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Derby Motorcycles

Derby motorcycles were produced in 1901 and 1902 in Leuven, Belgium by Joseph Delin.

In Great Britain they were handled by Edward De Poorter and Co of Great Tower Street, London.

The machine was primitive and had an imported 1hp aiv engine mounted in a heavy-duty bicycle frame. It differed from most others in that the motor sat inclined above the downtube, and drove a countershaft by chain. This was fitted behind the seat tube from where it drove the rear wheel by belt. The batteries and ignition hung behind the saddle. Later they fitted an MMC engine and also supplied engines to other firms.

In 1902 James built motorcycles based on the Delin design.

French importer of the Derby (c1901-02): Th. Cambrier, 4 Avenue Carnot, Paris - "concessionnaire pour la France".

Extensive history: erfgoedcelleuven.be/nl/delin

Source: Graces Guide

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