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Automoteurs Motor Tricycles

Manufactured by Ets. Construction d'Automoteurs, Eugène Mathieu of Leuven, 1902-1906

Mathieu bought the Delin company, with which he had been chief engineer, after it closed in 1902.

In the same factory he built Mathieu automobiles and briefly Automoteurs motorcycles. The company moved to Zaventem near Brussels in 1903, and merged with the Belgica automotive firm in 1906.

Photographers text for the image above reads,

    "Dreirad mit 1-Zylinder 4-Takt-Motor, 211 qcm, 1,5 PS, 30 km/h, Bauzeit von 1897 bis 1904, erstaunlicher Weise über 14000 mal gebaut"
    "Tricycle with single-cylinder 4-stroke engine, 211 ccm, 1.5 HP, 30 km / h, constructed from 1897 to 1904, surprisingly built over 14000 times."

Surprising indeed!

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