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Made in Germany 1903-1960

Established in 1874 by August Göricke, the firm which eventually became Göricke-Werke Nippel & Co. built a factory in the town of Bielefeld and became well known for their high quality bicycles and motorcycles.

Between 1903 and 1912 they built motorcycles, tricycles and forecars with single cylinder and v-twin engines. Motorcycles of 1903 were fitted with Antoine engines of 2½ and 3hp, and from 1908 commercial tricyles were fitted with Fafnir V-twins of 425cc.

In 1924 ¹ they absorbed the Fabula concern, and built versions of that motorcycle. From 1927 to 1933 they produced motorcycles with 346cc and 496cc MAG engines, later also with Villiers and Blackburne engines.

The company fell into bankruptcy in 1929, and the following year was acquired by a German-Dutch consortium N.V.T.E. (Naam Looze Vennootschap Exploitatieder Göricke Fabrieken).

Between 1933 and 1939 they produced only light commuter motorcycles, the focus of their attention being on the bicycle market.

1949-1960: built motorcycles with two-stroke ILO and Sachs engines up to 197cc. Some of the ILO-engined machines may have been rebadged by the Swedish Monark concern. They also produced transport dreirad (tricycles) with Sachs 50cc and 97cc engines until 1959.

A twin was built using the JLO engine. About six were produced in 1954/55, one of which had swing-arm rear suspension and 16" wheels.

Having joined forces with Pantherwerke AG in 1964, Göricke remained in business building bicycles until 1983.

Goricke models included:
Gö 100 K, Gö 100 S, Gö 150, Gö 150 S, Gö 175, Gö 175 S, Gö 200
c.1952 Gö 98H Gö 98D Gö 125 Ilo
1953-1959 GA175
1956 Diva 48cc Sachs moped.
1959 Kleinkraftrad Supersport Model 367, 48cc ILO.
1954-55 Z2-250 250cc ILO twin prototype.
1955 Domino (ILO-FP-50)
1955 Diva-Luxus (Sachs)
1955 Femina (Zündapp).
1956 Diva-Luxus-Schwing Types 313 and 314
1956 Diva-Luxus 312
1957 100S/57
1959 Types 342 and 343 Regina-Luxus Sachs, Moped
1959 Type 363 Jlo-Piano
1959 Type Regina-Luxus 343 Sachs
1960 Goricke Regina Luxus Type 326, 49cc
1965 Saxonette Modell 301 AM, Modell 342 Moped, Mokick Modell 343 LKF, Mokick Modell 345 LKF, Kleinkraftrad Modell 350 S
1967 Goricke Regina Type 342
1968 Modell 300, 325, 725 (625)
1972 Modell 300, 325, 725 TL, Moped 301A and B

A Goricke motorcycle was gifted to President Peron of Argentina. This machine was used as the pattern for the development of the motorcycle industry in that country. See Puma History

See also:
Sachs and JLO

1. Some of the information above is from a source which proved questionable (JF). Elsewhere it is written that no motorcycles were produced by Goricke between 1915 and 1928, but it appears they built the Fabula machines some time after 1925 and sold them under their own brand.

Sources: Hartmut Schouwer, JF, mo-ped.se, motorradfahrer-ruhrgebiet.de, ig-jlo-twin.eu, motor-lit-berlin.de, et al.

21/11/2020 & 28/11/2020
lopez.emile58 at orange.fr
Görick JLO 1951 motor n°5574
Cherche jante pour JLO 175 cm3
Seeking rim for JLO 175 cm3
(and later...) seeks assembly manual for Görick werke 175cc year 1951 motor jlo as well as the wheels for this same motorcycle.

  • A wheel rim? Are front and rear the same?

jvburton at email.com
1948 98 cc
My bike is a dry tank with 0 miles
I'd like more information about it please.
Looks to have been a show room display. Never riden and never had gas or oil in tank according to my mechanic.
Jeanette Burton
Moreno Valley ca

  • Goricke-1948-98cc-JBu images posted to Comments.

Sun, 11 Feb 2018
dubuisson40 at gmail.com
Göricke 125 1952

Hello, I' m reparing a Göricke 125 from 1952 but I don't know which oil I can put in my gearbox, can you help me? Thank tou
athis Belgium

Tue, 08 Aug 2017
dubuisson40 gmail.com
Göricke 125 1952

Hello, do you know websites where I can find parts for my Göricke 125 1952 with JLO motor (MG 125 EF) ? Thank you!
Dubuisson Maxime
athis Belgium

Fri Mar 22 2013
Leaking petcock
Goricke Diva-Luxus
Recently purchased a Diva-Luxus 1956 I think. Just got it going today. Does everything perfectly except leaking fuel out the petcock. Can anyone suggest a good replacement petcock. Many thanks, Ian
New Zealand

Fri Sep 07 2012
Information required
Göricke GO150
I just acquired a GO150 with a sachs 147cc engine.Any info would be great. Any information to help restore it.Where too find pieces and technical info, mechanical and electrical. Even pictures of this model in detail, if they exist or anyone has some.Thank you in advance

Mon Jun 04 2012
Goricke 150
I'm restoring a 1957 150 Goricke. I need some parts so I´m asking for a contact to do so.
Oporto, Portugal

Fri Nov 04 2011
Goricke motorbike
sachs 3 speed
I would like to find the british owners club as my motorbike was registered in england but now dvla dont recognise it.

Wed Oct 05 2011
Gö 200S
Görike Gö200S
Good day, I am surching a motorcycle Göricke Gö200S 1954 or 1955. Please contact me if you want bay your motorcycle. Reegards Norbert

Thu Oct 27 2011
1938 goricke
goricke t38b
do have any interest in purchasing a 1938 goricke barn find less engine

Wed Aug 10 2011
Antique bike
goricke 1950
hi i have a 1950 goricke bike im just wondering if you are interested. please reply to my email

Fri May 20 2011
paguerra1<at>hotmail dot com
Imformações sobre moto goriche
goricke desconhecido
Gostaria se alguém tiver alguma informação fotos do modelo original sobre esse modelo de moto goricke que me enviassem pois ja fiz varias pesquisas e nada encontrei. Desde já agradeço. Pedro Antonio Guerra. Erechim Rio Grande do Sul. Brasil.

Thu Mar 03 2011
goricke 125cc 1950
goricke 125

Tue Aug 31 2010
marquesv<at>hotmail dot com
desearia me mandasen informacion sobre este modelo Tfo:+34 637039569
cordoba España

Wed Aug 04 2010
arestellijack<at>hotmail dot com
gorieke werke jlo 175cc
hello my name is Agustin and I wanted to see if I can send the manual cutting of the motorcycle.
uruguay montevideo

Wed Sep 30 2009
johancabello at hotmail dot com
gorick 100 S
1957 100 S
heb een gorick 100 S en zou heel graag een totaal schema hebben van deze motorfiets, wie kan aub helpen, sorry ik kan geen engels schrijven
belgié/ Antwerpen

Sun May 17 2009
hdbikes2001 at yahoo dot com
old bike
goricke domino
i have a goricke domino moped, i believe it is a 1929 what is it?
whats it worth
vt. usa

Sat Feb 23 2008
tgatoolshed at xtra.co.nz
Restoring Goricke 49cc Moped Model Diva Luxus with motor model SUD-JLO-WERK.
Any information especially parts breakdown gratefully accepted. I have had it in storage for 40 years. PHIL

Wed Jan 30 2008
stadeu at hotmail dot com
motorcycle Gorick 175, year 1951
information Goricke 175 cc, 1951
My name is Silney Thadeu. I`m from Brasil. I have Göricke Mortorcycle, and y wish if you can send me some information (history, specifications, engine, overs manual, etc) or fotos for this model:
Göricke 1951
Engine : JLO 175cc. 3 stroke
Cilinders: 1
Gear: 3

Thu Sep 27 2007
tonylennon9 at eircom.net
Diva Supra
Anyone with one to sell please comtact me

Mon Sep 03 2007
oriiser at hotmail dot com
1954, 150ccm
Hi.. I`m living in Norway having an object of Göricke,and it looks like I`m the only one here having this kind of mc.I want any information about this mc, if there is different kind of paintings, spareparts to get for Göricke and everything.We have a lot of Tempos with sachs engines and a lot of the other parts are the same too.But some parts are genuine Göricke.Someone who knows where to get more of this, please make contact...O R

Wed Aug 01 2007
slaberge at prg dot com
any info
1956 Goricke Bielefeld, with Sachs motor
I am restoring this bike and would like any info about the carburator and bike in general
Orlando, FL
Thanks for getting back with me. I had a question concerning the crank case and how much oil to put back in? Also what kind? The pictures are quit large but I'll send you a few.


Mon Jul 16 2007
geraldogemoto at hotmail dot com
fotos de goricke
gostaria de ver fotos de gorickes...

Translation: photos of goricke would like to see photos of gorickes...

Sun Apr 01 2007
g.l.clarke at xtra.co.nz
I have one and would like to find out more info
New Zealand

Sat Dec 03 2005
eduardo.vasquez at vtr.net
i have a goricke motorcycle 1961, 125ccm, sachs engine.
I woul like to know any information about my goricke.

eduardo CHile

August 31, 2002
My name is Martin Velazquez. I`m from Uruguay (South America). I have Göricke Mortorcycle, and y wish if you can send me some information (history, specifications, engine, etc) or fotos for this model:
Göricke 1951
Engine : JLO 175cc. 2 stroke nº 370
Cilinders: 1
Gear: 3

There is the only Göricke in this country and I would like to learn more about this machine.

Thanks for all
If you want any picture of my Göricke I`ll send you
bye Martin
Please send me information to this mail
marponce at adinet.com.uy

We Bought a Göericke motorcycle of the year 1907. We need the most information you can send as of this motorcycle. Thanks for all and excuse my bad english.

Mauricio Testori
Testori S.R.L.
Mentruyt 437 Lomas de Zamora
testorisrl at pinos dot com

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