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Assmann Autopeds

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufacturer: Assmann Brothers
1938 - 1939

The Leibnitz-based firm was founded in 1894 during the Austro-Hungarian Empire and was a major producer of bicycle components.

It began building motorized bicycles in 1938, fitting Sachs two-strokes to their Assmann-Saxonette. It has been suggested that as these bicycle attachment engines were very similar to those produced by Göricke, to whom Assman sold saddles, that in fact the engines were built in Bielefeld and re-badged. Production of these machines ceased in 1939.

With the onset of war the production of lightweight motorcycles resumed, and the factory built some 1000 machines for the military.

Subsequent to the Second World War bicycle parts production output went mostly to Puch. Bicycle sales had declined over these years but continued until 1970.

Models include:
Assmann Saxonette 1938
Single-cylinder Sachs two-stroke engine of 74cc producing 0.9 horsepower.

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