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Bock & Hollender Motorcycles

Bock & Hollender, Vienna 3, Landstraßer Hauptstraße 72

The firm manufactured their first quadricycles in 1898. and in 1903 Bock & Hollender motorcycles entered the market with a single-cylinder machine of 2.5HP, quickly followed by a more powerful V-Twin.

Motorcycle production ceased in 1911 when W.A.F. (Wiener Automobil-Fabrik GmbH) acquired Bock & Hollender. W.A.F. continued to build automobiles based on the designs which Ferdinand Trummer, one of the founders of W.A.F., had developed whilst working with Bock & Hollender.

Sat May 28 2016
vajdicpetar at gmail.com
B&H nr.72
Bock & Hollender motorzweirad 3 1/2 HP
Buying the cylinder. Please let me know.
Zagreb, Croatia

Tue Apr 24 2012
Bock a Hollender 2,5hp
Dobrý den,mám z tohoto motocyklu motor.Scháním jakékoliv informace a díly

Bock & Hollander 2.5hp Engine

Fri Dec 09 2011
aa-amo<at>homail dot com
Probably an rare 1902 Bock&Hollender
Bock&Hollender 1902 V-TWIN
Can you help me about what is my new motorccle ? Look lke the gerabox is in the rear wheel. I connot find nothing. Thank you very much.

Bock & Hollender 1902 Alicante

Sat Jun 16 2007
rudge-racing at tele2.ch
Rare Austrian Bike
Bock & Hollender made in 1905

I was at a hillclimb road race in Austria and saw this wonderfull bike , it is in unrestored condition.

It was found in a cellar in Vienna with the original tyres! these have been replaced.the clutch is in the rear hub!! No bowden cables, everything is operated by rods and links, made in a time when Austria and Hungary were a monachy there is another in a museum which is not complete and not running
regards Alex

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