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Motorcycle Racing South Australia

1,114½ Miles in 24 Hours.

NOW that motor cycles are capable of such high speeds, thousand-mile road records are only possible in countries less congested than Great Britain. For that reason Australian, African, and American motor cyclists have a form of sport unknown to riders this country. To cover over. 1,114 miles on the road in twenty-four hours is good going — it is almost the average speed for the T.T. Such a run was made in August last at [] by Harold Parsons on an Indian Scout. The previous record for this [] was 851 miles, established in South Australia.

The Motor Cycle, October 25th, 1920.

"As well as the prized 24 hour record, [Harold Parsons] set new times for 6, 12 and 18 hours, as well as distance marks, a total of 24 in all." ~ Rhodes Motors at Old Bike

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