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Brondoit Motorcycles

N. Brondoit & Cie, rue du Chou, Herstal.
Manufactured by Bayard-Brondoit (aka Brondoit Herstal) 1895-1929 in Herstal and Leige.

Nicolas Brondoit built 97cc two-stroke bicycle attachment engines before and after WWI named Ideal-Brondoit, and in 1922 produced the Brondoit motorcycle. It won the 250 class of the 1925 Bol d'Or.

Paul Le Bussy joined the company, and in 1926 350cc and 500cc MAG models appeared. Le Bussy died during a practice session and the company did not recover from the shock.

Brondoit c.1921, Liege

Brondoit Catalogue c.1922

Brondoit 250cc 3.h.p. c.1922

Brondoit 250 c.1924

Le Salon Belge

Brondoit traite avec un deux temps populaire, d 'une remarquable succès simplicité qui, malgré sa seule prise directe, posséde å son actif une retentissante victoire et record de sa catégorie au Bol d'Or francais et est, en outre, la machine de plus petite cylindrée ayant terminé Liége-Bordeaux-Liége (2.000 kilométres en une étape) dans les délais. Fabrique aussi une trois vitesses du méme type et une 350 cmc. super-sport ingénieusement concue.

Brondoit deals with a popular two-stroke of remarkably successful simplicity which has to his credit a resounding victory and a category record at the French Bol d'Or and is, moreover, the machine of smaller displacement having completed Liége-Bordeaux-Liége (2,000 kilometers in one step) on time. Also makes a three-speed version of the same machine, and a 350cc super sport, ingeniously designed.

Le Salon Belge, Moto Revue December 24th 1927

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