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Bison Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Made in Austria 1922-1925

Manufacturer: Bison Motorradfabrik Ges.m.b.H.

Built by Oskar Hacker employing horizontally-opposed engines from BMW mounted longitudinally in Douglas fashion, the machines were otherwise conventional apart from the low seating position and the optional spare wheel - a useful extra in the days when a flat tyre during the course of the ride was a very frequent occurrence.

The business was sold to Wilhelm Lovrek, of Perchtoldsdorferstra├če 9 Liesing, Vienna, in 1923. By 1924 sales had diminished due to the worsening economic situation and possibly also due to supply problems with BMW.

The firm folded in January 1925.

Bison fitted Bosch-Douglas engines from SMW, Stockdorfer Motorenwerke AG, Stockdorf, near Munich. This engine was used in the early 1920s by other obscure brands like Linsner, SBD, and the wooden-framed Hirsch. (1).

In 1924 they produced a machine with a Coventry-Eagle 688cc HO twin, model 412 (solo) and 422 (tandem). The 422 had a longer wheelbase and leaf-spring rear suspension. The passenger seat was positioned lower than than that of the rider.

Only one Bison motorcycle is known to survive, a 1922 Type 312 solo with an M2B15 BMW engine and chain drive which has been on display at the Vorchdorf Museum

Notes: 1. Sergio Scalarandi

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