite.
Registered SA Jan 1920

(1) Saward, R. (1997) letter to Ken
Sources:, Trove NLA

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